[KA Event] Drawing Competition and Quiz Program at Indira Gandhi School, Jakkur, Bangalore


Dear All,

It was a great saturday for India Sudar KA team and Samsung Seva team.

Venue : Indira Gandhi International Academy, Jakkur, Bangalore.
Time : 2.45p.m to 8.30p.m

India Sudar KA team and Samsung Seva team conducted a Drawing competition for students from 1st to 7th Standard and Quiz program for students of 8th, 9th and 10th standard on 29th August 2009, Saturday.

There were 250 enthusiastic students who participated in the event and enjoyed. It was a great fun and exiciting to see children participate.

We had distributed drawing sheets and a packet of crayon pencils to each student. Our team added spirit to the event by helping participants sharpen their pencils, arranged erasers and scales. It reminded us of our school days.

Our India Sudar member K Balamanikandan, who is an expert in conducting quiz programs was the quiz master for this mega event.. The program ran for more than 4 hours with 10 rounds. The way Bala managed each round was really amazing. The hall was overpooling with the crowd, which encouraged the participants.

Here i would like to share one of the funniest moments of the quiz. We happened to show the Reserve Bank of India emblem with the lion and palm tree which is printed on all indian currency notes and asked to which department it belonged. The crowd couldn’t stop laughing when one of participants answered it belonged to forest department as it had pictures of lion and tree.

Prize distribution was very encouraging . Every winner received India Sudar certificates and prizes amidst a huge round of applause and encouragement from the crowd.

We guys thoroughly enjoyed the event and I guess these photos will talk more than words 🙂


It was a pitiable moment when the caretaker explained us the need for sanitary napkins during our last visit. So, We made it sure to donate sanitary napkins for 100 adult girls towards their healthcare.

The entire event was sponsored by Samsung Seva Team.

India Sudar expresses our hearty thanks to event organizers and Samsung Seva Team. We also thank all the participants for their overwhelming response.



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