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Every time we set ourselves for field visit, pleasant surprise are not uncommon. But this time it did create a deeper dent.  Last Sunday(Aug 2,2009) myself & Udhay Kumar visited a mountainous cluster of villages which had gone alcohol & tobacco free.  Was a very fulfilling experience to see the entire village cluster gone spirit free..

A little back in time …
Five years ago Mr.Nagabushan, currently HR with wipro technologies , Bangalore set himself to change the village called Nooranimalai 60 kms from Hosur to be free from alcohol & tobacco. Incidentally this also village of his birth. Step by step he started interacting with villagers & created the amazing impact.  We had opportunity to visit & see for ourselves. He runs a trust called “Namanam” !!

About the village cluster :
About 65km from Hosur is Nooranimalai hills[Denikanikotta i, Krishnagiri dist]. The first visit is Athinatham. A typical hilly hamlet with few families. Also a primary school .. ofcourse with only 1 staff member visiting & others in typical long leave legacy !! There are about 7 villages in this cluster. Surprisingly 95% population speak kannada !
The road till the first village on hill top is fine.
Thanks to former collector Dr.Santosh Babu IAS !! But villages ar quite interior.And buses are scarse.
It is very hard to imagine a person visited here 5 years & changed this village for good !! The villagers are very cordial. There is also a host of youth clubs & now entrerpruner centre’s coming up.
The village produce is being helped by Mr.Nagabushan to market the same.
Another village is Kotaiore post. Here there was small gathering. Villagers spoke of what about the change.

Educational requirements:
– There are 2 primary schools which require badly one teacher.
– We met one of the aspiring teachers, who now workd temporarily.
– Since the village cluster most needs this, India Sudar will be more than happy to deploy 2 teachers on long term basis.
After all these villages deserve this for they have got their act together & have shown lot of willingness to change ! Can’t believe these villages was once deep into alcoholic influence.
Now they have started to think of development ! Sort of our inspiration also..

Our sincere thanks to Mr.J.Prabhakar( Ennangalin sangamam – NDSO ) for having arranged this visit !! They are planning to replicate this model to more villages !!

Visit photos :

http://picasaweb. indiasudar/ TobaccoAlcoholFr eeYouthsAssociat ionNamanamDenkan ikotaiTQKrishnag iriDTTamilNadu
Kindly let us know if members, partners are willing to work in this village.
We have a very good foundation here through Mr.Nagabushan !

Hope to see this kind of development in more villages !



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  1. Dear Sir or Madam,

    What Mr. Nagabhushan has done and is doing for the hamlet is an outstanding example of humanity. Please give my respects to him. I work five days a week. I am offering to volunteer. Please let me know if I can help you in any way on weekends.


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