Teacher Deployment -Erasinampalayam,Tharapuram (TK),Tirupur Dt

Dear all,

There was a requirement for teacher deployment. This project was already approved and funded by TCE-CRESCENDO eGroup.

School: Panchayath Union Middle School, Erasinampalayam,Tharapuram
(TK),Tirupur Dt-638106.

No of teachers: Headmaster + one teacher = total : 2  (No clerks
and helpers in the school.)

Actual vacancy: 3

At present HM is on long term vacation.

Students strength:
1st – 7
2nd -8

Total: 101 Boys: 54 Girls:47

Teachers Requirement:

1st to 3rd std: one teacher

4th and 5th: one teacher

6th: one teacher

7th: one teacher

8th one teacher

Mr.Manikandan is working as a teacher in this school.He came for Karur programs
and helped us in our events and activities. He is a dedicated teacher.

One teacher is working on temporary basis. Mr.Manikandan  and HM
contributes 1000 Rs (500 each from their salary) to pay the salary for this

Indiasudar appointed one teacher on temporary basis.

Salary: 1000 Rs.
Candidate name: Dineshkumar.G
Qualification: teacher training.

they need our support for maximum of six months only. If government
appoints one teacher , they will inform us immediately.Manikandan’s contact number: 94862 45906

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