Visit Report – Villages in AndhraPradesh

With the children in kammanavarapalli

With the children in kammanavarapalli

Date of visit: 16th n 17th March.


Members visited: 

Jayasree From India Sudar , Arvind from SaiGM foundation.

Places of visit:

Villages around puttaparthi , including Kamanavarapalli ,puttagundapalli , brahmanapalli 


  • SaiGm trust is doing medical services to the villages around puttaparthi.
  • The medical checkups including eye n general health checkups happens regularly on a weekly basis.
  • After the medical camp , free food is distributed to the entire village.
  • These villages are well organised and have livelihood facilities.And key observation is they are not getting any support from theputtaparthi sai trust. As we will want to know i asked them why is not happening. To make it more clear , due to hierarchy and other politics involved the huge resources of sai trust are not channelised for the benefits of these students. However i guess we should be more keen on supporting them may be the sai trust will start supporting/enabling us later.
  • Education Related: 

    1. There are govt schools in each of these villages upto 7th class.
    2. Putagundapalli however has only till class 5.
    3. Beyond that the children go to the near by townships to pursue their education.
    4. There are very minimum facilities here also as we have seen in most of the cases.
    5. The average school going children in each village may be around 75.
    6. The detailed break has been collected and sent to me by a volunteer in SaiGm.  Mr.pandu who is willing to be our filed cordinator who is also a localite there.


    What IndiaSudar can do.


  • We can make the school the part of Notebook drive. These kids do not have any sponsors to donate these things.
    1. Few schools definitely need a library. I have attached the image of a library, its a string in which couple of books are hanged.
    2. Teacher deployment can be done once we talk with the head master this however will come in a little later stage.
    3. There is computer centre the image of which i have enclosed. Its donated by a foreigner This is in a orphanage home and there are around 200 beneficiaries but there is no proper faculty. We have been requested (by Isaac*) to deploy a computer  teacher here for the next academic year. I seek the help of Sameer Kola to do this. I also have a sponsor who is ready to sponsor this activity. Sameer , please do get in touch with me.
    4. Most of the schools are till 5th std only and the students like in all village schools come bare foot and only one set of uniform provided by the govt. And there is NO local organisation supporting them. We can consider this.                                                                      I want mention about Mr.Isaac Trigett whom i met during this visit. He is the founder of Hard Rock cafe and he has donated in millions to the sai baba super speciality hospital. Now he is full time into service and is willing to partner with service organisation to find the right resources and enable the service oriented activities.          I am sorry for sending this out so late. I got busy with some other stuff.  I sincerly hope that we together team can extend our suupport these students and expand our service activities in andhra and create a very strong base here.  Link to photos :
    I invite everyone to share there thoughts on this!
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