India Sudar Awareness Campaign at New York

Awareness Campaign at Flushing, NY, USA

On 4th April 2009, Sathya Padmanaban and Sriram Raagavan had arranged a stall at the Ugadi Celebrations hosted by TLCA (Telugu Literary and Cultural Association) in New York. Our stall was held for about 6 hours (3 PM EDT – 9 PM EDT) and we exhibited the services undertaken by India Sudar to improve the current state of Education in rural India.

It is mention worthy that we had an overwhelming response from people who attended the celebration. They were not only attracted by the eye catching posters and statistics about the current literacy rate in different states of India but also have shown interest to know about India Sudar.

Children tried on interesting puzzles and Riddles and we offered them candies for every correct answer. Not only to engage the children, the fun session also made them understand how privileged they were with access to good education which many kids in rural India are not gifted with. While most children appreciated our good work, a few felt sorry for the underprivileged.

Among the mixed crowd ranging from school children, home making women, Professors, doctors, entrepreneurs, were two young boys Saikiran and Harsh Patel who were also impressed with this caption:

“Can You Read this?,,,, 30 Million Indian Kids Can’t”

These two boys, who remarkably had taken us by surprise with their initiative to pen down their thoughts on how to improve literacy in India, eventually came up with six useful ideas and we shared candies with them in appreciation. You may see their photo displayed in our web album and may also see their ideas written in their own handwriting by visiting our album at

The outcome of the stall was so promising in that we have had an opportunity to interact with a few people who are well established and keen to understand the services we provide at India Sudar. While thoughts like adopting a school or even starting a new school in rural India was welcome to some visitors, one of those suggested a restructuring of the scientific laboratory at the higher secondary schools in rural Andra Pradesh.

We have planned to follow up with these individuals to discuss our current projects and understand their expectations and ideas for good and to leverage the benefits of potential in both monetary and functional aspects.

With miles to go on, we still have a little while here to pause and celebrate our small achievement so as we thank all the India Sudar members and other volunteers who have made this campaign a grand success.


India Sudar, Communications

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