Visit To Kaadesh Happy Home

Hi All,

I visited Kaadesh Happy Home(LBS Nagar) Yesterday and was there till late Evening.It was a planned visit and all the children there were ready with their books.Being a Corporate Trainer I have never had such a good experience after teaching in any of the MN C’s World wide as it was yesterday. I taught English Grammar to VIIIth,IXth, and Xth Std Students and Math to VIth and VIIth Std.

The Children were really open to learn and were very bright.A few of them had high IQ and good reasoning capacity.It is just that exposure which can take them places.

They wanted to learn more and more.They asked me to visit again and also visit frequently.I don’t really think I can share my visit and true Moment of truth through words but it was just an experience.

As I mentioned long time ago, we should organize a Doctor’s Visit to this place especially for the Girls.It will be wonderful if more of us can help these children learn Math and Science as they need help in the same subjects




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