Year 2008-09 :: What we planned & What we achieved ?

Dear Friends:

Every academic year we will do our yearly project plan, that will be executed for complete academic year. Yes off course we will have yearly mission points, where we will concentrate more to reach our vision. Now we have completed our
academic year Apr/2008-Mar/2009. Let see what we planned and what we executed as follows.

Year 2008-09 – Planned to execute 110 project at cost of Rs.11,81,786 as per yearly plan

Year 2008-09 – Executed

6 Indian States/Union Territory in Scope
124 Projects executed
8,224 Students benefited
11,11,793 Rs invested to elevate India through education projects.

We missed to do following things as part of our mission-2008 statements.

1. India Sudar service will be extended to North India. Currently we are working only in South India – We are not extended much of our service to North India as we planned

2. India Sudar will use IT Tools to educate village student through India Sudar Computer Training Centers – We are not used any of the IT tool for village students

3. India Sudar will build web portal to handle our projects – We are not published our web portal.

Please refer

Planned report – india_sudar_yearly_project_plan_2008_09.pdf
Executed report – is_yearly_implemented_project_report_2008_09.pdf

Udhaya Kumar.V
Mobile:+91.98867.33607 – Developing a Powerful India by Providing Education

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