Scholarships for Students in Manipur !!

Dear Friends

Recently you would have seen our mails on Manipur. This is one of the 2 North Eastern Indian states(other is West bengal) are starting.

Myself & Udhay had discussion with Mr.Haokip Obed .. He would also be the coordinator for this project.

 Brief background: – Manipur is the one of underdeveloped states – mainly due to conflicts. Basic education itself is a challange. Though literacy is 68% , female literacy is 58% .. – Recently in discussion with some interested people from the state, we found best way to work there would be through educational scholarships. Lot of droupout’s because of poverty and govt schools are scanty(even if there is one not functional). Manipur has highest % of students in private school (68%) [Source : http://asercentre. org/asersurvey/ aser08/data/ in/in-dst- 08.php]

 IS plan: – We decided to provide school scholarships to take care of their annual schooling. Out of 32 requests we got, we have shortlisted 22 students(80% of them Girl student) – Our local contact has a kids home in bangalore. Due to resource constraint more could not be accommodated. So we felt keeping the kids there especially girl children would yield good social impact. We are planning to get 5 students funding from India Sudar and the rest from other external source where possible. Request you to let us know if any of you are interested in funding for this. As ever we are doing our due diligence in this case too and will deploy with utmost care. We sincerely hope this scholarship( we are planning long term) will prove more useful for these students and we hope eventually more focus from elsewhere will be there ..

Average Cost for each student is roughly Rs.5730/-

An intervention project to “Arrest Drop outs of poor students mainly Girls who are more affected ! A chance to change their lives for better !”  Thanks for your continued support !! 





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  1. Hey Shiva,

    Came to know of this from Orkut. Brilliant initiative!! Applaud the good work you are trying to do.

    I have always thought about education/awareness being the solution to most problems we face. I’m still a student, so won’t be able to donate as of now… but would love to help in any other way. Do let me know if I can help..

    I am from Manipur, but have been away from home(Bangalore, Chennai) for the past 6 yrs. Good to know something is being done for unfortunate kids back home.


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