Summer Camp in Mayanur,TN

DEAR ALL,     We are planning to conduct Summer Camp (Games-Physical Education).
Place: Mayanur, Govt Primary School, Karur Dt.

Eligible students: 6th to 8th class Students staying near Mayanur Village.

One person has been selected to teach the following.
1. Chess2. Bad Minton3. Yoga4. Gymnastic
He accepted to take the classes during summer vacation.

Total Cost: Rs.2000 -salary- for entire duration and four games.
Rs.2000 (Maximum) is required to purchase chess boards, bat and first aid kit.

Total: 4000 Rs.Maximum.

We are in the process of arranging one more summer camp in another place of Karur DT. Details will be announced soon.

Best Regards,

Balamanikandan. K


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