Nursing Student from Rameshwaram

Hi Folks,
We received a request to support a poor girl @ Rameshwaram nearly 2 months back. And now, we have finished the project. It got delayed, ‘coz of the delay from the Govt Hospital to give the required documents. (They allowed the girl to continue her education, until we pay the fee) Attached are the project report and necessary documents.

Thanx to Tarachand & Srivasa Reddy for their kind support in this regard.

Note: Below is the requisition mail posted earlier.

Athi (B +ve)
On Fri, Jan 30, 2009 at 11:52 AM, Athitha Nadarajan S <athithans@rsi.> wrote:

Hi Folks,
A week ago, I went to Rameshwaram fisheries area(Pamban) to get inputs of their education. I met two reliable persons there. Patric & Ramu. Patric was once selected as a Panchayat president and Ramu is doing some social work.

I got a call from Patric asking a help for a girl, Uma, who is going to join Nursing @ Trichy. The fee may come around 15K per year. She must have joined the course by 28th Jan 2009. The institution will allow the girl only after paying the fee.

Family Backround:
Born with 4 sisters, Uma is the 3rd daughter in the family. She lost her father. Her mother is a Coolie, that too she could not get regular jobs. The elder sister is working in women’s self group. 2nd sister is jobless, as she didn’t study. The 4th sister is studying 10th Std. Uma got 947 marks in +2.
She is going to join in Annal Gandhi Adigal Govt hospital, Trichy. I asked that girl to get the fee structure from the institution. She must have got it now. Once I get it, I will share it. (The amount may vary, as she didn’t have much idea abt the money)
Patric, who brought the request, is one of the highly respected person in that area.


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