India Sudar] Visit at an orphange home in Noida

[India Sudar] Visit at an orphange home in Noida

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Dear Udhay,

On Saturday, the 28th March, 2009, I along with my friend Anjan Goswami, who is also a member of India Sudar, visited an orphanage home named Sai Kripa Bal Kutir at Sector -12, Noida. At first glance it is very difficult to make any differentiation of Bal Kutir from other orphanage homes of our country. But once you get into the detail about this orphanage home, you will surely be able to distinguish it from the rest.

Sai Kripa was started by a Keralite lady named Anjina Rajagopal in the year 1989. In 1976 she moved to Delhi with her family as her father got transferred there. Gradually, with the passage of time this noble lady from Kerala mixed up with the North Indian society. Her philanthropic attitudes towards the society and her big heart inspired her to dedicate herself for the benefit of down-trodden, street children and orphans. She did not get into marriage, family and stuff like that rather she made the whole society her family. This feeling forced me to think that how selfish I am. Currently she is running three projects under the name Sai Kripa ( Bal Kutir, Sai Shiksha Sansthan and Sai Bal Sansar. The latter two are schools for poor children located at Sector -135 and Sector-41, Noida respectively.

At present there are 36 children staying in Bal Kutir. The number of students are approximately 300 and 80 in Sai Shiksha Sansthan and Sai Bal Sansar respectively. Sai Kripa is mainly looking for some enthusiast persons who can teach the children as there is a dearth of teachers in these two schools due to very less salary. I hereby make an appeal to you to make some donation to the Sai Kripa and deploy some volunteers for this project.



Arnab Mandal

Associate System Engineer

IBM India Pvt. Ltd.

India Sudar Membership # 665



  1. Please let me know if i can do something for them. what should i do to become the member of this children ‘s home

  2. i want to do something for them specially i want to teachthem,provide them education which i have got from my teachers if you need any teachers for their education please let me know, mail me. it will be my honor to be their teacher.

  3. Dear All,
    I m from Noida adn would like to spent my time with oprphen childs. if any one help me how can i start.
    pls cont. me with address.

    Anil Joshi

  4. I m from noida..n want to help orphan pls let me know how can i help…help may be of any kind.

  5. Hi All,
    Can we organize a lunch for them….i do not stay at noida but i do visit twice in a month, so can we take a first step by contributing a lunch for them


  6. Hi,

    I would want to do something either financially or else for the children. Please let me know the contact details of the trust.


  7. Hi,
    I would like to do something for these children. Can you please tell me how can I move ahead for same?


    Robin Goel

  8. i want to do something for thend hm specially i want to teach them,provide them education and help them in all means . Pls do let me know how to start. Thanks

  9. I am well educated lady .I want to teach these children and can help in many ways like yoga,moral story telling, physical education,art& craft ,study by fun etc including all other subjects to make them very happy. I m staying in sec 50 . My best wishes to all the children,

  10. Hi, I wanted to gift away very lovingly used clothes that no longer fit my daughter (clothes good for 4 – 5 year old girls). Please let me know. I am in Noida Sec 62.

  11. yes I need to visit this orphange house please let me know the address and the things they may need

  12. i want to help these children.i want to teach them and spend time with me if i can help i ll be glad.

  13. Please call me we have some used stuff of clothes of my daughter in very good condition for big girls. If those could be of help. 09810415051. Alok

    1. Hi,
      i hope u have celebrated Christmas with kids, we are going to celebrate new year with orphans in Noida, want to help bit more contact us.


  14. Hi, I would like to contribute what ever best i can do for at least one child and try to give him safe life if i can.Please let me know how do i go about doining the same.

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