Chennai/New Life/Project Review Visit Report

Dear Friends,

1. I had visited the ‘New Life Home’ on the 25th April-09 and discussed with Mrs. G.Lalitha, the Founder and Mr. A.A.Swamy, the President regarding the progress of students’ education.

Also, we opened up thoughts to other areas on the new beginnings detailed below.

2. Home Address:

The New Life Charitable Trust, No.136, Eariyoor Village, (Near Vallakottai Murugan Koil)Mathur Post, Sriperumbuthur Taluk, Kancheepuram District – 602 105.

3. About:

‘New Life Home’ takes care of about 60 students and 60 old people. Four years back, during my visit here, the home just had one building and two rooms and a hut. Now, I note a remarkable expansion of the infrastructure with well constructed buildings which has been possible only by the kind contribution of all its donors.

There are two buildings constructed separately: one for the children and the other for the aged people.

Thanks to all its donors and also my appreciation to Mrs.G.Lalitha, for her sincere effort to have brought about such a far-fetched progress!

4. India Sudar Project at New Life:

For the past four years now, India Sudar has been contributing towards quality education for the students of the home.

A computer training center has been set up within the campus of the home by IS with the interest to promote computer education for the children there.

5. Project Review:

Currently, we have deployed 2 teachers to support to all students.

I spent valuable time sitting with the students of 10th, 11th and 12th Std. explaining about the various options available for their career prospect after schooling. They came out with curious questions which were catered to for their better understanding. This will definitely help the students towards setting a goal and be directive of to progress towards it.

Such counselling sessions need to be conducted from time to time.

6. Education Requirement:

6.1. We will renew our two teachers for next academic year (2009-10) also.

6.2. We shall provide ‘India Sudar’ Career Path Chart/Material/training.

6.3. We have proposal to organize a cultural program in this home.

7. Attached  photos.

Udhaya Kumar.V
Mobile:+91.98867.33607 – Developing a Powerful India by Providing Education

Visit To Kaadesh Happy Home

Hi All,

I visited Kaadesh Happy Home(LBS Nagar) Yesterday and was there till late Evening.It was a planned visit and all the children there were ready with their books.Being a Corporate Trainer I have never had such a good experience after teaching in any of the MN C’s World wide as it was yesterday. I taught English Grammar to VIIIth,IXth, and Xth Std Students and Math to VIth and VIIth Std.

The Children were really open to learn and were very bright.A few of them had high IQ and good reasoning capacity.It is just that exposure which can take them places.

They wanted to learn more and more.They asked me to visit again and also visit frequently.I don’t really think I can share my visit and true Moment of truth through words but it was just an experience.

As I mentioned long time ago, we should organize a Doctor’s Visit to this place especially for the Girls.It will be wonderful if more of us can help these children learn Math and Science as they need help in the same subjects



Year 2008-09 :: What we planned & What we achieved ?

Dear Friends:

Every academic year we will do our yearly project plan, that will be executed for complete academic year. Yes off course we will have yearly mission points, where we will concentrate more to reach our vision. Now we have completed our
academic year Apr/2008-Mar/2009. Let see what we planned and what we executed as follows.

Year 2008-09 – Planned to execute 110 project at cost of Rs.11,81,786 as per yearly plan

Year 2008-09 – Executed

6 Indian States/Union Territory in Scope
124 Projects executed
8,224 Students benefited
11,11,793 Rs invested to elevate India through education projects.

We missed to do following things as part of our mission-2008 statements.

1. India Sudar service will be extended to North India. Currently we are working only in South India – We are not extended much of our service to North India as we planned

2. India Sudar will use IT Tools to educate village student through India Sudar Computer Training Centers – We are not used any of the IT tool for village students

3. India Sudar will build web portal to handle our projects – We are not published our web portal.

Please refer

Planned report – india_sudar_yearly_project_plan_2008_09.pdf
Executed report – is_yearly_implemented_project_report_2008_09.pdf

Udhaya Kumar.V
Mobile:+91.98867.33607 – Developing a Powerful India by Providing Education

KA/Education for Individual/Chitra Admission Fees Paid/Completed

Dear Friends,

Today(18APR09) we(Shiva.P & Myself) visited to No. 287 / 3, Koramangala Village, 8th Block, Bangalore – 95 to had discussion with Reeta(Yashodha, Chitra Mother).

About Family: Reeta(Mother) works as maid in a couple of households. Her husband SasiKumar has a mobile Ironing stand. So their combined income is less than Rs.2000.

Project Renewal: Last year india sudar paid Yashodha and Chitra education fees, Now they need help to pay fees only for Chitra. Yashodha Studying in government school, Chitra now joined in convent now. This year we will take care of Chitra education only.

Today we have paid Rs.4,000 as admission fees for Chitra. Her mother agreed to pay remaining fees to continue Chitra education.

Actual Education fees requirement:
Admission Fees = 5,500
Monthly Fees(200 * 12) = 2,400
TShirt(Uniform, 2 set) = 200
Exam Fees (25 * 4) = 100
Total Fees – 8,200 RS

Fee Paid by IndiaSudar – 4000/

Fee Paid by Parents – 4200/-

Old Visit Information:

Udhaya Kumar.V
Mobile:+91.98867.33607 – Developing a Powerful India by Providing Education

Scholarships for Students in Manipur !!

Dear Friends

Recently you would have seen our mails on Manipur. This is one of the 2 North Eastern Indian states(other is West bengal) are starting.

Myself & Udhay had discussion with Mr.Haokip Obed .. He would also be the coordinator for this project.

 Brief background: – Manipur is the one of underdeveloped states – mainly due to conflicts. Basic education itself is a challange. Though literacy is 68% , female literacy is 58% .. – Recently in discussion with some interested people from the state, we found best way to work there would be through educational scholarships. Lot of droupout’s because of poverty and govt schools are scanty(even if there is one not functional). Manipur has highest % of students in private school (68%) [Source : http://asercentre. org/asersurvey/ aser08/data/ in/in-dst- 08.php]

 IS plan: – We decided to provide school scholarships to take care of their annual schooling. Out of 32 requests we got, we have shortlisted 22 students(80% of them Girl student) – Our local contact has a kids home in bangalore. Due to resource constraint more could not be accommodated. So we felt keeping the kids there especially girl children would yield good social impact. We are planning to get 5 students funding from India Sudar and the rest from other external source where possible. Request you to let us know if any of you are interested in funding for this. As ever we are doing our due diligence in this case too and will deploy with utmost care. We sincerely hope this scholarship( we are planning long term) will prove more useful for these students and we hope eventually more focus from elsewhere will be there ..

Average Cost for each student is roughly Rs.5730/-

An intervention project to “Arrest Drop outs of poor students mainly Girls who are more affected ! A chance to change their lives for better !”  Thanks for your continued support !! 




Summer Camp in Mayanur,TN

DEAR ALL,     We are planning to conduct Summer Camp (Games-Physical Education).
Place: Mayanur, Govt Primary School, Karur Dt.

Eligible students: 6th to 8th class Students staying near Mayanur Village.

One person has been selected to teach the following.
1. Chess2. Bad Minton3. Yoga4. Gymnastic
He accepted to take the classes during summer vacation.

Total Cost: Rs.2000 -salary- for entire duration and four games.
Rs.2000 (Maximum) is required to purchase chess boards, bat and first aid kit.

Total: 4000 Rs.Maximum.

We are in the process of arranging one more summer camp in another place of Karur DT. Details will be announced soon.

Best Regards,

Balamanikandan. K

Books for Satna, M.P

Dear Friends,
Last week end(4th, 5th Apr 09) Siva Narayanan & Myself purchase text books from Pratham and Sapna Books for Sri Ramakrishna Ashram, Purania, Harijan Basti,Kripalpur, Satna – 485001, Madhya Pradesh School. We will deliver this books in this week through postal. Attached book list andproject report for your reference.
Udhaya Kumar.V
Mobile:+91.98867. 33607
http://www.indiasud – Developing a Powerful India by Providing Education

Nursing Student from Rameshwaram

Hi Folks,
We received a request to support a poor girl @ Rameshwaram nearly 2 months back. And now, we have finished the project. It got delayed, ‘coz of the delay from the Govt Hospital to give the required documents. (They allowed the girl to continue her education, until we pay the fee) Attached are the project report and necessary documents.

Thanx to Tarachand & Srivasa Reddy for their kind support in this regard.

Note: Below is the requisition mail posted earlier.

Athi (B +ve)
On Fri, Jan 30, 2009 at 11:52 AM, Athitha Nadarajan S <athithans@rsi.> wrote:

Hi Folks,
A week ago, I went to Rameshwaram fisheries area(Pamban) to get inputs of their education. I met two reliable persons there. Patric & Ramu. Patric was once selected as a Panchayat president and Ramu is doing some social work.

I got a call from Patric asking a help for a girl, Uma, who is going to join Nursing @ Trichy. The fee may come around 15K per year. She must have joined the course by 28th Jan 2009. The institution will allow the girl only after paying the fee.

Family Backround:
Born with 4 sisters, Uma is the 3rd daughter in the family. She lost her father. Her mother is a Coolie, that too she could not get regular jobs. The elder sister is working in women’s self group. 2nd sister is jobless, as she didn’t study. The 4th sister is studying 10th Std. Uma got 947 marks in +2.
She is going to join in Annal Gandhi Adigal Govt hospital, Trichy. I asked that girl to get the fee structure from the institution. She must have got it now. Once I get it, I will share it. (The amount may vary, as she didn’t have much idea abt the money)
Patric, who brought the request, is one of the highly respected person in that area.

Project Completed – Satna, M.P

Dear IS team, 
                  Please accept my heartfelt wishes and thankfulness which I have specially at this point, when we have Implemented our First Project -Educational material for Students for students at the School which is funded by IS at  Satna, M.P. This is not less than a Milestone.
                  Needless to say, like always, its Uday’s vision(and other Trustees as well) and his 100% commitment that made this Project feasible, possible & successful. Heartfelt thankfulness to Ret. Major Devendra Pratap Singh, Avindita, Suvendu, Ram-Krishna Ashram and everyone who was directly and/or indrectly involved in making this a Success. 

  The School is built at a land leased by Major Devendra, and built by Ram-Krishna Ashram and finally IS is funding it in 2 ways: 1. Teacher Deployment 2. Educational Material. Teacher Deployment is still under process, however we have funded Educational Material. The School is meant for children in the nearby areas, the children basically are child-workers/ child-beggers/ govt. School children. The govt. School children need this support becuase the infra-structure is disappointing at the Govt. School.

Request you all to please go through the Project report for better understanding. Also, we have added 3 SPOCs in the area. 1. Avindita(from Ram-Krishna Ashram, Sadada Charitable trust) 2. Suvendu 3. Dr.Sanjay Dhanwani(my brother).

Dr.Sanjay who is already a member of IS would initiate more such Projects + work on funding initiatives.   

Please add if I have missed any detail.

Thanks very much to each and everyone of you.

Ravi Dhanwani

Discussion with Myraada- Bangalore

Hello All

 Today morning I met up with Dr.Meenakshi Sundaram , Vice Chairman of Myrada(www.myrada. org).. He is retired IAS officer from KA state cadre. Also Prof at National Institute of Advanced Studies.(NIAS, bangalore)

About Myrada:
– Started in 1968, mainly for resettlement issues – Tibetean, local rehabs etc.
– Eventually took up Rural development work in TN,AP & Karnataka.
– Main focus area is WaterShed programme, Microcredit, Aids Awareness, Education
– Board also includes Mr.M.V.Rajashekhar, Former min of Planning.
– Has many high profile members onboard.
– Also have Technical training Institute near Dharmapuri.

Our Discussion:
– Main area of operation in KA are Chamrajnagar, kollegal, Bellary, Belgaum & Gulburga.
– Since Gulburga has 50% literacy rate, we wanted to focus on this Dist first. 
– In Gulbugra they have more than 50-60 of their people working there and are willin gto introduce them to us. They have been working in this area for several years and are well versed with local conditions. For us more advantage in that aspect.
– Mr.Kiran is Project Officer incharge of Gulburga & will be put in loop with us.
  Next discussion after Apr6,7 or Apr 13 time frame.
– In Bellary programs were conducted for Devadasis. microcredit program also being done.

Overall we have a credible org who have been working on rural development( but less stress in EDU) willling to help us. We will discuss with KA team to see to take it forward.

On behalf of KA team

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