West Bengal/Amlasole/Visit Report

Dear Friends

First Move in Eastern India

Background Amlasole: The place is 250 km away from Kolkata; the nearest Panchayat office is 23 km away at Banspahari; and it is as far as 26 km from the police station at Belpahari. There is no electricity till date. They do not have any regular income other than collecting Mahua flowers (To prepare country liquor) and sell those in near by village.

It was a dark time in the history of human civilization when, in 2004, a few starvation deaths occurred among Sabars in Kengora, Amlasole.

The village has one Govt school, but it never functioned in last few years.

In 2004, Durbar Mahila Samannay Committee, a Community Based Organisation (CBO) from Kolkata – working in red light areas – took the initiative to establish a makeshift private school in Kengora, under a local CBO (Amlasole Birsa Munda Gram Unnayan Committee).  

The school activities are now governed by Micro Centre for Community Development and Research (MCCDR).  With whom IndiaSudar is working now.

Micro Centre for Community Development and Research (MCCDR) has since set up an ‘Amlasole Wing’ to monitor the activities of the school.

This dedicated school is running for four years with forty five children, and the eagerness of the participants is growing.

Four teachers have been appointed (not regular), although at a meager remuneration. 8th standard was the highest education by any appointed teacher in that school, so you can imagine the standards.

Mid-day meal has been arranged to provide at least the basic nutrition to students.

Three books have been written specially for these children, incorporating words and stories from their known world. A series of books have been planned to follow.

Winter and summer uniforms have been provided to the children of the school, though not very regularly.           

Current requirement :

 1. Steel Book Shelf  

                  @6000            – Cost

                  @ 1000 – Transport and carrying charges. (School located in small hill with no road facility)

–          To keep the books at the school. 

–          The nearby location where we can buy the book shelf is 30KM away from the school. 

2. Qualified Teacher @3000  – per month


R. Radhakrishnan

+91 98302 14292



  1. Dear All,
    Please give your effort to Amlasole without self marketing please.
    Self marketing break the unity, break constructive thinking ……..

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