KA VISIT Report : Govt Higher Primary School, Kaverinagara, Near Hoodi Circle, Bangalore

dsc07498Hello All

Shiva and Ravi visited Govt Higher Primary School, Kaverinagara during last Saturday(21st March 2009).

Govt Higher Primary School, Kaverinagara, near Hoodi Circle, Bangalore

– The School is located among the migrant labourred slums in Kaverianagara
– The infrastructure seems to be good, but maintenance issue because of public non-cooperation.
o Total student – 515
o Teachers – 13+2 temp teachers(one funded by SAP)

§ Class 1- 76
§ Class 2- 80
§ Class 3- 69
§ Class4- 90
§ Class5- 93
§ Class6- 86
§ Class7- 91

o Due to shortage of teachers, only few classes have sections line 1,2.

– There were 5 systems donated by HP, but only one seems to be in working condition
– The students are mainly children of migrant labourers, so different lingutics environment there.
– The children seem to be very enthusiastic to read more.
– Seeing the children is was obvious of their family background from the dressing.
– Library already there with more books.


– Educational material for all students. Very few donors on Aug 15 give 2 note books each, but no guarantee.

– Requested for compound wall at the backyard. 3 toliets were build in 2005, but due to lack of compound wall

The public have misused it very wrongly. It is very sad to see that girls do not have toilets & use the staff’s toilet or have to go home !!

Another example of gross public in difference to the schools in the area where they actually live.

– Few sports material for boys/girls. Ground is big, but no material. Govt provided ones are gone. The sports teacher very interested and teach the kids yoga, some exercise, kho-kho & kabadi(which do nto require any material .. Do they have a choice !??)

– Govt provides school bags to few students based on reservation, but many poor students still don’t have school bags.
– The worst part is that public use classrooms for consuming alcohol and misuse it. Students and teachers put efforts to clean those classrooms before they use it for teaching.

Thanks To Sumathi & School coordinator Paswadi for notifying this school

Photos : http://picasaweb.google.com/indiasudar/GovtSchoolKaveriNagaraBangalore#



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