Visit to Annasandrapalaya, Kundanahalli – bangalore

Dear Team

On Saturday(Feb 28,2009) , we visited Annasandrapalaya & Kundanahalli School, Bangalore.

Visit by – Sivanarayanan, Ravikumar and UdhayKumar.

AnnasandraPalaya School:

No: of teachers : 3 (Out of which one is on maternity leave)
No: of students : 120
Students in Anganwadi : 70

– The school has been around from 1970’s, but very underdeveloped as many 
we have seen in the past.
– The HM of the school Mr.Pooja Obalappa is highly enthusiastic personand 

doing his best to elevate the school.
– Notebooks are donated regularly by some donors, so are uniforms(white &
white – Govt gives only Khaki).
– Water filter also has been arranged by the HM through donors.less than 
40-50 feet not connected.
– Also a sump connectd to overhead tank(motor also there). Again crucial pipeline from main line missing !
– Unfortunately though toilets have been constructed, Pipe connection from
main line to school is absent. It’s surprising this is missing.
– Two out of three classrooms are used by class 1 to 5. One more room is 
shared by children of the Anganwadi. 
– Now BBMP(bangalore urban govt body)building 2 more classrooms.
– Books are there but no shelf to store.

Current Requirements:

– Pipleline to Toilet and the main sump for running Water supply. SHould 
not cost more than 3000 according to the HM.
– Only 100 plates are there. But requirement is 170. No glasses are 
present. Currently managed with plastic bottles.
– Few maps, educational charts, Globe are required.
– One teacher required to manage all the classes.

Mr.Pooja Obalappa (Headmaster)
Govt Lower primary school
Annasandarapalaya, Vimanapura
Cell # 9632912942

Visit to Kundanahalli School:

(http://indiasudar. wordpress. com/2009/ 02/09/karnataka- govt-higher- primary-school- kundalakalli- bangalore- visit-report/)

– Already Ravi, Raaghu & few of our IS members had visited the school.
– Wanted to revisit the school to meet up the volunteer to see if we can 
use to deploy as teacher in that school.
– But currently the academic year end work & vacation is pushing this 
decision to june or later.
– We will reassess the requirements later in June to see if anything 
important is required here.
– The volunteer Mr.Venkatesh is a very dedicated person helping this school
without salary besides his B.A degree academic studies.


On Behalf of KA team



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