REPORT : India Sudar 5th Annual Day – Gettogether in Bangalore

Dear All,
It was good gettogether with many KA team members, students from different homes and parents on 1st March 2009, Sunday in Bangalore to mark India Sudar 5th Annual Day.
Time : 4pm to 6pm
Brief report
1. Brief Introduction of India Sudar Achivements shared by Udhay, Shiva, Ravikumar and Raghu

2. India Sudar moments – experience shared by Prashanth, Vinod, Ravi Dhawani and Sumathi

3. Award distribution to Prashath, Raghu, Ram, Vinod, Jayasree, Anil, Angel’s Orphange, Kadhesh Happy Children Home, Sishu Mandir, dsc07392Bhuvaneshwari, KWAB, Gerizim Home, Indira Gandhi School and then experience shared by children from Angel Orphange and Kadesh Happy Children Home.
4. Open Discussion to increase Karnataka activities in 2009 – All members participated and shared their suggestions.
5. Snacks and tea was arranged for all – Thanks to Sumathi Ravichander for all the arrangements (Sponsor :-))
6. Thanks to Mr. Victor, who encouraged us to have this gettogether at KADESH HAPPY CHILDREN HOME.
7. Jayasree, Raghu and Shiva – co-ordinated the entire gettogether function.
Suggestions and Action items
1. India Sudar should identify more partner organisiations in Karnataka
2. Friend to friend – Spead word of mouth to create good network.
3. India Sudar should tie up with local NGOs
4. Vision – identify localities
5. Need to visit engineering colleges to promote and spread India Sudar activities
6. Enviromnental issues : India Sudar conduct many awareness programs
7. Documentary movies should be made to create awareness on the environmental issues
8. India Sudar should crate awareness about rain water harvesting projects in Schools.
9. Planting a tree for every project – India Sudar could get free saplings and guidance and support from forest dept.
10. Rally to create more awareness
11. Coporate involvment (CSR) 
12.Help from Govt sectors
13. Walkathon – for fund raising and awareness creation
14. T-shirt with India Sudar logo
15. Events to promote IS actitivities
16. Brief  PPT about India Sudar to share achivements with highlights
17. Redesign the poster and banners to attract more people 
18. Appointmenting someone to do field work – salary to be paid by India Sudar
19. Need to contact final year MSW students in Karnataka and India Sudar would fund for genuine projects.
20. eGroup for creative learning – India Sudar would setup seperate team for this and co-ordinator would be decided to encourage the program.

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