Meeting with LIFE – To know the possiblities to make them as partners

Meeting with Life NGO – Report

Date: Feb 28, 2009

IndiaSudar Members: Athitha Nadarajan, Anitha Srinivasan

Life NGO Members: Siddharth, JayaRam, Ramya, etc. 

Meeting Place: Vallalar Kaapagam, Gnanavoly Charitable Trust, Regd. Trust: 2358/04

The home that we met at was Gnanavoly Charitable Trust, which takes care of around 20 children in the age range of 4 – 12 yrs old. Most of the kids are sent to near Govt School. The caretaker person and a female take care of them and 2 old people also. 

The LifeNGO members have met at this home & have spent time with the kids, playing & teaching them. They had also brought them some new utensils like silver plates & such things.

Initial discussion:

Siddharth & team congratulated IS team on 5th year completion. They had queries about IS’s mission, projects for which we gave answers.

Details about LifeNGO:

• Siddharth and most of the other members are from the same college, St. Joseph (engg?) and they are 2003 passouts.

• From college days they have been involved in such voluntary social activities.

• They have effectively started an NGO group after they’ve established their financial positions, ie after getting into jobs.

• With regards to vision & mission of their group, they are now very clear that its Education only.

• Activities they have been involved: 

o Visiting cancer institute

o Visiting homes

o Visiting govt schools

• Projects they have in mind:

o Self awareness programme – presentations on importance of education, self-hygiene, etc

o Footware distribution to govt school students

o Choosing 5 students and taking of their educational costs for few months, and consecutively in the stipulated time frame.

Siddarth suggested the following:

• Was willing to know IS’s pending projects & beneficiaries which they can choose and help in executing the projects.

• Was mentioning that if in future IS wants any credibility report about any org/person, they can check with LifeNGO database and vice versa.




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