Chennai/Gov Children Home for Boys, Chengalpattu/Visit Report



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Dear Friends,

1. I have visited to Govt Children Home for Boys, Chengalpettu, TN and had discussion with Mr.Thanasekara Pandian(Superdent) to understand about this home and need.

2.Home Address: Mr.Thanasekara Pandian(Superdent), Govt Children Home for Boys, Taluk Office Compound, Chengalpettu, Kancheepuram  District,  Tamil Nadu – 603002. Phone – 27424458.

3. About this Home: This is the first juvenile School was started on 18th century in India, After that this school method was replicated to across county. Now you can see this type of the government homes all the states, Even already India Sudar implemented project for Boys and Girls homes at Chennai. Most of the other homes in tamil having classes till 8th standard, Only Chengalpattu school handling students till 10th standards. So most of this school crowed at 9th and 10th only.

Classes – 1st to 10th standard

Reception – 2 student only (There is no specific place for reception in this home)

Total Students – 215

Most of the students at 9th and 10th – 100 students at 9th, 75 students at 10th

Total Employees – 72 (Including Security, Office members, Teachers, Kitchen, etc)

4. In last 10months, Mr.Thanasekara Pandian did lot of changes in this School as follows.

  • Make Play Ground for students
  • Painted the wall with good picture (All this work done by students)
  • Made more park within school
  • Proper Toilet for students with water facility
  • Upgraded Kitchen

There is no NGO working for this school now. Other then this most of the students in this school studying at 9th and 10th standard only.

5. School Requirement as follows, Any one interested to do this, Please let me know.

  • Daily News Paper can be subscribed for these students.
  • Monthly Science, Match, GK magazine can be subscribed for this school.
  • We can run our Career Path Program
  • They have enough teachers, But they are requesting to provide ABL materials.
  • Already this school having Computer Center, So we can setup Digital Library and Language Learning Center.
  • Any sports Item
  • Students needs any Art material(Chart, Color paint, etc)
  • Any self motivation program for students & teachers.
  • Guide for 10th students.

Udhaya Kumar.V

Mobile:+91.98867.33607 – Developing a Powerful India by Providing Education

KA VISIT Report : Govt Higher Primary School, Kaverinagara, Near Hoodi Circle, Bangalore

dsc07498Hello All

Shiva and Ravi visited Govt Higher Primary School, Kaverinagara during last Saturday(21st March 2009).

Govt Higher Primary School, Kaverinagara, near Hoodi Circle, Bangalore

– The School is located among the migrant labourred slums in Kaverianagara
– The infrastructure seems to be good, but maintenance issue because of public non-cooperation.
o Total student – 515
o Teachers – 13+2 temp teachers(one funded by SAP)

§ Class 1- 76
§ Class 2- 80
§ Class 3- 69
§ Class4- 90
§ Class5- 93
§ Class6- 86
§ Class7- 91

o Due to shortage of teachers, only few classes have sections line 1,2.

– There were 5 systems donated by HP, but only one seems to be in working condition
– The students are mainly children of migrant labourers, so different lingutics environment there.
– The children seem to be very enthusiastic to read more.
– Seeing the children is was obvious of their family background from the dressing.
– Library already there with more books.


– Educational material for all students. Very few donors on Aug 15 give 2 note books each, but no guarantee.

– Requested for compound wall at the backyard. 3 toliets were build in 2005, but due to lack of compound wall

The public have misused it very wrongly. It is very sad to see that girls do not have toilets & use the staff’s toilet or have to go home !!

Another example of gross public in difference to the schools in the area where they actually live.

– Few sports material for boys/girls. Ground is big, but no material. Govt provided ones are gone. The sports teacher very interested and teach the kids yoga, some exercise, kho-kho & kabadi(which do nto require any material .. Do they have a choice !??)

– Govt provides school bags to few students based on reservation, but many poor students still don’t have school bags.
– The worst part is that public use classrooms for consuming alcohol and misuse it. Students and teachers put efforts to clean those classrooms before they use it for teaching.

Thanks To Sumathi & School coordinator Paswadi for notifying this school

Photos :


West Bengal/Amlasole/Visit Report

Dear Friends

First Move in Eastern India

Background Amlasole: The place is 250 km away from Kolkata; the nearest Panchayat office is 23 km away at Banspahari; and it is as far as 26 km from the police station at Belpahari. There is no electricity till date. They do not have any regular income other than collecting Mahua flowers (To prepare country liquor) and sell those in near by village.

It was a dark time in the history of human civilization when, in 2004, a few starvation deaths occurred among Sabars in Kengora, Amlasole.

The village has one Govt school, but it never functioned in last few years.

In 2004, Durbar Mahila Samannay Committee, a Community Based Organisation (CBO) from Kolkata – working in red light areas – took the initiative to establish a makeshift private school in Kengora, under a local CBO (Amlasole Birsa Munda Gram Unnayan Committee).  

The school activities are now governed by Micro Centre for Community Development and Research (MCCDR).  With whom IndiaSudar is working now.

Micro Centre for Community Development and Research (MCCDR) has since set up an ‘Amlasole Wing’ to monitor the activities of the school.

This dedicated school is running for four years with forty five children, and the eagerness of the participants is growing.

Four teachers have been appointed (not regular), although at a meager remuneration. 8th standard was the highest education by any appointed teacher in that school, so you can imagine the standards.

Mid-day meal has been arranged to provide at least the basic nutrition to students.

Three books have been written specially for these children, incorporating words and stories from their known world. A series of books have been planned to follow.

Winter and summer uniforms have been provided to the children of the school, though not very regularly.           

Current requirement :

 1. Steel Book Shelf  

                  @6000            – Cost

                  @ 1000 – Transport and carrying charges. (School located in small hill with no road facility)

–          To keep the books at the school. 

–          The nearby location where we can buy the book shelf is 30KM away from the school. 

2. Qualified Teacher @3000  – per month


R. Radhakrishnan

+91 98302 14292

Bangalore/Hope Home/Visit Report

Dear Friends,

1. We(Sivanarayanan.P & Myself) have visited to HOPE HOME, No.2, 5th Cross,Anjinapa Layout, Kothanur, Bangalore – 77 on 15MAR09 and had discussion with S Obed Haokip(9902933690), who running this home.

2. About S Obed Haokip: Basically S Obed Haokip from manipur & settled in banglaore in 90’s. Initially he was working in Church and realized lot of kids at manipur not able to continuo there education because of local terrorist activity and economical reason. So initially he brought near 25 kids from Manipur & put it in different homes in bangalore. This was really helped for these kids but issue will be, They needs to stay in different homes and they are using different food, etc.So this was one of the biggest challenges to adopt different language and food. (Even nearly 20 kids was sent to our Kadesh Childrens Happy Home)

3. About Hope Home: Haokip initially started this home with three kids & now reached 30 kids in his home. Ultimately he converted his HOUSE as “Hope Home”, Haokip family and 30 students staying together in this Home/House.

4. Education: 25 kids from this home going to Parikrma School, So absolutely free education for this 25 students & remaining 5 students going to nearby school. So there is not much education requirement for this home, because of free education, uniform, book, note, etc will come from Parikrma itself.

5. Requirement for this home:

5.1. Home needs small library

5.2. Home needs 2 – 3 computers. (You can donate any of your used/working computers)

6. Education project at Manipur: We have discussed with Haokip to start India Sudar education project at manipur, He also really interested/plan to start one schools at manipur. We explained our Individual Education project to identifiyed any dropout students from manipur to start initial activity. Any way this will be decided based on initial requirement and visit.

Udhaya Kumar.V

Mobile:+91.98867.33607 – Developing a Powerful India by Providing Education

Donated Computer Added in our Existing Computer Center

Dear Friends, Our partner organization THOZHAN Charitable Trust,GN Ramkumar donated one computer with following configuration.

Processor  : P4 Intel pentium

Hard Disc  : 80 GB

Mother board: Intel Board

Ram        : 256 MB DDR2

CD-ROM      : DVD-R/W

Key Board  : Samsung(Normal Key board)

Mouse      : Samsung(optical Mouse)


This computer was moved and setup in our India Sudar Computer Training Center(Melappedu),IYARKAI, Thiruveedhi Amman kovil st, melappedu, Chennai-600 055 on 08MAR09.

Udhaya Kumar,V

India Sudar Partner with LIFE Foundation

Dear Friends,

Happy to introduce our New Partner organization LIFE Foundation to work together under India Sudar Open Charity Platform to achieve our Common Vision.

Name of the Organization: LIFE Foundation

About LIFE Foundation: Love and Inspiration For Everyone. Ours is a 38 member vibrant Organization and we focus on Education for young children. We mainly concentrate on Educational sponsor, Hygiene awareness, Adoption of Orphanages, Touring of Schools.

Web Site / Blog: ,

Address: No 2/10, Kuppuswamy st, S.I.S.I colony , ullagaram ,Chennai 91, TN.

Contact Person’s: Siddharth, President,, 91-9884077037

Udhaya Kumar.V

Mobile:+91.98867.33607 – Developing a Powerful India by Providing Education

REPORT : India Sudar 5th Annual Day – Gettogether in Bangalore

Dear All,
It was good gettogether with many KA team members, students from different homes and parents on 1st March 2009, Sunday in Bangalore to mark India Sudar 5th Annual Day.
Time : 4pm to 6pm
Brief report
1. Brief Introduction of India Sudar Achivements shared by Udhay, Shiva, Ravikumar and Raghu

2. India Sudar moments – experience shared by Prashanth, Vinod, Ravi Dhawani and Sumathi

3. Award distribution to Prashath, Raghu, Ram, Vinod, Jayasree, Anil, Angel’s Orphange, Kadhesh Happy Children Home, Sishu Mandir, dsc07392Bhuvaneshwari, KWAB, Gerizim Home, Indira Gandhi School and then experience shared by children from Angel Orphange and Kadesh Happy Children Home.
4. Open Discussion to increase Karnataka activities in 2009 – All members participated and shared their suggestions.
5. Snacks and tea was arranged for all – Thanks to Sumathi Ravichander for all the arrangements (Sponsor :-))
6. Thanks to Mr. Victor, who encouraged us to have this gettogether at KADESH HAPPY CHILDREN HOME.
7. Jayasree, Raghu and Shiva – co-ordinated the entire gettogether function.
Suggestions and Action items
1. India Sudar should identify more partner organisiations in Karnataka
2. Friend to friend – Spead word of mouth to create good network.
3. India Sudar should tie up with local NGOs
4. Vision – identify localities
5. Need to visit engineering colleges to promote and spread India Sudar activities
6. Enviromnental issues : India Sudar conduct many awareness programs
7. Documentary movies should be made to create awareness on the environmental issues
8. India Sudar should crate awareness about rain water harvesting projects in Schools.
9. Planting a tree for every project – India Sudar could get free saplings and guidance and support from forest dept.
10. Rally to create more awareness
11. Coporate involvment (CSR) 
12.Help from Govt sectors
13. Walkathon – for fund raising and awareness creation
14. T-shirt with India Sudar logo
15. Events to promote IS actitivities
16. Brief  PPT about India Sudar to share achivements with highlights
17. Redesign the poster and banners to attract more people 
18. Appointmenting someone to do field work – salary to be paid by India Sudar
19. Need to contact final year MSW students in Karnataka and India Sudar would fund for genuine projects.
20. eGroup for creative learning – India Sudar would setup seperate team for this and co-ordinator would be decided to encourage the program.

Meeting with LIFE – To know the possiblities to make them as partners

Meeting with Life NGO – Report

Date: Feb 28, 2009

IndiaSudar Members: Athitha Nadarajan, Anitha Srinivasan

Life NGO Members: Siddharth, JayaRam, Ramya, etc. 

Meeting Place: Vallalar Kaapagam, Gnanavoly Charitable Trust, Regd. Trust: 2358/04

The home that we met at was Gnanavoly Charitable Trust, which takes care of around 20 children in the age range of 4 – 12 yrs old. Most of the kids are sent to near Govt School. The caretaker person and a female take care of them and 2 old people also. 

The LifeNGO members have met at this home & have spent time with the kids, playing & teaching them. They had also brought them some new utensils like silver plates & such things.

Initial discussion:

Siddharth & team congratulated IS team on 5th year completion. They had queries about IS’s mission, projects for which we gave answers.

Details about LifeNGO:

• Siddharth and most of the other members are from the same college, St. Joseph (engg?) and they are 2003 passouts.

• From college days they have been involved in such voluntary social activities.

• They have effectively started an NGO group after they’ve established their financial positions, ie after getting into jobs.

• With regards to vision & mission of their group, they are now very clear that its Education only.

• Activities they have been involved: 

o Visiting cancer institute

o Visiting homes

o Visiting govt schools

• Projects they have in mind:

o Self awareness programme – presentations on importance of education, self-hygiene, etc

o Footware distribution to govt school students

o Choosing 5 students and taking of their educational costs for few months, and consecutively in the stipulated time frame.

Siddarth suggested the following:

• Was willing to know IS’s pending projects & beneficiaries which they can choose and help in executing the projects.

• Was mentioning that if in future IS wants any credibility report about any org/person, they can check with LifeNGO database and vice versa.



Visit to Annasandrapalaya, Kundanahalli – bangalore

Dear Team

On Saturday(Feb 28,2009) , we visited Annasandrapalaya & Kundanahalli School, Bangalore.

Visit by – Sivanarayanan, Ravikumar and UdhayKumar.

AnnasandraPalaya School:

No: of teachers : 3 (Out of which one is on maternity leave)
No: of students : 120
Students in Anganwadi : 70

– The school has been around from 1970’s, but very underdeveloped as many 
we have seen in the past.
– The HM of the school Mr.Pooja Obalappa is highly enthusiastic personand 

doing his best to elevate the school.
– Notebooks are donated regularly by some donors, so are uniforms(white &
white – Govt gives only Khaki).
– Water filter also has been arranged by the HM through donors.less than 
40-50 feet not connected.
– Also a sump connectd to overhead tank(motor also there). Again crucial pipeline from main line missing !
– Unfortunately though toilets have been constructed, Pipe connection from
main line to school is absent. It’s surprising this is missing.
– Two out of three classrooms are used by class 1 to 5. One more room is 
shared by children of the Anganwadi. 
– Now BBMP(bangalore urban govt body)building 2 more classrooms.
– Books are there but no shelf to store.

Current Requirements:

– Pipleline to Toilet and the main sump for running Water supply. SHould 
not cost more than 3000 according to the HM.
– Only 100 plates are there. But requirement is 170. No glasses are 
present. Currently managed with plastic bottles.
– Few maps, educational charts, Globe are required.
– One teacher required to manage all the classes.

Mr.Pooja Obalappa (Headmaster)
Govt Lower primary school
Annasandarapalaya, Vimanapura
Cell # 9632912942

Visit to Kundanahalli School:

(http://indiasudar. wordpress. com/2009/ 02/09/karnataka- govt-higher- primary-school- kundalakalli- bangalore- visit-report/)

– Already Ravi, Raaghu & few of our IS members had visited the school.
– Wanted to revisit the school to meet up the volunteer to see if we can 
use to deploy as teacher in that school.
– But currently the academic year end work & vacation is pushing this 
decision to june or later.
– We will reassess the requirements later in June to see if anything 
important is required here.
– The volunteer Mr.Venkatesh is a very dedicated person helping this school
without salary besides his B.A degree academic studies.


On Behalf of KA team


Lets not leave this aspiring poor girl down, with lot of dreams abt her future, needs support for her education

Meeting with Aishwarya, BCom student:

Date: Mar 1st, 2009

Place: Kolathur, near Wesley School

IS Members: Athi, Vijay Prakash, Anitha Srinivasan

Beneficiary: Aishwarya & her family members

Family Members:  

Mother: Housewife, not working because of some health problems.

Father: Passed away 5 yrs back.

Younger brother (to beneficiary): Studies 11th std 1st group in Villivakkam Hr Sec School. Wishes to study Mechanical Engg.

Aishwarya: Beneficiary herself. Studies B.Com in Jaya Arts & Science, now in 4th sem, waiting for 3rd sem results.

A Lecturer paid the previous semester fee, after she reporting that she was going to discontinue owing to financial reasons. And the lecturer has asked to prepare for the next semester fee. ie: the current semester. The last date for paying the fee had passed. And, now she has to pay the fee with fine, else she couldn’t write the Semester Exams.


 Even while studying, she was working as a sales person in a textile showroom in the weekends, from which she used to earn few hundreds.

Other details of the family:

• Source of income for other family expenses: A relative(her mother’s sister) is giving them money from some other source.

• The family is staying in a rented house. (Recently shifted to Kolathur. Yet to change the Ration card, provided for verification)

We made it a point that she shouldn’t discontinue her studies for any other reasons. The girl (beneficiary) mentioned that she wouldn’t want to compromise education for any thing, and confidently assured that she will continue her studies. Her wish is to study CA but owing to current family & financial reasons she thinks that she has to start earning after she completes B.Com.

P.S: We will upload the photos soon.



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