Report – Chikbellapur Notebook drive review visit!

Date of Visit: 7th Feb 2009 Saturday

Members Visited: Prashanth L A, Shiva, Jayasree J, Ramprasad

Place of visit: Chikbellapur District – Kadrinehalli, Alganahalli, Ramachandrapura, Chikrakagudur.

Purpose of Visit:

An inspection visit to monitor the usage of stationary materials provided by India sudar during the Note book drive.

To interact with the teachers and know about the status and progress of students.

To interact with the students to know their requirements for the coming academic year.

To quickly analyze the level of understanding and learning of the subject among the students.

General Observations Made:

1.      Most of the note books given by IS were consumed properly.

2.      Seems like the note books were not sufficient for the complete academic year, so the teachers managed to get it from other well wishers and donors.

3.      Schools were well maintained and attendance was pretty good considering that it was a Saturday.

4.      Mid day meals were provided in a well organized manner in all most all the schools.

5.      However in a few schools children of even class 2 or 3 or not able to read alphabets in kanada.This is something that needs to tracked and worked upon.

6.      In a few villages providing uniforms may be needed , even the casual clothes were too torn.

7.      Awareness about cleanliness and personal hygiene may be required, one session can be held on that during our visits. For example teaching to cut nails.

Village wise Observations:

a) Kadrinehalli :

– School has only 40 students with 2 teachers.
– Next year the count of the students may marginally increase.
– The notebooks were being used well, infact they have used up in full & had taken new ones.
– Requested India sudar for a mini library with relevant books

b) Alganahalli:

– We visited a few classes to interact with students.
– All the classes were progressing very well.
– 7th students were very well spoken and good in English

– Asked for Sports material if possible. They have a big ground. Previously had some footballs of low quality (after tender), but there are no more in usable condition.

We may give rings, badminton and few footballs.
– The library was well equipped library of Kananda books. DO not have English books.
Wanted to know if we can donate English books. But they also need shelf, because now they are all stuffed in small godrej bureau.

c) Ramachandrapura
– By the time we reached school was closed(Working for half a day during weekends – infact only till 11:30 am)
– Interacted with few kids who study there..
– Went to see the garden they maintain – it’s really good work!!

They had created a eco friendly in such a remote place, truly commendable! !
This school won best lower primary title in Karnataka.

d) Chirkakagudur:
– First visited Chikrakagudur school, to check out the usage of library.
– We could not talk with HM as he was engaged in the meeting with visiting BEO.
– From interaction from children we saw that they were using the books.
We even asked a few books they read and they were more than happy to say it

Overall it was very engaging and motivating visit.

We were happy that the books provided by us are used well and reassured the children that they will get their notebooks and pencils for the current year as well.

Have a look at the photographs!

http://picasaweb. indiasudar/ ChikbellapurTalu kReviewOfNoteboo kDriveLibrary#

Thanks and regards



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