Dharmapuri District level Quiz and Career Path Education Festival

Dharmapuri Educational Festival on January 10th, 2009 REMARKABLE EVENT…PLACE…DAY…..

India Sudar Conducted District level Quiz and Career Path program at Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu to create awareness for Government School (Tamil Medium) students from 8th to 10th Classes.

Program Content:

1. Basic English Test

2. General Quiz Program

3. English workshop

4. Career Path Program.


No of schools attended: 17

No of students: 68 (participants) + 100 (students from nearby schools) = 168

No of teachers: 25

Total expenditure: 10,226 Rs. (Project Report attached in the mail)

Photos & Feedback from students and teachers are available in the following

URL: http://picasaweb.google.com/indiasudar/IndiaSudarDharmapuriTNDistrictLevelQuizAndCareerPathProgram


1. Total work was supported and sponsored by Dr.Sekar, Asst.Prof, Department of chemistry, IIT, Chennai. Our sincere thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Sekar and JagadeesanKovalan.

2. Local arrangements were done by Mr.Kumar, Teacher, Government High School, Venkatasamuthiram and teachers from Government high school, Molayanur. OUR SINCERE THANKS TO Mr.Kumar…this will not be a successful one without him.

3. Best hospitality, reception, arrangements…..actually 80% of our workload was shared by the teachers from the schools.Food and Tea were served by teachers.

4. Our member Mrs.Shanmukavadivu from Karur explained our career path chart excellently.

5. Mrs.J.Mary Sarojini from Namakkal gave a lecture on ‘STRESS LESS SECURE MORE’ (useful tips to obtain high score in English exams).

6. I and our team conducted the quiz program.

7. Three members from ‘Build Future India’ attended the program. IS had an Interaction with them.

8. Attended IS Members: Udhayakumar, Athi, Sivanarayanan, Jagadeesan kovalan, Deepa, Shanmukavadivu and Balamanikandan.

9. In general, all the participants have very good handwriting. The opinion about dharmapuri education is really changed. Very good school…discipline….good academic record…cleaned environment….cooperation from teachers….

10. 5 teachers have come forward to join as a volunteer/member. GOOD starting!!!!

11. Some school teachers requested us to conduct the career path program in their schools.

12. We presented Mementos to the school HM and PTA members. School HM presented mementos to all of us.

13. Few photos will be sent to the schools. Dinakaran and dailythanthi may release the news within 2 days.

14. Prize winners:


First Prize: GHSS (Boys),Arur

Second Prize: GHS,Athikarapatti

Third Prize: GHS,Thurinjipatti

Consolation: 1. GHS,Molayanur 2. GHS,Mookarettipatti

Basi English Test:

First and third Prize: GHS,Chinnagkuppam

Second Prize: GHS,Venkatasamuthiram

Consolation: GHS,Athikarapatti OVERALL WINNER: GHS,Chinnagkuppam

15. 1st 3 places in each competition – File,Medal,Cup,Certificates ,Dictionary and Pen 4th and 5th places- Medal, Certificates.

Thanks to everyone and Rajamadasamy to make this event very successful and useful

Thanks for this given opportunity to IS to make use of my time and skills.

Upcoming Event: Karur District Educational Festival on 31st Jan 2009 at Municipality Higher secondary School, Karur.Chief Guest: District Collector,Karur Everyone is invited.

With Regards,



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