Republic Day Celebrations –Indiasudar Library Inauguration – School Visit-Summary-KARUR Dt-TN

Republic Day Celebrations –Indiasudar Library Inauguration – School Visit

Date: 26th JAN, 2009

Indiasudar Members: Udhayakumar, Shiva, Mr.Gunasekaran, Mrs.Shanmukavadivu and myself.

IndiasudarLibrary setup process:

Students from Panchamadevi Village worked along with me to set up the libraries to do the following.

Indexing 2.Library seal -rubber stamp work 3.Books separation -catageorywise. 4. Books separation-schoolwise 5. Packing


1.Ramkumar 2.Sangeetha.T 3.M.S.pavithra devi 4. Gokul 5.Muthukumar 6.Prabhu 7.Santhosh 

2. Only 142 books were distributed. Remaining books will be given within a week.

Click me to See Library Setup At KarurTamilNadu

8.30 am to 11 am – Government Hr.Sec School,Renganathanpettai,Karur Dt.

Celebrated 60th republic Day.

Inaugurated the first Indiasudar library.

Library rules and regulations were explained.

Prizes were distributed to the girl’s students to encourage their studies.

(To improve the pass percentage- prizes were also distributed to the girls’ students who scored less marks -Sponsored by Mr.P.K.SenthilKumar, Bhaarathchem, Karur)

PTA president explained about our activities one by one. We are able to see his interest on that school.

They are in need of a computer teacher. They will arrange computers.

Click me to See India Sudar Library At Gov School Ranganathanpettai, Karur, TamilNadu

11 am to 1 pm-Government school,Porani,Karur Dt.

Second Indiasudar library was inaugurated.

Had a discussion with HM, Teachers and PTA president.

There are drop-out students from the schools. Very interior area.

We have to arrange a counselling session to increase the school strength in APRIL and May month. We should adopt the school to improve the performance.

Even we shall announce some prizes or cash awards to the teachers if they increase the pass percentage. (Suggestion)

We can initiate a computer centre in that area. (Requirement)

Very interested and dedicated persons are in and around the school. Very good Support and Cooperation.

Click me to see India Sudar Library At Porani Gov High School, Karur, TamilNadu

1 pm to 2.30 Pm: Government Primary school,Mayanur,Karur dt.

Discussed about the present education system along with HM,Teachers and our Indiasudar deployed Teachers.

Visited all the class rooms. Few students showed their performance in cultural activities.

Click me to see Goverment Primary School Mayanoor Karur District TamilNadu


2.30 PM:

Had a good Lunch at Mayanur HM Mr.Gunasekaran’s Farm House.


1. The remaining libraries will be inaugurated within 15 days.

2. Entire expenditure will be informed in February last week.

3. Future library set up requirements along with the suggested schools will be announced By March First week.

4.Approximte cost per library is around 14000 Rs.


With thanks and Regards,


India Sudar ,

India Sudar[IS] Partner with Build Future India[BFI]

Dear Friends,
Happy to introduce our New Partner organization Build Future India[BFI] to work together under India Sudar Open Charity Platform to achieve our Common Vision. 
Our sincere thanks to Sadhish, Deivasikamani.N & Kumar.NS,  who made this partnership from BFI.
About Build Future India: We, ‘Build Future India’, a team wants to develop a strong working group to support the education and agriculture. We believe that by extending our physical and financial support, we could able to add some value to the noble cause, which are already been performing by government and few NGOs. We are prepared to work as an individual group and also along with like minded NGOs.
Build Future India Vision: Build India to become the powerful nation by fulfilling the essential gaps in Indian Sectors like education, agriculture, welfare, Improve awareness of people, unemployment & poverty etc
email Id: 
Contact Person(s):
Sadhish Kumar.S ,
Kumar. NS,
Deivasikamani. N,
Vasudevan. K,
Udhaya Kumar.V
The Managing Trustee
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

Dharmapuri District level Quiz and Career Path Education Festival

Dharmapuri Educational Festival on January 10th, 2009 REMARKABLE EVENT…PLACE…DAY…..

India Sudar Conducted District level Quiz and Career Path program at Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu to create awareness for Government School (Tamil Medium) students from 8th to 10th Classes.

Program Content:

1. Basic English Test

2. General Quiz Program

3. English workshop

4. Career Path Program.


No of schools attended: 17

No of students: 68 (participants) + 100 (students from nearby schools) = 168

No of teachers: 25

Total expenditure: 10,226 Rs. (Project Report attached in the mail)

Photos & Feedback from students and teachers are available in the following



1. Total work was supported and sponsored by Dr.Sekar, Asst.Prof, Department of chemistry, IIT, Chennai. Our sincere thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Sekar and JagadeesanKovalan.

2. Local arrangements were done by Mr.Kumar, Teacher, Government High School, Venkatasamuthiram and teachers from Government high school, Molayanur. OUR SINCERE THANKS TO Mr.Kumar…this will not be a successful one without him.

3. Best hospitality, reception, arrangements…..actually 80% of our workload was shared by the teachers from the schools.Food and Tea were served by teachers.

4. Our member Mrs.Shanmukavadivu from Karur explained our career path chart excellently.

5. Mrs.J.Mary Sarojini from Namakkal gave a lecture on ‘STRESS LESS SECURE MORE’ (useful tips to obtain high score in English exams).

6. I and our team conducted the quiz program.

7. Three members from ‘Build Future India’ attended the program. IS had an Interaction with them.

8. Attended IS Members: Udhayakumar, Athi, Sivanarayanan, Jagadeesan kovalan, Deepa, Shanmukavadivu and Balamanikandan.

9. In general, all the participants have very good handwriting. The opinion about dharmapuri education is really changed. Very good school…discipline….good academic record…cleaned environment….cooperation from teachers….

10. 5 teachers have come forward to join as a volunteer/member. GOOD starting!!!!

11. Some school teachers requested us to conduct the career path program in their schools.

12. We presented Mementos to the school HM and PTA members. School HM presented mementos to all of us.

13. Few photos will be sent to the schools. Dinakaran and dailythanthi may release the news within 2 days.

14. Prize winners:


First Prize: GHSS (Boys),Arur

Second Prize: GHS,Athikarapatti

Third Prize: GHS,Thurinjipatti

Consolation: 1. GHS,Molayanur 2. GHS,Mookarettipatti

Basi English Test:

First and third Prize: GHS,Chinnagkuppam

Second Prize: GHS,Venkatasamuthiram

Consolation: GHS,Athikarapatti OVERALL WINNER: GHS,Chinnagkuppam

15. 1st 3 places in each competition – File,Medal,Cup,Certificates ,Dictionary and Pen 4th and 5th places- Medal, Certificates.

Thanks to everyone and Rajamadasamy to make this event very successful and useful

Thanks for this given opportunity to IS to make use of my time and skills.

Upcoming Event: Karur District Educational Festival on 31st Jan 2009 at Municipality Higher secondary School, Karur.Chief Guest: District Collector,Karur Everyone is invited.

With Regards,


Amazing English & Music Teacher(Blind), working at Govt School without Salary

Dear All,
India Sudar member Mrs. Sumathi Ravichander told us that there is an amazing English teacher at Govt Higher Primary School, Sorrahumanese, Bangalore, but she is blind and poor. Also, she told us that blind English teacher is working without salary,coz no sponsors. 
Ms. Rudramamma – Amazing English Teacher, but blind

Sumathi and I met English Blind Teacher Ms. Rudramma at Govt Higher Primary School, Sorrahumanese, Bangalore today. She had completed her B.A at NMKRV College, Jayanagar 3rd Block.

Family Details
She is staying with her old parents, her Sister and her sister’s two children at Malur, Karnataka. Her sister’s husband is drunkard and he doesn’t take care of his family.
Ms. Rudramma is the only member making money in her family and taking care of her sister & kids and parents. She is the first graduate from her family.
Her Regular Schedule and Teaching 
She gets up at 4.30a.m and reach Sorrahumanese before 8.30a.m everyday by bus. The Headmaster of Govt Higher Primary School, Sorrahumanese Mr. S S C Mukurthihal picks her from bus stop and help her to reach school.
In the evening, Ms. Radhamma helps her to reach bus stop and get into bus. Ms. Radhamma is one of the teacher in that school.
dsc06541Mrs. Rudramma visits this school 3 days in a week (monday, wednesday and friday) and she teachers English (only reading for 6th Standard) and Music (Karnatic and Classical for all classes). She has been working in this school since June 2007.
While we were interacting with her, she brought her harmonium and started singing along with that. It was surprise for me and sumathi to see her dedication and talent. And then, she took us to classrooms and showed her way of teaching (English and Music). Students are very interested to learn and follow her. We had interacted with few students to know their learning level. It is really good.
She was referred and appointed by BEO Mrs. Nagarathnamma and her salary was fixed as Rs. 3000 per month.
One of the well wisher Mr. Krishnamoorthy was paying her salary for sometime, then he stopped paying. And, then HM paid for 2 months, then BEO paid for 1 month and one of the social worker paid for another 1 month.
School HM was able to manage to pay her salary until September 2008 and SHE IS NOT GETTING SALARY FOR THE dsc06565PAST 3 MONTHS. But she is continuing as English and Music teacher in that school even without salary.
She is really struggling to manage her family expenses without salary and HM is looking for someone to pay her salary.
Govt School Details
When we entered school in the morning, it was prayer time. We could see that this school has good infrastructure like building, classrooms, toilet, good and big play ground, mini library, 1 computer and enough sports material.
There are 227 students studying from 1st to 7th Standard(Boys – 122, girls – 105). They have enough teachers – 6 teachers.
dsc06563The HeadMaster Mr. S S C Mukurthihal is taking all the initiative to make sure that “no drop out” in that area. He goes to door-by-door to convince parents or to bring back students to schools. He is doing his best.
All the students get uniform, books, notebooks and mid day meal. They may need some more books for their library and that is low priority as of now.

Ms. Rudramma , BEO and School HM are looking for someone to pay Rudramma’s salary.
I’m really impressed by her dedication, teaching and responsibility to take care of her family. Let us know, if any of you willing to contribute for this amazing English & music teacher.

India Sudar Wishes You and Your Family a Very Happy New Year – 2009


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