KA Project : Second Library setup at Govt School, Marthahalli, Bangalore

Dear All

On Saturday, Dec 20, 2008 we started the India Sudar library project at Marthahalli Govt Primary School, Bangalore with excellant books in English and Kannada. We also gave them some of the chart for easy learning. As we had announced earlier this is one of the two we planned on pilot basis. picture_005

Was attended by Sumathi, Ravi, Gopal, shiva, Arun
The primary school has around 140 kids & 4 teachers as of now. They lack english teacher. We know this school through our IS member Arun Kumar.   Mr. Gopal is staying very close to this school and he would make regular visits to this school.

He would teach all the books in english and monitor their progress through our library. That would be great help to all students.

The project would be jointly managed by Arun(with his team at ARM technologies) & Mr.Gopal. We would like to continuously monitor the 2 libraries(other one at Chikrakagudur) to assess the outcome.

Based on the usage and progress of students, India Sudar would continue to setup more libraries in Karnataka.
Our dream would be more libraries in forthcoming months !!. Thanks to all who put efforts to setup these libaries.

In this process we also met a blind teacher – Ms.Gowriamma. Inspite of the family situation, her confidence was amazing. More about her in future.

Will also send the book list & project report very soon !
Photos :
On behalf of KA team

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