KA-GOM ORPHANGE : Tuition fee paid for FOUR 10th Standard student to score more marks

Dear All,
We have been looking for volunteer or teacher to coach 10th Standard students at GOM Orphanage ( changed to Angel Orphanage now), Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore.
We could not find a teacher or volunteer and they had asked us to support for tuition fee till Feb 2009 and those students are very keen to clear their doubts and aiming to score  more marks.

There are 6 students at GOM Orphanage, Bangalore are appearing for 10th Standard exam in this academic year 2008-09. Among those, 4 students wants to go for coaching classes to score more marks.

Students List

1. Farhad – English Medium
2. Samuel  – English Medium
3. Naveen – Kannada Medium
4. Bhuvana – Kannada Medium.

The caretaker of GOM Orphanage asked us to pay tuition fee for those 4 students and she found a coaching center near to their place, but that coaching teacher is charging Rs. 600 per students for all the subjects.

After explaining the situation of those students, tuition teacher (Mrs. C Saroja, Retired teacher) agreed for Rs. 400 per student.

The expenses would be Rs. 400 per months for 4 students = Rs. 1600 per month

We need to support from November 2008 to Feb 2009. They would be appearing for exam during middle of March 2009.

Rs. 1600 per month * 4 months = Rs. 6400 (total cost).

Our partner group RECT_BATCH_OF_ 98 eGroup (P05) agreed to fund and brought smiles on FOUR students.

Tuition fee paid for 4 students at GOM Orphanage, Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore
Tuition fee paid for 4 students at GOM Orphanage, Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore

INDIA SUDAR KA Team visited GOM Orphanage on 30th November 2008 and paid cheque for Rs. 6400 to Mrs. Saroja C directly (tuition master).

Those 4 students assured us that they would use this opportunity and study well to score more marks. IS KA team would track those 4 students and update you all.

India Sudar thanks our partner group RECT_BATCH_OF_ 98 eGroup (P05) for their continuous support.

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