KA Project : Second Library setup at Govt School, Marthahalli, Bangalore

Dear All

On Saturday, Dec 20, 2008 we started the India Sudar library project at Marthahalli Govt Primary School, Bangalore with excellant books in English and Kannada. We also gave them some of the chart for easy learning. As we had announced earlier this is one of the two we planned on pilot basis. picture_005

Was attended by Sumathi, Ravi, Gopal, shiva, Arun
The primary school has around 140 kids & 4 teachers as of now. They lack english teacher. We know this school through our IS member Arun Kumar.   Mr. Gopal is staying very close to this school and he would make regular visits to this school.

He would teach all the books in english and monitor their progress through our library. That would be great help to all students.

The project would be jointly managed by Arun(with his team at ARM technologies) & Mr.Gopal. We would like to continuously monitor the 2 libraries(other one at Chikrakagudur) to assess the outcome.

Based on the usage and progress of students, India Sudar would continue to setup more libraries in Karnataka.
Our dream would be more libraries in forthcoming months !!. Thanks to all who put efforts to setup these libaries.

In this process we also met a blind teacher – Ms.Gowriamma. Inspite of the family situation, her confidence was amazing. More about her in future.

Will also send the book list & project report very soon !
Photos :
On behalf of KA team

India Vision 2020 Partnership Project : Shri. Muruganandam is proud owner of browsing center now.

Dear Friends,
———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ———
We dedicate this to our Guru Dr.Kalam, who ignited our spirits !! His dedication & energy drives every step of our action !
———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— –
 A moment of joy flash our minds as we put this across to you all. India Vision 2020 partner groups worked together to benefit an energetic youth Shri.Muruganandam( Triuchy, TamilNadu) This is an excellent example of team work – WE ARE IMMENSLY proud to have accomplished this as a TEAM , ofcourse we say this will all humility.

A request arrives !
 One day( we had a request fwd’d from Dr.Kalam (Incidentally recieved from Shri.Muruganandam seeking his help). This was about a youth differently abled wanting to do more in life. We could sense bubbling confidence in him !

Background of Muruganadam:
 Muruganandam lives in a town called Samayapuram near Triuchy Tamilnadu.
Till his first year of higher secondary he was ordinary. Then he started developing weakness and eventually restricting his movement laterally – Both hands & legs. But this determined lad though had to discontinue his studies learned some computers(which would later help him!!). The issue is also sort of genetic with his parents & now him. Was very unhappy with situtation, he mustered confidence & wrote a mail to Dr.kalam !

Into Action:

Medical examination : Our first task was to take medical advise on condition and the cause. Our first reponse with Mr.Srivasan’ s help came from Kaveri Hospital(Dr. Manivannan- MD of the hospital). He personally sent his team to examine , give us the status.

Planning : After this our next step was to confirm the ground reality. Our partner groups did not hesitate one moment. They had the teams visit him and give us first hand report.
Seeing all the feasible options, considering his skills, our cost analysis, existing business potential we decided to set up Internet centre. Was agreed by all & we plunged into further action.

Time to Execute !

murugan_cafe_7 After exploring all the options we decided to get second hand system. For multiple reasons mainly to test out waters and give Muruganandam the confidence in running the show. Then came Mr.Suresh Kamat(CEO,Laser Soft) who readily offered 2 Systems from laser Soft. Muruganandam did his part by registering for Internet, then searching for old cabins, getting network router installed. After month of work we all were able to pull off and Muruganandam now is a PROUD owner !! His well wishers/friends in Samayapuram helped him a lot. The main idea for sustainable progress is establishing local support structure. We were able to establish this in better way !

Recently (Myself, Udhay &Ravi Visited on Nov 23,2008 to review the progress. See the photos for yourself !

http://picasaweb. google.com/ indiavisionezine /MuruganandamSuc cessStoryOfIV202 0Partners#

Partners Involved:
 SIAGM, Dream India 2020, India Sudar, YHM, Team Everest

Not one partner showed hesitation at any point in time which I believe was hugely responsible for the completion !

Our Sincere & Special Thanks TO :

– MD, Kaveri Hospital, Triuchy – FOr his ultra fast medical test response !

Mr.Suresh Kamat – Cannot thank enough as he  laid the foundation by donating 2 computers. His team giving tough competition to their committed CEO !

Dr.A.U.RamaKrishna, for latest medical checkup done. His inputs were valuable. He will follow up on the research output for this treatment. For now there is no cure(ofcourse we believe in human spirit & quest !)

Mr.S.S.RajaShekar who referred Dr.Ram & also has promised further visit/help through  rotract.

Entire Team for their enviable DEDICATION !!

Mr.Srinivasan(Our moderator) who lead us through the whole process, giving inputs all through the way !

This just the beginning , but would end the report with Robert Frost , for OUR JOURNEY WILL CONTINUE !!

Woods are lovely dark & deep.
But I have promises to keep
And Miles to go before I sleep ..
And Miles to go before I sleep ..

On behalf of India Vision 2020 team

India Sudar Library Set up in Karur Dt, Tamil Nadu


As We know already, we are working to setup library in KA, TN & AP. Initially we are planning to set up the libraries in two government Schools ( 6th to 12th std),Karur dt. Later it will be extended to Darmapuri dt. Libraries will be supervised for every 3 months to proceed further.

Libraries for Government schools-Karur Dt

Two schools will be selected based on the following factors:

1. School from a village

2. Having less infrastructure

3. Not supported by NGOs, Clubs etc..

4. Sincere HM or at least one sincere teacher to make use of the library.

Schools will be finalised within 10 days…..            

This project requires the following : 

1. Book Self – made up of plywood having glass doors with lock, no. Of separations-12, 

2. Indiasudar Library Name plate

3. Books (self development, career path, employment, stories, history, biography, science and technology, English books,GK, monthly, weekly magazines and periodicals etc)

4. Library rubber stamp (indiasudar logo)

5. Register Note book.

Catalogue from various publications have been received and INDIASUDAR LIBRARY BOOKS CATALOGUE is being prepared. Book self and rubber stamp are ready.


1. Book self with name plate – around 6000 Rs.

2. Books and magazines – 5000 Rs.

3. One library project requires 11000 Rs.   

Since so many local (karur) people are coming forward to sponsor for our various projects, we can extend this to many schools in future. Exact cost details, books catalogue, rules and regulations to the HM and Students will be released in our group after 10 days along with the photographs.

Team members to execute this project:

1.Rajamadasamy.M, Bangalore,

2.Balamanikandan.K, Bangalore


4.Veerakumar.S, Teacher, Coimbatore, 

5.Gunasekaran.R, Teacher, Mayanoor.

Suggestions and feedback are welcome


with thanks and Regards,


+91 97391 75123

Mayanoor, Karur, TN school – Thanks photo

Dear all,

Mayanoor school students and teachers thanked us for providing uniform and teachers deployment.School HM has sent these photos. Thanks to everyone.

Last week Helping Minds Trust donated Rs.10,330 for Mayanoor School students -Uniform. Mr.Sankara Narayanan from Helping Minds Trust and myself from IS have completed this project. I will send the photos along with the report after a week.

I thank Sankara Narayanan- Helping Mind Trust , RECT_BATCH_MCA_98_egroupbatch and IS for this given oppurtunity.


with thanks,

TN/Project Completed Report: Setup “India Sudar Creativity Center” for reception students.

06-Dec-2008, Chennai, TN.

Dear Friends,

We have started(on 06-Dec-2008) our India Sudar Creativity Center(already we planned for “Drawing Center”) at Govt Children Home for Boys(Home for Destitute Children), Royapuram, Chennai for Reception students. This will be our 10months project & monthly expense will be Rs.2,000(approximate). We decided to use existing teacher (already Gov deployed drawing teacher for this school) for our project & every month we will provide material for this center.

I have purchased following material on 06-dec-08 and delivered to this center.

1. Crape paper 75pc * 4 = 300
2. Crape paper 25pc * 22 = 550
3. Strings – 50pc * 1 = 50
4. Fabric glue 6 colors – 5sets * 15 = 75
5. Thermocoal balls – 3 packets * 5 = 15
6. Thermocoal balls – 2 packets * 10 = 20
7. Chart papers – 50 nos * 5 = 250
8. Crayons – 20 pkts * 9 = 180
9. Poster colors – 6 sets * 55 = 330
10. Pencil 30 * 3 = 90
11. Rubber 10nos * 2.50 = 25
12. Sharpner 10 * 4 = 40
13. Black chart 15 * 12 = 180
14. Cellow tape 3pcs * 8 = 24
15. Cellow tape 2pcs * 15 = 30
16. CD covers 10pcs * 2 = 20
17. Tissue papers 1pc*42 = 42
Total Rs.2,221 – 111 = Rs.2,110

Funding for this Project: Approximately we need Rs. 21000 to complete this project. Out of this our following members donated Rs.12,000 for this project.

Lavanya.A, Member code – 19, Rs.10,000
Prakash Babu V, Member code – 215, Rs.2,000

Project report attached for your reference.

Udhaya Kumar.V
http://www.indiasudar.org – Developing a Powerful India by Providing Education
https://indiasudar.wordpress.com – India Sudar Visit report

Mr. Senthil, Young SW Engineer- US return – doing great work like Building Hospital, BPO Biz and Learning Center projects at THENUR Village, TN

Dear All,
We salute the spirit of our great forces & fellow Indians who firmly stood behind Mumbai in recent unfortunate happenings ! Together we will show our strength – as one INDIA !!.
We were excited while through an article from KUMUDAM Tamil Weekly Magazine on 12th November 2008 (issue). It is all about Mr. Senthil Kumar, doing an excellent work at THENUR Village, Perambalur District, Tamil Nadu. We had traced him quickly through Mr. Karthikeyan, who is Kumudam reporter and he is the author of that article.
I, Shiva and Udhay made a visit to meet Mr. Senthil at THENUR Village  on 23rd November 2008, Sunday and it was an inspiring sunday for all of us.
Brief Introduction about Senthil and Payir.org

We were stunned to see Senthil’s simplicity and enthusiasm, when we saw him at Trichy. He was standing in simple dhoti-shirt dress and a parcel (cotton box) received from Chennai for his BPO Biz, and then we started towards THENUR village. He is doing great job and please go through the below report.
Senthil was a mechanical engineer and working in Mumbai and then moved to IBM, Bangalore. He was very determined and dedicated to do something for poor and village people. In 1999, he decided to go USA for 5 years to make more money and come back to do something for village people and the best part is that he is on his way to achieve his goal.
In fact, he was a Technical Director in Detroit, USA when he resigned and decided to come back in 2004. Honestly, I don’t know how many youngsters can do this.
The first fortunate people belongs to THENUR village chosen by Senthil, which is on Trichy-perambalur border, Tamil Nadu. His uncle donated some acres of land and he started an NGO called PAYIR with the help of his friends.
Firstly, Senthil wanted to give Primay Health Center to take care their health.
payir_visit_242An outpatient health center with 2 beds, a laboratory and a dispensary has been successfully completed. The health center currently provides first aid and primary health care. Dedicated Doctor is appointed to take care of around 4000 families in that area.

Basic health records of visiting patients are maintained.This also gives paramedical staff some hands on experience. Infact these local health workers are given fomal medic training.

payir_visit_192 Payir has contructed In-patient ward, but it is incomplete due to lack of funding. They need another 3 lakhs to complete in-patient ward, so that minor surgeries and deliveries can be taken care.
Learning Centre at THENUR Village
 He has constructed a Learning centre near to Hospital Building. The major objective of the learning centre is to provide an informal education to children of the village (4 – 14) yrs. Emphasis is on imparting useful real life skill education which the children can relate to and put to quick use. For the children between 4 -9 yrs the main subjects would be tamil and mathematics.
In addition to the above the room will also serve a small library – providing newspapers, magazines and books.
BPO Business at THENUR Village
 PAYIR started BPO center with 11 computers and few are donated by MRF Company. He is getting jobs from Chennai and he would complete the BPO assignments by village people with little education like 8th standard to 12th standard. Senthil got Broadband internet connection (2 mbps) to THENUR Village and that is another achivement.
Sewing Machine Project
Senthil discussed with few companies in Tirupur and trying to take another project for village people. He would bring materials with measurement to thenur village and will be stiched by trained tailors from the same village. In this way, he would create more employement to those village people. Looking at investment of 3 lakhs(10 machine x 15,000 + other seed capital). Infact he is looking at crating a business model to give back 8% back to investors
Self Help Groups
Facilitated by the interaction between Payir and the local villagers a self-help group has been formed by the villagers. This group has come together to self finance and run a small diary project. This group consists of both men and women, which is significant considering currently the village women are not part of any initiative outside their homes. Also notable is the fact that idea was conceptualized and brought to fruition by the villagers themselves, with Payir merely playing an advisory role.
Organic farming:
Payir runs an organic farm within the land donated to it. The main goal of the farm is learn, develop and train villagers on new/traditional environmentally sustainable agricultural techniques. Currently we have a paddy plantation, a coconut grove and a garden of herbs.
We have started producing coconut compost within the farm; this is being used to fertilize the grove and garden. We hope to shortly make this available the villagers for them to use and sell.
Material used and job creation
Most material used in the construction is low cost and environment friendly like earthen bricks, earthen tiles and thatching.
Most of material for construction was locally sourced – An all women’s unit took up the brick making, using hand press machines, during course of construction. we visited the site and got hand first hand operation of the machine
Most of the labor for the construction came from the village

We all know that Senthil would have needed more money for all the above projects.
Senthil has spent all his savings more than Rs. 40 lakhs and he is on his way to achive his goals in life. When we heard this from him – we felt that we are standing in front of a REAL HERO and an excellant human being.
Above everything, Senthil stays in that village and his house doesn’t have electricity. He doesn’t have any TV or music system. He has very simple cot leads his simple life along with village people and for them.


Why and How Senthil Chose THENUR Village
Thenur village is around 40 km from Trichirappalli, Tamil Nadu (need to go via Manachanallur) and it is a border village between two districts Trichy and Perambalur.  Thenur is a typical caste-based village in Tamil Nadu where agriculture is the most important occupation. Thenur has a population of about 3500 belonging to some 13 different castes and at least 2 different religions – Hindu and Islam, predominantly the former. Going by the panchayat records, about 50% of the 550+ households fall under the marginal income group while at least 50 families fall below the poverty line. About 25% of the households are landless labourers – most of them either surviving on landed agriculture/ live-stock farms or dependent occupations and others work as stone breakers, well diggers, construction workers on daily wage scale.
Key challenges

– Lack of primary health care facilities and sanitation
– Very high school drop out rates
– Viable farming and agricultural practices, animal husbandry
– Lack of around-the-year employment opportunities mainly during non-agricultural seasons (or failure
   of rains) Water management – during rainy season
Current Requirements
1. Deploying teachers at few schools around those villages.
2. Funding to complete In-patient Unit (He needs around 3 lakhs to complete)
3. More donations to run their Hospital and other projects.
You can more information at www.payir.org.
You can see all the photos at India Sudar blog at http://picasaweb. google.com/ indiasudar/ PAYIRORGTHENURVI LLAGE
India Sudar and India Vision 2020 platform are very much look forward to be a strong partner with Payir as we do with other organisations. It is our moral duty to support this extra-ordinary initiative !

KA-GOM ORPHANGE : Tuition fee paid for FOUR 10th Standard student to score more marks

Dear All,
We have been looking for volunteer or teacher to coach 10th Standard students at GOM Orphanage ( changed to Angel Orphanage now), Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore.
We could not find a teacher or volunteer and they had asked us to support for tuition fee till Feb 2009 and those students are very keen to clear their doubts and aiming to score  more marks.

There are 6 students at GOM Orphanage, Bangalore are appearing for 10th Standard exam in this academic year 2008-09. Among those, 4 students wants to go for coaching classes to score more marks.

Students List

1. Farhad – English Medium
2. Samuel  – English Medium
3. Naveen – Kannada Medium
4. Bhuvana – Kannada Medium.

The caretaker of GOM Orphanage asked us to pay tuition fee for those 4 students and she found a coaching center near to their place, but that coaching teacher is charging Rs. 600 per students for all the subjects.

After explaining the situation of those students, tuition teacher (Mrs. C Saroja, Retired teacher) agreed for Rs. 400 per student.

The expenses would be Rs. 400 per months for 4 students = Rs. 1600 per month

We need to support from November 2008 to Feb 2009. They would be appearing for exam during middle of March 2009.

Rs. 1600 per month * 4 months = Rs. 6400 (total cost).

Our partner group RECT_BATCH_OF_ 98 eGroup (P05) agreed to fund and brought smiles on FOUR students.

Tuition fee paid for 4 students at GOM Orphanage, Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore

Tuition fee paid for 4 students at GOM Orphanage, Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore

INDIA SUDAR KA Team visited GOM Orphanage on 30th November 2008 and paid cheque for Rs. 6400 to Mrs. Saroja C directly (tuition master).

Those 4 students assured us that they would use this opportunity and study well to score more marks. IS KA team would track those 4 students and update you all.

India Sudar thanks our partner group RECT_BATCH_OF_ 98 eGroup (P05) for their continuous support.

Requirement & Project at Indira Gandhi International Academy, Jakkur, Bangalore.

Dear Friends,

We(Shiva Nararyanan.P & Myself) visited(on 30-Nov-08) to Indira Gandhi International Academy, #10/2, Yelahanka Jakkur Road, Jakkur, Bangalore – 560 064 & had discussion with Gokila(Admin) to review our implemented projects and new requirements.

We have provided (work code : 2.49/KA/2008_09) Kannada, Maths, Science and Social Guide for fourteen 10th standard students. They don’t have proper teachers for 10th standard classes. We believe these books really useful for this student. I have attached project report for your reference.

They need following grocery to provide breakfast and dinner for 230 students. If anybody interested to provide following grocery you can directly purchase and deliver to this school (or) contact me.
Grocery requirement for 230 students:

Rice – 500 Kgs
Mysore Dhal – 200 Kg
Sugar – 200 Kg
Bengal Grame(White) – 200 Kgs
Green Gram – 200 Kg
Beaten Rice – 150 Kg
Maida – 200 Kg
Chilly Powder – 25 Kgs
Dhanya Powder – 25 Kgs
Zeera – 10 Kgs
Sombu – 10 Kgs
Mustard – 10 Kgs
Venthayam – 5 Kgs
Cooking Oil – 50 Ltrs
Hair Oil – 5 Ltrs
Sabina – 50 Pks
Phenyl – 25 Ltrs
Wheel Powder – 30 Kgs
Bathing Soap – 230 nos
Washing Soap – 230
Coconut – 100 nos
Potatoes – 100 Kgs
Onion – 100 Kgs

Udhaya Kumar.V
http://www.indiasudar.org – Developing a Powerful India by Providing Education
https://indiasudar.wordpress.com – India Sudar Visit report

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