Anybody interested in doing a stationary project @ Govt boys home


Hi folks,

Last week-end(22nd Nov) I visited Govt Boys Home, Royapuram. Udhay had already visited there, when Mr. Pandian was the secretary. Now, he had been transferred and Mrs. Glory is in chair. She is also interested in doing some activities for the home children. I explained her 4 proposed activities, Udhay explained to Pandian.

Learning centre. (a libray like setup having some mag, books & staff too to teach both academic & normal things)
Computer Centre staff (Already Sathyam provided computers & worldvision provided the table & chairs)
Sports centre Drawing Materials project.

Among these,

#1. Learning centre may be taken care of World-Vision. They are yet to confirm their acceptance. So, doing that will be redundant.

#2. They have already one staff and Glory is giving him opportunity to learn computer on his own to teach the students.

#3. She didn’t show must interest.

And, coming to #4, she is very much interested in arranging drawing classes. A teacher is already available. He has good creativity too. I myself saw few of his works on Global warming. Simple & good. So, we can buy drawing materials. She has provided the list. I am listing out all things. Verified with a store @ Purasaiwalk, which they recommended & collected the price details too. The below is the “per” material cost. The owner is ready is ready to give discount too, if we buy in bulk.

    Crape paper different colors – 100 sheets – Two varieties: Rs. 4(thin), Rs. 22(Thick)
    Tissue papers – 10 roses
    Strings – 50 nos – Rs. 1
    CD Covers – 25 nos – must not exceed Rs. 5
    Fabric glue 6 colors – 5 sets – Rs. 15
    Thermocoal balls – 5 packets – Two varieties — Rs. 5 & Rs. 10
    Chart papers – 50 nos – Two vareities Rs. 4 & Rs. 5
    Crayons – 20 pkts – Rs. 5
    Poster colors – 6 sets – Rs.55 (fabre castle)
    Pencil, rubber, sharpner
    Black cardboard – 15 nos
    Gum tape – 5 nos – Two varieties – Rs. 10, Rs. 20

Totally, this comes around Rs. 2000/(Two thousand) per month. The amt may vary, as this is the first time they give the quantity. If any of u are interested, we can start the programme.

U can view the fotos of the proposed building for these activites here:

Athi (B +ve)

We are responsible for what we are and whatever we wish ourselves to be.
—–Swami Vivekananda.


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