Anybody interested in doing a stationary project @ Govt boys home


Hi folks,

Last week-end(22nd Nov) I visited Govt Boys Home, Royapuram. Udhay had already visited there, when Mr. Pandian was the secretary. Now, he had been transferred and Mrs. Glory is in chair. She is also interested in doing some activities for the home children. I explained her 4 proposed activities, Udhay explained to Pandian.

Learning centre. (a libray like setup having some mag, books & staff too to teach both academic & normal things)
Computer Centre staff (Already Sathyam provided computers & worldvision provided the table & chairs)
Sports centre Drawing Materials project.

Among these,

#1. Learning centre may be taken care of World-Vision. They are yet to confirm their acceptance. So, doing that will be redundant.

#2. They have already one staff and Glory is giving him opportunity to learn computer on his own to teach the students.

#3. She didn’t show must interest.

And, coming to #4, she is very much interested in arranging drawing classes. A teacher is already available. He has good creativity too. I myself saw few of his works on Global warming. Simple & good. So, we can buy drawing materials. She has provided the list. I am listing out all things. Verified with a store @ Purasaiwalk, which they recommended & collected the price details too. The below is the “per” material cost. The owner is ready is ready to give discount too, if we buy in bulk.

    Crape paper different colors – 100 sheets – Two varieties: Rs. 4(thin), Rs. 22(Thick)
    Tissue papers – 10 roses
    Strings – 50 nos – Rs. 1
    CD Covers – 25 nos – must not exceed Rs. 5
    Fabric glue 6 colors – 5 sets – Rs. 15
    Thermocoal balls – 5 packets – Two varieties — Rs. 5 & Rs. 10
    Chart papers – 50 nos – Two vareities Rs. 4 & Rs. 5
    Crayons – 20 pkts – Rs. 5
    Poster colors – 6 sets – Rs.55 (fabre castle)
    Pencil, rubber, sharpner
    Black cardboard – 15 nos
    Gum tape – 5 nos – Two varieties – Rs. 10, Rs. 20

Totally, this comes around Rs. 2000/(Two thousand) per month. The amt may vary, as this is the first time they give the quantity. If any of u are interested, we can start the programme.

U can view the fotos of the proposed building for these activites here:

Athi (B +ve)

We are responsible for what we are and whatever we wish ourselves to be.
—–Swami Vivekananda.

Report – A Visit to Government Home for Girls, Chennai

Dear All

Place of Visit: Government Home for Girls @ , Purasawakkam , Chennai

Date of Visit: 16th November 2008

Members Visited: Jeyaseeralan, Jayasree and Hari

Report in Detail:
Last week Sunday, 16th November 2008 we (Jeyaseeralan, Jayasree and Hari) visited the Government Home for Girls @ Chennai. Generally the inmates of such homes feel lonely and depressed due to lack of attention and care from the outside world. But, during our visit we made a difference by interacting with them cheerfully and made them come out of their shells and interact freely.

We made the day a joyous day not only for them but also for us, as we were also too happy to see the children enjoy themselves. The interaction was not just meant to provide them some laughs but we also triggered their thoughts on the need for unity among the people though we are from a land , marked with diversity. Quoting some examples from books including that of our former President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam (“Agni Sirakugal”) for the cause also had an impact on the children.

We also used this opportunity to inculcate the reading habit among the children and asked them to utilize the small library setup for them by India Sudar Educational and Charitable Trust. We were extremely happy to learn that the inmates of this school are making good use of the books we have provided them. They named the books they like , their favourite stories etc.

It was a great experience to all three of us , i take this opportunity to thank hari for organising this visit. I really appreciate the owness with which he is executing the projects in TN including this home.
Please find some snaps taken with hari’s mobile attached.

Thanks & Regards,
Jayasree J


Dear All,

I have visited Govt Primary School (Welfare School) at Vallam Village, Sembanarkoil Union, Nagapattinam District, Tamil Nadu. This village is 2 km from Sembanarkoil, near Mayiladuthurai. Agriculture is the main biz and all the students from very poor economic background.

This school was referred by the teachers from Govt School, Mathur. India Sudar had deployed a teacher at Marthur school along with two sets of school Uniforms to 21 poor students last year for this Marthu School.

Here are the details about Govt Primary School, Vallam Village, Nagapattinam Dist

The School head master Mr. S. Amirtharajan is from the same village (vallam), but settled in different place now. He wants to improve the school infrastucture and education for all the students.

1. Name of the School : Govt Primary School (Welfare School)
2. Classes : 1 to 5th Standard
3. Students : 97 students (43 boys and 54 girls)
4. Teacher’s available : Head Master and Assistant Head Master ( Only 2 teachers)
5. Govt provides 2 sets of School uniform every year
6. Midday meal is available at this school

There are 2 very old buildings with 2 class rooms (about 30 years old building) and it is in very bad shape now. Head master approached govt and finally got sanctioned for a building with 2 class rooms through SSA. SSA funded to construct a building with 2 class rooms and the construction is in progress now.

Headmaster told me that construction would be completed by end of Jan 2009 and they would shift to new building. They need to divide those 2 classrooms into 5 class rooms to have 5 class rooms. However they are ready to manage with those 2 classrooms rather than continuing with that old building.

Major requirements
1. ONE or TWO teachers deployment :  They are managing with 1 Headmaster and 1 assistant head master to manage all the 5 classes. If one of them goes on leave, it has very difficult to manage the school. School headmaster informed the same to education department and officers many time.

2. Storage lockers : They need a storage locker to keep all the school records and other important documents

3. Sports Material : They don’t have any sports material. It is lowest priority as of now.

4. Govt provides note books, but those are not sufficient for all the students. However they need this support during next academic year.


6. MAPS and other charts to teach students. They don’t have kind of stuff with them now.

Further Plan and Financial Support required

(1)I identified a girl from near by village and she completed B.Ed. She is ready to work in that school as full time teacher. She is ready to work for any salary between Rs. 1000 to Rs. 1500 per month. India Sudar can decide the salary based on the sponsor support for this project.

If someone supports and sponsor, we can start this project from tomorrow and continue till April 2009. And then, we can extend for next academic year from June 2009 onwards.
If we deploy 1 teacher, 30 to 40 students would be benefited and all the students can get better education,even if 1 of the teacher is absent on any day.

(2) Steel Storage lockers would cost around Rs.8000 to Rs.10000.

(3) We can buy few sports materials like balls and skipping ropes. All would cost around Rs. 500 to Rs.1000

(4) Maps and other charts would cost around Rs. 500 to Rs. 800.


Please see the photo at the below link at India Sudar Website


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