Meeting with Prof.Venugopal !

Dear Friends

On Sunday Oct12,2008 we visited Central college campus, Bangalore university to meet up with Prof.Venugopal on our member Mr.Gopal.

Attendees : Gopal, Sivanarayanan, Udhay, Vinod M

Highlights of the visit :

Prof.Venugopal is associated with Karnataka Association for advancement of  science[KAAS]

. He also runs rural school and does a lot of science promotion.

a) KAAS :
– KAAS was established by senior professor(90 years old) Prof . Ananda Rao who was key behind this. Every 4th saturday of the month they have discussion/lecture on science topic at Central college campus. Anyone interested can attend that.
– They have prepared very good “Teacher’s training module” – 4 day course to train teachers in science.
– The course is theory half-day & practical cum Q&A session.
Each subject dealt one day.
– Very innovative teaching methods. For example in chemistry teaching live demo of how to prepare    detergent were shown & whole 10kgs were given to teachers themselves. SAme way spectrometer in simple way was construceted in a session.
– They have taken up Chikbellapur district & working on all the taluks to train the teachers.
– Mode of teaching is good. First the teachers are enquired on which they feel tough to teach & sessions are designed accordingly.
– In 3 taluks nodal centre teacher library were setup.
– They have promised to build chemistry kit for 700/kit.
– India Sudar can fund a few kits & see how it goes as training.
We have been thinking of working in chikbellapur district.
– In Nov teachers progarm is being done in Chikragudur taluk.

b) Rural school run by Prof. Venugopal
– Not many time we encounter a private school in rural village being run in high standards, but still affordable.
– “Green valley public school” ws started 3 years ago in Beghihosalli, 5km
from Kolar town.
– Nominal fee of 150/month is charged from LKG to 10th Standard. If school bus is opted for then it adds 100/month.
– There are 30 teachers and school is being run on donations.
Around 2 lakhs is being spent on salary alone. Retired forest officer had donated 7 acres of land for them.
– Totally 550 children are studying.
– Prof.Venugopal has invited us to visit school sometime in near future.
– As many as 80 students are trained for NTSE exam(national talent search exam)

3) Reading room/home !
– After retirement Prof.Venugopal has choosen to live near kolar.
– In his house itself he runs informal school. as many as 25-30 children reguarly visit his home.
– He has alloted a big room as library cum computer centre. Children have individual mats to sit & work on what they like. A very good library is also maintained. Many books were donated by Mr.Gopal himself.
– The children are free to use anything from his home, rarity in that village where social stigma is high.
– All the books read by individual students are logged.
– He is very good example to show how rural children can be empowered.

Photos can be seen at :

Our sincere thanks to Mr.Gopal who introduced us to the professor.


On behalf of KA team


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  1. Dear Sir
    I am Kumara Datta doing my Post doctoral research in JNCASR, bangalore. I finished my Ph.D in JNCASR in July 2011.
    I did my BSc in MES college and took coaching in KAAS for 2 years (2003-2004).
    Kindly give me the email id/phone number of Prof. Venugopal sir. I would like to contact him as well.
    Kumara Datta

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