Meeting with Prof.Venugopal !

Dear Friends

On Sunday Oct12,2008 we visited Central college campus, Bangalore university to meet up with Prof.Venugopal on our member Mr.Gopal.

Attendees : Gopal, Sivanarayanan, Udhay, Vinod M

Highlights of the visit :

Prof.Venugopal is associated with Karnataka Association for advancement of  science[KAAS]

. He also runs rural school and does a lot of science promotion.

a) KAAS :
– KAAS was established by senior professor(90 years old) Prof . Ananda Rao who was key behind this. Every 4th saturday of the month they have discussion/lecture on science topic at Central college campus. Anyone interested can attend that.
– They have prepared very good “Teacher’s training module” – 4 day course to train teachers in science.
– The course is theory half-day & practical cum Q&A session.
Each subject dealt one day.
– Very innovative teaching methods. For example in chemistry teaching live demo of how to prepare    detergent were shown & whole 10kgs were given to teachers themselves. SAme way spectrometer in simple way was construceted in a session.
– They have taken up Chikbellapur district & working on all the taluks to train the teachers.
– Mode of teaching is good. First the teachers are enquired on which they feel tough to teach & sessions are designed accordingly.
– In 3 taluks nodal centre teacher library were setup.
– They have promised to build chemistry kit for 700/kit.
– India Sudar can fund a few kits & see how it goes as training.
We have been thinking of working in chikbellapur district.
– In Nov teachers progarm is being done in Chikragudur taluk.

b) Rural school run by Prof. Venugopal
– Not many time we encounter a private school in rural village being run in high standards, but still affordable.
– “Green valley public school” ws started 3 years ago in Beghihosalli, 5km
from Kolar town.
– Nominal fee of 150/month is charged from LKG to 10th Standard. If school bus is opted for then it adds 100/month.
– There are 30 teachers and school is being run on donations.
Around 2 lakhs is being spent on salary alone. Retired forest officer had donated 7 acres of land for them.
– Totally 550 children are studying.
– Prof.Venugopal has invited us to visit school sometime in near future.
– As many as 80 students are trained for NTSE exam(national talent search exam)

3) Reading room/home !
– After retirement Prof.Venugopal has choosen to live near kolar.
– In his house itself he runs informal school. as many as 25-30 children reguarly visit his home.
– He has alloted a big room as library cum computer centre. Children have individual mats to sit & work on what they like. A very good library is also maintained. Many books were donated by Mr.Gopal himself.
– The children are free to use anything from his home, rarity in that village where social stigma is high.
– All the books read by individual students are logged.
– He is very good example to show how rural children can be empowered.

Photos can be seen at :

Our sincere thanks to Mr.Gopal who introduced us to the professor.


On behalf of KA team

Visit to KWAB, Vijayapura



Dear All,

I, Udhaya and Raghu.P.V visited KWAB, Vijayapura (15 Km from the new International Airport, Devanahalli) on Saturday the 4th Oct’08.

Purpose of visit: Mr.Murthy (Secretary of KWAB, Sheshadripuram) had requested us to visit this place to help them find a solution and bring stability to their financial situation. Currently the school is fully supported by either the NGOs or the main office (KWAB Sheshadripuram). The Vijayapura unit would like to go self sufficient in this regard by setting up a small scale industry and employing the inmates. Therefore, we need to invest time/money and help them set up a small scale industry, which will be a sustainable source of income for the Association.

About the Association: 

No.of inmates: 20-24 – All visually challenged. 

Run by: 3 care takers, Rudresh (admin) & Ramappa (Music teacher). Two people from Bangalore (Praveen & his sister) who are also visually challenged help the students in their academics during weekends. Praveen is proficient with all Speech related softwares and help students with some basic Computer course work. 

After the primary education, the KWAB helps the students pursue their interests by providing them the necessary guidance/help. Some of them pursue Teaching as their career, while some get trained through TTI and find employement in Govt. organization. The total expenditure incurred by KWAB, Vijayapura is ~Rs.22,000 pm.



[India Sudar] Melapeddu Computer Centre Function



Dear Friends

Myself, Sarguna & Gopi visited our Melapedu village computer centre for course completion/certificate award distribution to 30 students. All of them have recieved free computer education from our India Sudar computer centre established in that village in 2006. Though we have been running for 2 years now, this year we decided to award certificates to those students who completed the course with us.

The function as usual was a very memorable one. The enthusiam of the students left us spell bound. They greeted us with wonderful dance performances. 

The staff is a differently abled person Mr.Devaraj who is also very enthusiastic. He has requested us for a specially designed cycle to enable more easier transport for him. 

We were also pleasently surprised to see our partner group “Young Helping Minds” also participate in the function. They had independently conducted some compettition the previoud week & were distributing prizes for the school children. Happy about partners working in the right place !!

Please see the photos here:

We also met up with Murugan of NDSO who have created computer program for quiz & online learning. We will evaluate this and deploy it if we find it useful.

Our thanks to Jagan who has been key actor behind the operation of our centre there. 

Our sincere gratitude to all our members have made this possible !!

All your SUPPORT has been VERY vital for us !



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