IS KA: educational stationaries provided at GERIZIM REHABILITATION TRUST for 65 students

Dear All,
Ravi, Uday and Shiva are visited GERIZIM REHABILITATION TRUST on 9th July 2008 and 13th July 2008 and made report with their requirements already(www. gerizimhome. org).
Based on the report, KA TEAM members Raghu, Ravi, Uday and Nagarajan were visited again on 28th July 2008, Sunday with notebooks, pen, pencil, sketch box, eraser, scale, geometry box and other education materials for 60 students.

This project is funded by our partner organization RECT_BATCH_OF_ 98 (Rs.7,000), and Bhagyashree Biranthbail( 477) – Rs.5,000.
India Sudar express our heartful thanks to RECT_BATCH_OF_ 98 (P05) and  Bhagyashree Biranthbail( 477) on behalf of students at GERIZIM REHABILITATION TRUST.
We had interacted with them to find their interests and extra curricular activities. We found many talents among them like singing, dancing and sports.

Please view photos@:
Further requirements

1. Dictionary : English to Kannada, English to Telugu, English to Hindi and English to Tamil
2. Tape recorder or CD player : They want to practise dance
India sudar is planning to conduct cultural programme at GERIZIM REHABILITATION TRUST soon.
India Sudar

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  1. jagadishkumar nayak
    Aug 30, 2008 @ 10:35:05

    your work is good and pentastic on comment, then my i pG completed in sociology in gulbarga, University and Mphil in kannada University, Hampi , please help work in your NGo’s
    Tanks for all of u


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