[India Sudar] IS KA: Visit report – Hosahalli, Koppal

Hosahalli, Koppal, Karnataka.

Hi Friends,

KA team members – Raghavendra, Ram and Sachin visited IndiaSudar tuition center at Hosahalli, Koppal on 9th August.

IndiaSudar Tuition Center: We started this tuition center last year December, by deploying a teacher Ms Fatima and taking care of the salary.  For the current academic year, we are continuing with the same teacher and she started taking tuition from Jul 2008.
(Visit here for previous report – https://indiasudar.wordpress.com/category/ka-hosahalli-village-koppal-dist/)

Currently, there are 31 students from (Std I to Std VII) in the Tuition center.  We distributed few education stationery items (Notebooks, Pencils, Eraser, Sharpner and Pens) to the students in Tuition center. 

Government Primary School, Hosahalli: We also visited the Govt. School in Hosahalli and requested the Head master to send more interested students to the tuition center.  Headmaster also asked us to provide the list of students coming to tuition center, so that they can monitor their progress in school and give us the feedback.  Ms Fatima will be sending the student list by end of this week.
Mr Patil, a teacher in this school was mentioning about couple of students who have scored distinction (above 85% in Std X) and were struggling to study further due to poor background.  He requested us to help the deserving students.  We asked him to provide us with details.  On saturday, the school children had won “Kho-Kho” competition in cluster level and were celebrating.  So he promised us to give the details by next week.

Yasmeen, Poor Student: We met Yasmeen’s mother during this visit.  Yasmeen had a cultural programme in her college and we could not meet her.  There was a requirement for Textbooks and Uniform for Yasmeen.  We got this requirement couple of days before we started this visit.  So we donated Rs. 800 from IndiaSudar for Textbooks and Uniform.

We will send reports for these projects executed above separately.  Thanks to all the donors supporting for these projects and we request for your continued support.

Photos: http://picasaweb.google.com/indiasudar/IndiaSudarTuitionCenterHosahalliKoppal

India Sudar KA Team.

AP: 16 India Sudar Learning Center Started at Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh.

Nellore Dist, AP

Dear Friends,
As you know already, Last year(2007-08) We started 16 Learning Center at Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh and its really useful for Village Government School students. Last year India Sudar funded for 10 centers and our Partner Organization THOZHAN Charitable Trust funded for remaining 6 Centers. Our centers mainly teaching Telugu, English and Math’s only.
Now we started our 16 Learning center for academic year 2008-09, it will be operated from JUL08 to APR09 (9 months only). 437 Students get benefited Based on our 16 learning centers.
We are requesting you to support Our Learning Centers through your Monthly Donation.We need to pay Rs.8,000 as salary for(16 centers) every month. 
India Sudar Learning Center Information As follows:
01 1.84 Gurhavaripalem Village          26 Vaani
02 1.87 Bus stop, Kadivedu              25 Divya
03 1.88 ST colony, Kadivedu             37 Shravanthi
04 1.86 Muslim colony, Kadivedu         30 Shahanaj
05 1.85 Kammavaripalem Village          30 Suma
06 1.89 Kandriga Village                     25 Vidyavathi
07 1.90 Society center, Gudur -1        27 Parameswari
08 1.96 Ranipet, Gudur – 2                 30 Raman
09 1.99 Sisumandhir, Gudur – 3           25 Lakshmi Durga
10 1.94 Thimmanagaripalem Village -1  25 Smt. Indira
11 1.95 Thimmanagaripalem Village -2  25 Smt. Vasumathi
12 1.97 Toorpondla Village, Sydapuram-1 25 Smt. Manjula
13 1.93 Boodhanam Village                 27 Rajendra
14 1.92 Aletipadu Village                    30 Chennamma
15 1.98 Ragavapuram Village             25 Subhashini
16 1.91 Mettu Village, Kota                 25 Smt. Thulasi
Udhaya Kumar.V
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

India Sudar Learning Center started at Kadapa District, Andhra Pradesh.

JUN-2008, AP

Dear Friends,

We have started India Sudar Learning Center at Ramannapalli Z.P. High School, Ramannapalli Village, Chennur Mandal, Kadapa District – 516 161, Andhra Pradesh. We deployed two teachers to teach Mathematics, Science and English for 7th standard students.

India Sudar Learning Center, Ramannapalli Z.P. High School, Ramannapalli Village, Chennur Mandal, Kadapa District – 516 161, Andhra Pradesh.
India Sudar Learning Center, Ramannapalli Z.P. High School, Ramannapalli Village, Chennur Mandal, Kadapa District – 516 161, Andhra Pradesh.

India Sudar Learning Center, Ramannapalli Z.P. High School, Ramannapalli Village, Chennur Mandal, Kadapa District – 516 161, Andhra Pradesh.


India Sudar Learning Center, Ramannapalli Z.P. High School, Ramannapalli Village, Chennur Mandal, Kadapa District – 516 161, Andhra Pradesh.

India Sudar Learning Center, Ramannapalli Z.P. High School, Ramannapalli Village, Chennur Mandal, Kadapa District – 516 161, Andhra Pradesh.

Benefited Students: 49 Students (Girls – 31, Boys – 18), It will increase.

Visit Report : https://indiasudar.wordpress.com/category/ap-cuddapah-district/

Attached project reports & learning center photos for your reference.

Udhaya Kumar.V
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

school infrastructure, Gov Higher Secondary School, Ranganathanpettai, TN

From: Balamanikandan K <kbmanick@gmail.com>

Date: Aug 5, 2008 3:19 PM

Subject: Sneham trust Fund -IS work-report

Dear friends,
Sneham Trust funded for this project (school infrastructure).
Beneficiary school: Government Higher Secondary School, Ranganathanpettai,
Karur Dt, Tamilnadu
1. School does not have fund to purchase white sheets also. I have seen so many schools. But this school has poor infrastructure. Govt contract people have done everything to the school. But everything is in vain.
2. Compound wall is very short. Toilet doors are not provided. There is a water tank. But motor is not working. You can see the great work (see the image 1- toilet PVC pipe) done by somebody.
3. School HM wants to meet us. He will come and meet us on August 23rd-namakkal function.
My sister and I went to karur on 2nd August to purchase all the things and we kept all the things in a staff room. School clerk was there with us.
I gave the preference to campus cleaning. I requested HM to implement compulsory usage of DUSTBINS. He announced some rules and regulations to implement this in School Prayer. Everybody conveyed their thanks and happiness in the prayer.  Now girl students started using the school toilets.
I thank Sneham trust and IS for this given opportunity. I got some satisfaction.
After seeing our activity HM and PTA have initiated the process to get an cleaner for this school from government.
I believe this school will utilize the materials properly. HM is very sincere and even all the faculties also. They will make this school as a model school.
I have an idea: If we appoint a cleaner (until government allots) to this school, we can support the educational needs of the cleaner’s son or daughter. We need not to pay anything to the cleaner. (Two in one)
Sankar: You will receive all the letters, bills etc within a week. Since some work is going on I cannot complete this project within Friday. I request you to give me feedback about tis project. Is my approach ok? Priority ok? If i get this i can work in future according to your trust principle.

School Infrastructure Improvement
Beneficiary school: Government Higher Secondary School, Ranganathanpettai,
Karur Dt, Tamilnadu






Bills/Proof attached


Board Duster





Dustbin Drum ( for school campus)





Steel rack (to keep students particulars, record note book etc..). They need another 2 racks but we do not have fund.





Fiber chairs





Transportation (mini lorry)





Writing Pad





Dustbin (each classroom)+tray+mug





Broom (each classroom)





Toilet cleaning materials+labour charge





PVC Pipe ( 4 inch 12 feet+2.5inch 40feet)










Total amount as on 3rd august, 2008





Tap, door, motor repair work is going on…


If any balance amount is there, I will provide the toilet cleaning materials for another few months)


(I told them to complete the remaining work within 3 days. Delay is due to labours.since it is a remote area it is difficult to bring them there)





After completing the work HM will send me the acknowledgement letter, school particulars and bills. I will verify it once and then I will send that to Sneham Trust)


TN-Another deserved student from Madurai-Nagalingam required financial help

Dear All,
We came across another deserved student Mr. Nagalingam from Madurai through our old student. This could be one of the good example to show “How our network-chain would grow in future?”
India Sudar came across a student Miss. Gunavathi through Dinamalar news 2 years back and paid fee as usual through our partner oganization RECT_BATCH_98_ group (Rs. 43,000). The interesting thing is that we started supporting engineering students with Gunavathi, she is continuing her THIRD YEAR engineering with the help of educational loans from second year onwards. She is one of the bright student and she scored arond 86% until now.

Now, she found a deserved student in her area and brought to our notice 2 weeks back. she is trying her best to get educational loan from his first year onwards. Unfortunately, she could not get that due to lack of some documents like ration card and no co-operation from his father.

Please go through the status and details of the student Mr. Nagalingam

Mark and college admission details
– He is one of the bright student, scored 1005 out 1200 in +2

Family background
– His father is drunkard and he is not supporting his studies at all.
– His mother and father, both are daily wages
– His father is not very supportive and he asked him not to stay at home, so he is continuing his studies from his grandma’s place most of the time.

Financial background
– He was working at a place called BADHUSHA STEELS at MADURAI and earned around Rs. 5000.
– He is managed to attend counselling with that money (also that shop owner supported him)

Admission status Balance amount to be paid
– Nagalingam’s mother managed to collect Rs. 11,500 and his tuition master managed to borrow another Rs. 5,000.
– He explained his financial situation to college principal and managed to pay Rs. 16,500 and joined the college on 4th August 208, (since the due date was 4th August 2008).
–  I had suggested him personally to go for above it and get extension of due date to pay entire fee ( so that he would not miss this opportunity) .
– He has to pay the balance amount as soon as possible, that is Rs. 25,000. 

Fee details
Total Fee Rs. 46,500.00
He paid Rs. 21,500 until now (Rs. 5000 during counselling, Rs. 16500 during admission)
Balance Amount : Rs. 25,000
Due date : as soon as possible.

Please let us know, if any of you willing to help Nagalingam.


IS KA: educational stationaries provided at GERIZIM REHABILITATION TRUST for 65 students

Dear All,
Ravi, Uday and Shiva are visited GERIZIM REHABILITATION TRUST on 9th July 2008 and 13th July 2008 and made report with their requirements already(www. gerizimhome. org).
Based on the report, KA TEAM members Raghu, Ravi, Uday and Nagarajan were visited again on 28th July 2008, Sunday with notebooks, pen, pencil, sketch box, eraser, scale, geometry box and other education materials for 60 students.

This project is funded by our partner organization RECT_BATCH_OF_ 98 (Rs.7,000), and Bhagyashree Biranthbail( 477) – Rs.5,000.
India Sudar express our heartful thanks to RECT_BATCH_OF_ 98 (P05) and  Bhagyashree Biranthbail( 477) on behalf of students at GERIZIM REHABILITATION TRUST.
We had interacted with them to find their interests and extra curricular activities. We found many talents among them like singing, dancing and sports.

Please view photos@:
Further requirements

1. Dictionary : English to Kannada, English to Telugu, English to Hindi and English to Tamil
2. Tape recorder or CD player : They want to practise dance
India sudar is planning to conduct cultural programme at GERIZIM REHABILITATION TRUST soon.
India Sudar

Meeting with V.Vamsi Reddy, PARVAI FOUNDATION, Chennai.


Dear Friends,

1. I had meeting with Mr.V.Vamsi Reddy, Parvai Foundation, Chennai on 03-Aug-2008. We discussed about India Sudar and Parvai activities. We discussed more about how we can work together in the future under our Open Charitable Platform to reach our common vision.

2. Parvai Foundation Activity:  Initially Vamsi planning to reach all the Orphanges/Old-Ages Homes in Chennai and provide health foods. Already they are providing milk to CHES,Community Health Education Society (CHES). They have initiated other activity like “Traffic awareness” & “Medical assistant” programs.

3. I have requested Mr.V.Vamsi to support Govt Children Home for Boys, Royapuram, Chennai & He planning to visit this week and decide.

4. Parvai Contact Information:
“Awakening Humanity”
431/24, Royal Enclave,
M-Block, Anna Nagar East
Contact Person: V.Vamsi Reddy.

Udhaya Kumar.V
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

Meeting with Bhumi-Chennai Societies Team @ Chennai


Dear Friends,

1. I had meeting with Bhumi Chennai members Dr.Prahalathan, Lakshmi & (I don’t remember one more girl name) on 02-Aug-2008, near Tidle Park, Chennai. Nice to see different organization with same Vision.

2. They are already working with some of the orphanage in Chennai for there Speak Out program(improving their communication and inter-personal skills). Now they are planning for other projects like Teaching Computer, Career Counseling & OLPC

3. Our IS TN Team will Plan & decide, How we can work together in future

4. Bhumi-Chennai Societies Information:
Address: 13/1, Cenotaph Rd 1st Lane, Teynampet, Chennai 600018
email: bhumichennai@gmail.com,contact@bhumichennai.org
URL: http://www.bhumichennai.org/
Call: 98942 09741 or 9710114009

Udhaya Kumar.V
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

To setup Activity Base Learning Center for Govt Children Home for Boys, Chennai.

Dear Friends,
On 02-Aug-2008, I have visited to Govt Children Home for Boys(Home for Destitute Children), Royapuram, Chennai and had the discussion with Mr.Thanasekara Pandian(Superdent) in education perspective.

Please refer our old report to understand this home functionality:
About this Gov Home: This home managing two type of the student unit 1.Reception 2.Normal Students.
Reception receiving children’s like Runaway children, Missing children, Begging children, Child Labour, Surrendered by parents, Surrendered by police department, NGO handover children, etc. first they will try to find the parents and complete handover process, if this is not success they will send the children’s to corresponding state Gov home, Still they are not able to fine the native state of the children, in this case they will put it in normal school inside the home itself(they cant go out upto completion of there study).
Normal School: Last year we deployed one teacher for this school, we will renew this project for current academic year also.
Current Situation in Reception Unit: They have 2 big rooms(completely closed) and children’s will be distributed based on age. They have food, water, toilet facility within the room itself. They needs to spend full day and night in this room without doing any activity. Previously they had TV for full day time pass, but currently it was broken.
I had long discussion with Mr.Thanasekara Pandian for home requirement and reception children’s education system.
We have to setup following Four Activity Centers in four different rooms for this home. We will make 4 team of students based on Age/Language factor. Every group will spend TWO hours in each Activity Centers in a day. For example first team will go to first Sports Center and they will spend two hours after they will move to Learning Center, etc
1.Learning Center: We will deploy one teacher for this center to educate(read & write) Hindi, Telugu, Tamil using some of the basic materials.
One permanent Teacher for this Center.
Books (Hindi, Telugu, Tamil)
Note books, Pen, Pencil
Daily News Paper
Paper, Board
2.Sport Center: provide indoor sports facility in this center. We are planning to provide some of the Gym things also.
Requirement: Indoor sports and Gym material
3.Drawing Center: Facility to learn drawing from this center from permanent teacher.
Requirement: Drawing materials & One teacher(Already exist)
4.Computer Centers: Provide basic computer training, games, CD  base learning
Already Satyam Foundation provided 15 computers for this home.
We need one more computer teacher for this center. We need to find the funding to deploy this permanent teacher.
5.Gardening Time: Gardening
Requirement: We need to buy Gardening instruments.
In Future, we can add Dance/Song Center based on teacher availability. I believe Mr.Thanasekara Pandian can find one more teacher for this center.
Our Other Initiative:
1. Mr.Thanasekara Pandian requested for some extra health food for this students. I had discussion with our partner organization V.Vamsi, PARVAI FOUNDATION they are planning to provide this.
2. Mr.Thanasekara Pandian requested for wall painting for reception and other centers, I have requested one of my friend BalaSubramanian(Artist), he ready to visit to this place and provide this facility, but we need to provide the material.
3. Other Requirement, we need to find our partner organization to support.
Emergency Light
Soap, Soap box
Dust Bin
Lets work together to complete this activity soon to elevate this children’s.

Udhaya Kumar.V
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

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