[India Sudar] Report of the visit to Sri Ramakrishna Students’ Home.

Hello All,
India Sudar KA team visited Sri Ramakrishna Students’ Home on 20th July 2008.
As I was the student of this Sri Ramakrishna Students’ Home(We call it is Home), Its my first duty to spread its goodness.
About SRKS Home:
It is established in 3rd August,1919. Its main aim is to provide free lodging and boarding to poor and merit students. Its not a cast based hostel. It is also a non profit registered organization. Source of income to this hostel is from Donors and Old boarders of this hostel. The hostel is completely maintained by the students including cleaning. We(Students) only go to the Houses of our donors and collect the money from them. We will have morning prayer at 5.30am and evening prayer at 7.00pm. It is compulsory for all students to attend. Here all kind of students studying different courses are making use of the facilities of this hostel(like BE, Medical, BSc, PUC, BCom etc). And it is compulsory for all students to maintain the merit. If any student gets less marks or get ordinance or found misbehaving  he will be immediately asked to leave. Our hostel contains one library which is well equipped with all kinds of books! . Also contain one computer room for the benefit of students in their education..
All committee members will have meeting every month to discuss about the activities going on in this hostel.  President of this hostel is Prof. G Venkatasubbaiah.
Visited Members: Sachin, Raaghavendra, Vinod and Mrs.Vinod, Anil.
Time: Sunday, 20th July,2008. at 5.30pm
We had been to Sri Ramakrishna Students’ Home and discussed with Dr. N R Ramesh(Honarary Secretary of SRKS Home).  Discussing with him was very fruitful and was quite interesting.  We explained him about our activities and projects we are executing.  He appreciated our efforts and gave us few suggestions:
1. For the long term perspective, as far as possible focus on few schools or villages and keep monitoring the progress.  Either there should be improvement in the pass percentage and improvement in quality year by year.
2. He said deploying teachers and having tuition centers would help a lot and based on funding we should plan to increase more tuition centers
3. He suggested to prepare some booklets, basically its kind of dictionary with basic meanings between Kannada and English, as it would be helpful for people in Kannada medium schools.  There are few schools which teach children completely in Kannada medium, and it would be difficult for students to move forward without knowing the equivalent term in English
4. For Science and Maths models, there is a council, KSCST – Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology, in IISc, who provide models at very nominal rates.  This can be provided to teachers/students for better understanding of the concepts.
5.The text books for this year will not be used next year. Next year the students compulsory has to buy new books . So keeping the books(technology) in the library would be over head.
He also mentioned, if there are any well deserving students passed 10th std or 12th std having score of 80% and willing to study in Bangalore and of course poor background, we can forward the request to Ramakrishna home.  They can help the student get sponsorship for hostel and college fees etc.
And also Students’ Home has a huge library with around 12k books of English,Kannada, Engineering, Medical and other degree courses. He said he can provide them if it is needed. And also some old computers also he can provide.
And lastly, One thing I want mention “Its a heaven for Poor,Merit and needy students.”
Few photos,

Sri Ramakrishna Students’ Home,
#67, Jain Temple Street,
V V Puram, Bangalore-560004.
Ph: 080 26672757.
Contact Person:
Dr. N R Ramesh(Hon. Secretary)
Thanks and Regards,
India Sudar KA team, Sachin Kadam



  1. I am happy to note that your team visited home and hosted in the web. I am interested to know who is the oldboarder of your team and during which period he was there. It is always good to interact with old boarders.


  2. Hi,

    I am happy to see a reply for this post. I had stayed in Home from 23rd Sep, 2003 to 29th Nov, 2006. May I know about you Sir? I will be coming to Home for Home Day on 31st of May. I wish to see you there.


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