KA Survey: Visit to Govt. Composite High School – Agara, Kanakpura Rd

Hi all,

Last weekend (12 Jul 2008) we (Anil, Prashanth, Raghavendra and Vinod) visited Government Composite High School near Agara.  We got a warm welcome from Smt. Usha, High school teacher.

Few Highlights:
1. Till last year, this school had only Higher primary.  High school 8th standard started from last year.
2. Higher primary school has got a National award and a teacher Sri Gopal has received “Best Teacher” award.
3. School looked very clean and the students were very well disciplined.  It is good to hear that students take care of the trees and plants in the school compound and involve in the cleanliness of their environment.  During the break, we also saw some students spend their time reading Newspapers.
4. Last year, the school has represented “Pratibha Karanji” (Talent Search Initiative from Government) till the State level (after completing School, Cluster, Range, Taluk, District Levels)
5. Sri Gopal has played a key role in the Science Exhibition, by helping children create some models from Canes, which is easily available in the village.
6. A huge rise in number of students from last year 8th standard (only 8 students) to this year 9th standard (38 students) after getting to know about the success stories of this school.
1. School infrastructure development – Since the high school is recently started, there is requirement of building, which the NABARD has sanctioned.  Waiting for funding from government.  They are looking for donors who can provide desks for students and alrmairas for office purpose.
2. Urgent requirement is for the floor mats (or “Gemkhana”) for 1st standard and 2nd standard students to sit on floors.  They have low desks for these children, but currently children sit on floor and it would be very cold during the rainy and winter seasons.
3. As the high school is recently started, there is requirement of Library books, and Teaching and Learning materials like Charts, Maps, Models.
4. They expressed their interests in conducting some Science talks, Quiz programs.
5. For future, after 10th standard, they are looking for Career counselling.

For this year, Notebook requirement, High school fees and bus pass requirements have been fulfilled by the localites and few individual donors.

Photos: http://picasaweb.google.com/indiasudar/GovtCompositeSchoolAgara



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