KA Project : 65 eating plates and drinking glasses donated to Govt School, Ulsoor, Bangalore

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Dear All,
We have found a Govt School near Ulsoor, Bangalore. In that school, there are 130 poor slum students studying (as of 9th July 2008) and they have only 25 eating plates and drinking glasses.

All 130 poor students are having lunch in batches…means 25 students will have lunch and rest of them should wait until they complete and wash their plates. So, all 130 students have lunch as 5 batch everyday.
Our partner organization RECT_BATCH_98_group funded for this project and donated 65 drinking glasses and eating plates on 09th July 2008, Wednesday.

Cost of eating plate : 65 * Rs. 35 = Rs. 2275.00
Cost of drinking glass 65 * 7 = Rs. 455.00
Total Cost Rs. 2730.00
India Sudar express our sincere thanks to our partner group RECT_BATCH_98_egroup on behalf of students, teachers of Govt School, Ulsoor, Bangalore.
Please find the project report attached.

Note : There were only 15 plates and 90 students as on 16th June 2008 and someone donated 10 plates and they have become 130 students with new admissions.

On behalf of IS KA Team.


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