Mayanoor, Karur, TN school report-final

Details for the previous assignment, Additional requirement is mentioned at the end of the report

Mayanoor School Report:

1. Mr.Gunasekaran, HeadMaster of this school is taking lot of effects to improve the school infrastructure and quality of education.

2. Fishing is the important job for this area people. Kavery dam is near to this school.

3. Classrooms are wonderful. He got fund to arrange a compound wall for this school. School has two computers also.

4. Gov’t introduced activity oriented learning methodology called ABL system. As per this, one teacher per 20 students is required. Now school strength is 140 ( last year 220).Now only two teachers are there.
HM – one class      new faculty- 5th std.

4. I interviewed one person. He is not suitable for teaching. He is not an active person. Moreover he may get gov’t posting within few months.

5. Finally we decided to deploy two ladies.
Though they have +2 qualifications, it is sufficient to teach 1st to 3rd std students. They have some interest in teaching. They are ready to work for 1000 rs ( 2 x 1000=2000). They were working in that school one year before ( HM paid 500 rs to them from his pocket). He trained them already. Also there is no other person to teach the students. After getting the reply from IndiaSudar, I will convey the message to the teachers to start their job ( may be from tomorrow)

6. Teachers Details:

1.Name : K.Maheshwari
Father’s Name : R.Kandasamy
D.O.B : 21/7/86
Qualification : +2
Teaching Exp: 1 year
Typing : English – Higher, Tamil  – Lower
Nativity : Mayanoor
Family Details.Father is a lorry driver and mother is a house wife. She is interested in teaching but unable to pursue higher studies due to family circumsatnces.

2.Name : Mrs.Senthilvadivu
Husband’s Name : Mr.Shivakumar
D.O.B : 7/4/77
Qualification : +2
Teaching exp: 2 years + taking tuitions
Nativity : Mayanoor
Family Details: Husband – Lorry Driver, Children – 2 Children – Daughter – 11th std

Son    – 9th std
Interested in teaching and day care of kids. Poor socio economic back ground . Cannot study further.One lady is having bank account. Another lady will open account after our confirmation. I will send their postal address as early as possible.

Additional requirement:

1. School needs six tables (6 ft cross 5 ft) with one feet height per each class to make use of the ABL system of learning effectively. HM told me to consider this.

2. He created new uniform system. Since gov’t uniform will be in good condition only for 2 or 3 months, he instructed parents to purchase one more set from outside. But 50 students are unable to buy. Uniform cost is around 170 Rs ( including tailoring charge) for each student.He needs 8500 rs for this purpose. He suggested me to give first preference to the point no 1.

with luv and care,
kbmani. 97391 75123


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