KA School Adoption project : Visited 10 Govt schools in different rural villages of karnataka to donate note books and stationaries

Dear All,
Last weekend (5th July 2008, Saturday) was a very memorable weekend for may India Sudar KA team members and more than 1400 students in 10 rural villages of Karnataka. We all thoroughly enjoyed while executing this project.

India Sudar took survey from 10 different schools to understand their requirements like note books, stationary, text books and teachers.

The survey took place in two taluks in KARNATAKA (1) Madhugiri  and (2) Gowribidnaur during the April-May 2008.
Based on our survey results, we have visited all the 10 rural villages in these two taluks and distributed more than 7000 note books and stationary during last weekend. In this visit, there are 1400+ students got benefited directly.
The villages covered in Madugiri Taluk are : 
(4)Ungra (It would be covered in this weekend)

The villages covered in Gowribidanur taluk are :

India Sudar KA team worked as two separate teams to cover all the above villages in one day.
IS-KA-Team 1 (Madhugiri):
Raaghu, Tejaswini, Ram, Vinod, Reena Vinod, Sachin, Santhosh, LAP Rao (Prashant’s father), CVK and his brother

IS-KA-Team 2 (Gowribidanur):
Prashant, Manu, Manju , Udhay, Shiva, Chander Shekhar , Santhosh, Tejas and Ravi

India Sudar received contributions from below IS members for this project exclusively

(1)Ravindra Holla Rs. 1000..00
(2)Prakash Bagavathi : Rs. 3000.00
(3)T S Pari Rs. 5218.00
(4)Jayasree Sampath (IS USA Team) : Rs. 10,000.00
(5)TATA BOOK HOUSE proprietor contributed Rs.1216 (through 76 pencil boxes)
(6) Tejas Madhu Rs. 2000.00
India Sudar express our sincere thanks to all contributors, all school headmasters, all school teachers, TATA Book house proprietor for providing vehicle, Prashant’s uncle and his family in Chikkakurugodu (for their delicious lunch).
Our Sincere thanks to IISC “Note Book Drive” folks for contributing school material for TWO schools. Looking forward for more partnered efforts in future.
Special thanks to Prashanth for his dedicated efforts to do survey in all the villages, find out a cheapest note book dealer, planning and preparation to execute this BIG project.

Please visit the below link to check the photos
The estimation of total expenses is attached with this mail. SHIVA – Please circulate project report document.

KA Team – Please add, if i have missed anything in this mail.
On behalf of IS KA Team



  1. It is great to see the charities you offered which are a sure blessing to rural unprivilleged children.

    Our KAS Charitable trust functioning from Salem District offeres similar charity activities for the past 5 years of time. We would love to have a visit with your organization team and love to have a discussion and would like to have yoru kidn counsel in our development activites.

    We would be very grateful to you for yuor kidn reply to us:


    in gratful

    KAS Charitable Trust
    Salem District.

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