Completed Balasubramaniyan Project(poor student from Srivilliputhur needs financial help)


Dear All,
Thanks to all for your immediate reply with offering donations to support Balasubramaniyan’s education.

Thanks to Dream India 2020 group for showing immediate action to send DD for Rs. 15,000 and Balasubramaniyan joined college yesterday.
Some more people helped him to pay hostel fee. Many well wishers came forward to help him from second year onwards.

Balasubmaniyan & family, Headmaster and Dinamalar agent expressed their heartful thanks to DI2020 group and all of us.
Thanks to Natarajan for his quick action :-).


Hello All,
We came across the below news through one of Tamil Daily News Paper site.
http://www.dinamala etail.asp? News_id=4379&cls=row3&ncat=DI
Name : Balasubramaniyan
Age     : 17 years
Place  : Perumalpatti, Srivilliputhur, Virudhunagar District, Tamil Nadu.

Family Background :
Father is 75 year old person and he can’t work anywhere. He has two elder sisters. Both stopped after their II PUC due to poor economic background. Mother and two sisters are involved in match-box work and they all make around Rs. 100 to 120 per day. He used to help them in the morning and evening.

Education Background :
He is studying at Gurugna Sambandar Hindu Hr Secondary School, Srivilliputhur, Virudhunagar District – 626125.

He scored 96% in SSLC. After seeing his score, the school management agreed to give free education until his II PUC.
He scored 1106 in his II PUC ( Physics : 199, Chemistry :197 , Maths  : 192) and THIRD RANK in his school.
Engineering Admission
His school management understood his interests and financial situation, all the teacher collected Rs. 7000 and encouraged him to attend engineering counseling.

He got admission at Govt College of Engineering, Thirunelveli (http://www.gcetirun in Electrical and Communication Branch.

Financial Need
(1) He has to pay Rs. 14,000 before 28th July 2008.
(2) Thirunelveli is far away from Srivilliputhur, so he has join in Hostel. Hostel expenses is around Rs. 1000 per month (mess fee) and hostel fee is Rs. 2000 per year (room rent)
Information from different people.

School Headmaster Mr. K Periyaswamy:

We spoke to Mr. Periaswamy, Headmaster. He is one of the teacher, who is encouraging him to score high marks and join engineering college. He certified that he is very disciplined boy and has good interests in studies. He is the one gave this news through DINAMALAR News Agent.

Headmaster is from very poor background, he is 12th son in his family and he is only one educated in his family. He is pushing bright students every year.
Headmaster is talking to his old students to help him for hostel and mess fee. He is going to chennai to meet old students for the same cause.
Headmaster opened a Saving account in State Bank of India for him. We can donate to this account directly.
Dinamalar News Agent  Mr. R V Ramanathan
We spoke to Mr. Ramanathan, Dinamalar new agent. He is the one visited Balasubramanin’ s home and verified the situation before he publish this news. He also told me that the situation is very poor and asked me to help this student. They are staying in rented house.
Bala’s mother (student’s mother)

We spoke to Balasubramaniyan’ s mother. She explained her family situation and all are trying to give him proper education. They have lots of hope on him.

After all the verification, I told Headmaster, Balasubramaniyan’ s mother and News agent that WE WOULD SUPPORT BALA TO CONTINUE HIS EDUCATION, if nonone is going to support.

School details:

Mr.K Periasamy, Headmaster
Gurugna Sambandar Hindu Hr Secondary School,
Virudhunagar District – 626125
Phone :04563-260232,
Strenth :  from  6 to 12th Std
Boys  – 2100,
Girls – 1400
Teachers : 45 with Government Salary
Management appointed : 20 teachers
School shows good record every year, In this year, a girl student scored 1156 and she is the school first and her financial background is better.
Our Balasubramaniyan scored 1106 and school third
WHAT WE CAN DO : Please let me know, if any of you willing to support this poor student.
K.Ravi Kumar, India Sudar

[India Sudar] Library project @ Govt Girls Home

Photos are available @

Hi Folks,
A week before last week(on 19th Jul), we finally setup our libray @ Govt Girls Home, Purasaiwalkkam, Chennai. Attached are the project report, Books list & its numbering format explanation document.
The project is funded by TCE_Crescendo(alumnis of TCE – CSE 2003 batch) & Indiasudar.
We(me, Raja Soundar, Hari T, Archana K.L, Sundara kumar, Ilaiyaraja, Pravin & two other friends of Hari) co-ordinated the event. I just took the print out of all the ids of books. And, those ppl worked hard to paste them all according to the excel sheet, ordering & categorizing the books, etc.  Soundar has donated a book-shelf, few of my roommates dontaed some of the books. One of our members, Arun, donated the whole amt for all the 10 chairs.
Heartful thanx to all of them.  Table & library room were given by the home itself.

Another 3 girls from an organization called Bhumi, also came for spending their time with the home children. They taught the children to speak in English in a playful manner. Some of the ideas were more creative. We can have a partnership with them to enhance our career guidance program.

Finally, my friend Sundara kumar(non-member) gave a small lecture to the children abt how to use books, why shud use, etc. The students showed very much enthu to have & read the books. Lets decide on our future libraries based on the comments from these students.
Hari & others… if I missed out anything, pl include them too.
Last but not the least… Thanx to everyone who is supporting our Organisation. 🙂

Athi (B +ve)
India Sudar TN Team
We are responsible for what we are and whatever we wish ourselves to be.
                                —–Swami Vivekananda.

[India Sudar] Report of the visit to Sri Ramakrishna Students’ Home.

Hello All,
India Sudar KA team visited Sri Ramakrishna Students’ Home on 20th July 2008.
As I was the student of this Sri Ramakrishna Students’ Home(We call it is Home), Its my first duty to spread its goodness.
About SRKS Home:
It is established in 3rd August,1919. Its main aim is to provide free lodging and boarding to poor and merit students. Its not a cast based hostel. It is also a non profit registered organization. Source of income to this hostel is from Donors and Old boarders of this hostel. The hostel is completely maintained by the students including cleaning. We(Students) only go to the Houses of our donors and collect the money from them. We will have morning prayer at 5.30am and evening prayer at 7.00pm. It is compulsory for all students to attend. Here all kind of students studying different courses are making use of the facilities of this hostel(like BE, Medical, BSc, PUC, BCom etc). And it is compulsory for all students to maintain the merit. If any student gets less marks or get ordinance or found misbehaving  he will be immediately asked to leave. Our hostel contains one library which is well equipped with all kinds of books! . Also contain one computer room for the benefit of students in their education..
All committee members will have meeting every month to discuss about the activities going on in this hostel.  President of this hostel is Prof. G Venkatasubbaiah.
Visited Members: Sachin, Raaghavendra, Vinod and Mrs.Vinod, Anil.
Time: Sunday, 20th July,2008. at 5.30pm
We had been to Sri Ramakrishna Students’ Home and discussed with Dr. N R Ramesh(Honarary Secretary of SRKS Home).  Discussing with him was very fruitful and was quite interesting.  We explained him about our activities and projects we are executing.  He appreciated our efforts and gave us few suggestions:
1. For the long term perspective, as far as possible focus on few schools or villages and keep monitoring the progress.  Either there should be improvement in the pass percentage and improvement in quality year by year.
2. He said deploying teachers and having tuition centers would help a lot and based on funding we should plan to increase more tuition centers
3. He suggested to prepare some booklets, basically its kind of dictionary with basic meanings between Kannada and English, as it would be helpful for people in Kannada medium schools.  There are few schools which teach children completely in Kannada medium, and it would be difficult for students to move forward without knowing the equivalent term in English
4. For Science and Maths models, there is a council, KSCST – Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology, in IISc, who provide models at very nominal rates.  This can be provided to teachers/students for better understanding of the concepts.
5.The text books for this year will not be used next year. Next year the students compulsory has to buy new books . So keeping the books(technology) in the library would be over head.
He also mentioned, if there are any well deserving students passed 10th std or 12th std having score of 80% and willing to study in Bangalore and of course poor background, we can forward the request to Ramakrishna home.  They can help the student get sponsorship for hostel and college fees etc.
And also Students’ Home has a huge library with around 12k books of English,Kannada, Engineering, Medical and other degree courses. He said he can provide them if it is needed. And also some old computers also he can provide.
And lastly, One thing I want mention “Its a heaven for Poor,Merit and needy students.”
Few photos,

Sri Ramakrishna Students’ Home,
#67, Jain Temple Street,
V V Puram, Bangalore-560004.
Ph: 080 26672757.
Contact Person:
Dr. N R Ramesh(Hon. Secretary)
Thanks and Regards,
India Sudar KA team, Sachin Kadam

KA Survey: Visit to Govt. Composite High School – Agara, Kanakpura Rd

Hi all,

Last weekend (12 Jul 2008) we (Anil, Prashanth, Raghavendra and Vinod) visited Government Composite High School near Agara.  We got a warm welcome from Smt. Usha, High school teacher.

Few Highlights:
1. Till last year, this school had only Higher primary.  High school 8th standard started from last year.
2. Higher primary school has got a National award and a teacher Sri Gopal has received “Best Teacher” award.
3. School looked very clean and the students were very well disciplined.  It is good to hear that students take care of the trees and plants in the school compound and involve in the cleanliness of their environment.  During the break, we also saw some students spend their time reading Newspapers.
4. Last year, the school has represented “Pratibha Karanji” (Talent Search Initiative from Government) till the State level (after completing School, Cluster, Range, Taluk, District Levels)
5. Sri Gopal has played a key role in the Science Exhibition, by helping children create some models from Canes, which is easily available in the village.
6. A huge rise in number of students from last year 8th standard (only 8 students) to this year 9th standard (38 students) after getting to know about the success stories of this school.
1. School infrastructure development – Since the high school is recently started, there is requirement of building, which the NABARD has sanctioned.  Waiting for funding from government.  They are looking for donors who can provide desks for students and alrmairas for office purpose.
2. Urgent requirement is for the floor mats (or “Gemkhana”) for 1st standard and 2nd standard students to sit on floors.  They have low desks for these children, but currently children sit on floor and it would be very cold during the rainy and winter seasons.
3. As the high school is recently started, there is requirement of Library books, and Teaching and Learning materials like Charts, Maps, Models.
4. They expressed their interests in conducting some Science talks, Quiz programs.
5. For future, after 10th standard, they are looking for Career counselling.

For this year, Notebook requirement, High school fees and bus pass requirements have been fulfilled by the localites and few individual donors.




Visit Photos are available in the below link

Dear All,

Ravi, Uday and Shiva are visited GERIZIM REHABILITATION TRUST on 9th July 2008 and today (13th July 2008). GERIZIM is registered under Charitable Trust Act No.321/90-91 dated 23.08.90 and they are running home for orphans and mentally challenged children ( Thanks to Mrs.Vasundra, who brought this home to our notice.

Gerizum and Mr. Yesudian
Mr. Yesudian is the chairman of this trust and there are 7 trustees
We met Mr.Yesudian and his wife, listened their inspiring story.
They had started this trust with 40 children and running at their own home along with their children, they used to manage expenses of 42 children with their salary.
With the help of his Japanese friends, he got great support from Japanese ambassador after seeing their dedicated service.

One of the well wisher and philanthropist Mr.Ramachandra Reddy donated 2 acre land to expand their service to more kids. Now they have home for more than 200 children in 3 different places in Bangalore.
Details of Children

There are more than 200 children from all 3 homes.
In Ejipura home – there are 70 students including special children (challenged)

In Doddakannelli village home,
Girls – 47(NOrmal)+ 16(Metally retarded),
Boys –  42(Normal) +25(Mentally retarded)
These normal children are sent to near by Govt schools and few studious children go to nearby Carmel matriculation school(depending on fund availability). The age group of children are 1.5 yrs to 18 yrs.
Most of the children from Andra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu

30 special children are staying in ejipura home, while the children above 18 yrs are in Doddakanneli home.

How do they come here

70% of the children are actually sent by Karnataka Child welfare committee. Most of the children are orphans or have single parent.
They get children through some social workers also

Vocational training centre

At doddakennali there is also vocational training centre for mentally challenged. They do products like chalks, paper covers for medical stores etc ..

 Special children teaching:

At both the homes there are special teachers who educate the smaller kids & the elder ones. The children are divided into 5 groups & given “Special Olympics ”

Blind Students
There are totally 5 blind children and 1 is doing Music Course and she is practicing veena excellently.

Requirements and ways to help them:
 The normal school going children need notebooks. We got the complete student’s list and their notebook requirements from Mr. Yesudian. We can support this at present.
Dividers in Special children training classes. Currently there is no divider. SO the children are getting distracted during the class.
They are managing their food expenses somehow. It was good to know that even small shop at MADIWALA Vegitable market donate small amount of vegetables every week. But they are stuggling to manage their monthly food expenses.
They need around Rs.2 lakhs per month to pay for all 65 staff members, but they are able to manage only Rs.70,000 per month. So they are not able to control the attrition rate. They need more sponsors to pay their staff salary.
They do collect old newspapers for paper bag making – they make money out of it. You can donate your old news papers to them.
We can arrange exhibition at our office premises to sell their products

Gerizim had asked us, if we can support them with notebooks and stationaries for this academic year. It has been delayed and they are not able to get anyone to donate this until now. The requirement details are attached in this mail.
India Sudar is looking forward to help them during this weekend.
Address and contact details:

Girizim children home for special children, Ejipura
24th Cross, Ejipura,Viveknagar P. O,Bangalore 560 047,India – Phone : 25712015

Girizim Boy’s home, Dodakennali, Girizim Girl’s home, Dodakennali
Behind Janatha Colony, Doddakannelli Village,
Carmalaram P.O. Sarjapura Road, Bangalore – 560 035.
Phone : 28441330, 22734186
K.Ravi, India Sudar KA Team.

India Sudar[IS] Partner with Young Helping Minds[YHM]

Dear Friends,

Happy to introduce our New Partner organization Young Helping Minds[YHM] to work together under India Sudar Open Charity Platform to achieve our Common Vision.

Our sincere thanks to Raj Kamal(, who made this partnership from YHM.

About: Young Helping Minds mainly works for the education of under privileged students and the students who are congested of education .We also support and conduct events for the growth of children’s in orphanages. The main project of YHM is VELLICHAM which means light in Tamil under this project we select a student who is financially deprived and we support him financially for his/her education and after they finish their studies. We avail them a job and after he/she is well settled we take him as a YHM donor. Currently under this project we are helping 35 students. 

Address: No: 8,VKK Menon St, Ram Nagar , Ambattur , Chennai -53, TN.


Contact Person(s): RM. Kalam Nagappan , Managing Trustee,,9840390517

Udhaya Kumar.V
The Managing Trustee
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

Education material provided for Kadeesh Home

Dear Friends

On saturday(12/07/2008)we(myself, Udhay) purchased the Note books & text books from Avenue road. Then we proceeded to Kadeesh Children Happy home & distributed them. We were also joined by Jayshree & Sriram.

If you may recall, Kadeesh home houses children from North eastern states of India. Really happy to see those children enjoy our presence & all the more happy with the materials given. They also gave us an extremely good singing show !!

This is the second year we are working with them.

Attached is the report!

Also pleas see the photos :

On behalf of KA team

KA Project : 65 eating plates and drinking glasses donated to Govt School, Ulsoor, Bangalore

Click me to see ALL PHOTOS:

Dear All,
We have found a Govt School near Ulsoor, Bangalore. In that school, there are 130 poor slum students studying (as of 9th July 2008) and they have only 25 eating plates and drinking glasses.

All 130 poor students are having lunch in batches…means 25 students will have lunch and rest of them should wait until they complete and wash their plates. So, all 130 students have lunch as 5 batch everyday.
Our partner organization RECT_BATCH_98_group funded for this project and donated 65 drinking glasses and eating plates on 09th July 2008, Wednesday.

Cost of eating plate : 65 * Rs. 35 = Rs. 2275.00
Cost of drinking glass 65 * 7 = Rs. 455.00
Total Cost Rs. 2730.00
India Sudar express our sincere thanks to our partner group RECT_BATCH_98_egroup on behalf of students, teachers of Govt School, Ulsoor, Bangalore.
Please find the project report attached.

Note : There were only 15 plates and 90 students as on 16th June 2008 and someone donated 10 plates and they have become 130 students with new admissions.

On behalf of IS KA Team.

KA School Adoption project : Visited 10 Govt schools in different rural villages of karnataka to donate note books and stationaries

Dear All,
Last weekend (5th July 2008, Saturday) was a very memorable weekend for may India Sudar KA team members and more than 1400 students in 10 rural villages of Karnataka. We all thoroughly enjoyed while executing this project.

India Sudar took survey from 10 different schools to understand their requirements like note books, stationary, text books and teachers.

The survey took place in two taluks in KARNATAKA (1) Madhugiri  and (2) Gowribidnaur during the April-May 2008.
Based on our survey results, we have visited all the 10 rural villages in these two taluks and distributed more than 7000 note books and stationary during last weekend. In this visit, there are 1400+ students got benefited directly.
The villages covered in Madugiri Taluk are : 
(4)Ungra (It would be covered in this weekend)

The villages covered in Gowribidanur taluk are :

India Sudar KA team worked as two separate teams to cover all the above villages in one day.
IS-KA-Team 1 (Madhugiri):
Raaghu, Tejaswini, Ram, Vinod, Reena Vinod, Sachin, Santhosh, LAP Rao (Prashant’s father), CVK and his brother

IS-KA-Team 2 (Gowribidanur):
Prashant, Manu, Manju , Udhay, Shiva, Chander Shekhar , Santhosh, Tejas and Ravi

India Sudar received contributions from below IS members for this project exclusively

(1)Ravindra Holla Rs. 1000..00
(2)Prakash Bagavathi : Rs. 3000.00
(3)T S Pari Rs. 5218.00
(4)Jayasree Sampath (IS USA Team) : Rs. 10,000.00
(5)TATA BOOK HOUSE proprietor contributed Rs.1216 (through 76 pencil boxes)
(6) Tejas Madhu Rs. 2000.00
India Sudar express our sincere thanks to all contributors, all school headmasters, all school teachers, TATA Book house proprietor for providing vehicle, Prashant’s uncle and his family in Chikkakurugodu (for their delicious lunch).
Our Sincere thanks to IISC “Note Book Drive” folks for contributing school material for TWO schools. Looking forward for more partnered efforts in future.
Special thanks to Prashanth for his dedicated efforts to do survey in all the villages, find out a cheapest note book dealer, planning and preparation to execute this BIG project.

Please visit the below link to check the photos
The estimation of total expenses is attached with this mail. SHIVA – Please circulate project report document.

KA Team – Please add, if i have missed anything in this mail.
On behalf of IS KA Team

Mayanoor, Karur, TN school report-final

Details for the previous assignment, Additional requirement is mentioned at the end of the report

Mayanoor School Report:

1. Mr.Gunasekaran, HeadMaster of this school is taking lot of effects to improve the school infrastructure and quality of education.

2. Fishing is the important job for this area people. Kavery dam is near to this school.

3. Classrooms are wonderful. He got fund to arrange a compound wall for this school. School has two computers also.

4. Gov’t introduced activity oriented learning methodology called ABL system. As per this, one teacher per 20 students is required. Now school strength is 140 ( last year 220).Now only two teachers are there.
HM – one class      new faculty- 5th std.

4. I interviewed one person. He is not suitable for teaching. He is not an active person. Moreover he may get gov’t posting within few months.

5. Finally we decided to deploy two ladies.
Though they have +2 qualifications, it is sufficient to teach 1st to 3rd std students. They have some interest in teaching. They are ready to work for 1000 rs ( 2 x 1000=2000). They were working in that school one year before ( HM paid 500 rs to them from his pocket). He trained them already. Also there is no other person to teach the students. After getting the reply from IndiaSudar, I will convey the message to the teachers to start their job ( may be from tomorrow)

6. Teachers Details:

1.Name : K.Maheshwari
Father’s Name : R.Kandasamy
D.O.B : 21/7/86
Qualification : +2
Teaching Exp: 1 year
Typing : English – Higher, Tamil  – Lower
Nativity : Mayanoor
Family Details.Father is a lorry driver and mother is a house wife. She is interested in teaching but unable to pursue higher studies due to family circumsatnces.

2.Name : Mrs.Senthilvadivu
Husband’s Name : Mr.Shivakumar
D.O.B : 7/4/77
Qualification : +2
Teaching exp: 2 years + taking tuitions
Nativity : Mayanoor
Family Details: Husband – Lorry Driver, Children – 2 Children – Daughter – 11th std

Son    – 9th std
Interested in teaching and day care of kids. Poor socio economic back ground . Cannot study further.One lady is having bank account. Another lady will open account after our confirmation. I will send their postal address as early as possible.

Additional requirement:

1. School needs six tables (6 ft cross 5 ft) with one feet height per each class to make use of the ABL system of learning effectively. HM told me to consider this.

2. He created new uniform system. Since gov’t uniform will be in good condition only for 2 or 3 months, he instructed parents to purchase one more set from outside. But 50 students are unable to buy. Uniform cost is around 170 Rs ( including tailoring charge) for each student.He needs 8500 rs for this purpose. He suggested me to give first preference to the point no 1.

with luv and care,
kbmani. 97391 75123

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