Educational Aid for Differently Abled children

14th June 2008

Dear All,

Last week saturday (14th June 2008), I met Mr.Aarokiya Dass, who was the Founder of Snegithan and he is an differently abled person. He explained about their various activities towards empowering the differently abled and poor people. Currently, they have educational requirements for the differently abled/children of differently abled/poor. He has given a list of 37 children who are struggling to pay for their school fees/uniforms/note books and the total amount required for this project is nearly Rs. 1,00,000/-. Hope we can do our best. Please send in your suggestions regarding the same.

About Snegithan:
Snegithan is a voluntary, secular, non profit trust registered under public charitable trust act, during the year 2003
Their mission is to provide assistance and guidance for the disadvantaged differentlyabled and poor section of the population,
thereby jointly aserting their rights and increaswing t! heir opportunities and choices for a dignified life.
Their services includes
a) Counselling for differently abled and poor
b) Tricycle
c) Wheel Chairs
d) Medical Support
e) Educational Support
f) Employment & Self Employment
g) Recreational Programmes
Thanks & Regards,
“Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it”. – Mahatma Gandhi.


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