KA MEETING – MOM – 14th June 2008

Dear All,
Please go through the MOM.
Attendees : Ravi, Shiva, Uday, Vinod, Reena Vinod, Sachin, Jayasree, Hema, Prashanth and Ram
1. IS supported Mahesh from Tumkur to join college last year. He scored 62% in his first year. Vinod is the contact point for this project.
ACTION : Vinod would get college fee details from Mahesh. College fee would paid through SISO, Bangalore.
2. GOM Orphanage, Bangalore – Rs. 15,000 paid to support 3 students already. Rs. 53,500 paid to support 24 students for this academic year. Yet to get receipt and make project report.
ACTION: Ravi to make project report and ciculate to IS group. Get signature from GOM orphange and handover the hardcopy to Uday for accountablility.
3. KWAB, Bangalore :
   (i) Class room work – Amount given by Bala & team to KWAB. Work would be completed soon.
    (ii) Shoe – provided by someone
    (iii) Rhythm Pad – 1 is required…that cost Rs. 35,000. Need to look for sponser
    (iv) Spiral Binding Machine – 1 (Ram need to check with KWAB to know how much money they are spending on binding every year and waht is the cost of Spirel Binding Machine)
    (v) White board – 1 (This is to support slum children, Ram  – Please find out number of slum children)
    (vi) Among all the requirements – Priority list would be provided by India Sudar that would costs Rs. 7,100. Need to discuss with SISO to meet rest of the requirements.
ACTION : Ram need to check with KWAB to know how much money they are spending on binding every year and waht is the cost of Spirel Binding Machine.
Ram  – Please find out number of slum children.
Ravi would discuss with SISO to meet rest of the requirements
4. KADESH CHILDREN HOME : We got the list of requirement from KADESH CHILDREN HOME.
ACTION : Uday would get the final list from VICTOR (Note book quantity and student list class wise) and share with KA TEAM before this friday.
5. AWWA – Hubli
(i) They are getting funding from Muslim Releif Foundation, UK for survival
(ii) No funding for education purpose
(iii) They are going to start new school and looking for help to deploy 2 teachers and 1 helper. Also rent Rs. 5K to be paid for month.
Teacher salary would be Rs. 2K to 2.9K per month and rent would be Rs. 5K per month.
ACTION : Vinod would validate them and get more details before we proceed for this project.
(i) Expected to have 150 students by end of July 2008.
(ii) Stiching School uniforms are provided to AWWA and they charge Rs. 75 per uniform. INDIA SUDAR would take care of uniform expenses. There is shortage of cloths for about 20 students. India Sudar would take care of that as well.
(iii) There are about 80 students now, but they have only 15 to 20 plates. They all have to manage to eat lunch with 20 plates.
(iv) Govt school looking for a MATHS and ENGLISH Teacher. Vinod and Uday found a teacher, who can teach maths and english.

ACTION : Initially, India Sudar would provide 50 plates and 50 drinking glasses to school. This would be provided by RECT_MCA_BATCH_ 98 group by next weekend. Prashanth has little worried about the way they are getting funding from different sources and the quality of life in that school. IS team would still crosscheck their funding and usage through someway. Shiva and Prashant would take care of this.
7. KARNATAKA SURVEY PROJECTS : There are 10 schools surveyed sofar and India Sudar needs Rs. 40,000. We are getting funds from many individuals to suppor this project.  Pari, Vinod & group, Ravi would Shiva share their collections and proceed further.

ACTION : Need to decide during this week
8. SHISHU MANDIR PROJECT : It is one of the good project in KA goes well for more than 2 years. Shiva have enough funding for this project (Rs. 36,000 per year).
9. INDIRA GANDHI INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, JAKKUR : We have to support them by deploying teachers and providing educational requirements.
ACTION : Uday would get list of educational requirements during this week. RAVI – Would contact Durga to findout her support towards IGH and confirm.
10. PRASHANTH spent about 6 hours near Chitpset and Sultanpet area to identify a good dealer to buy notebooks, text books and stationaries. Thanks for his effort to identify a correct details.
ACTION : Prashant would share the dealer and price details to KA TEAM.
11. SESHADRIPURAM : There are 7 poor students would be supported to continue their education. School fee paid for 5 students already (Rs. 4310). Shiva received their educations material requiremetns already. Vinod to help him to convert from Kannada to english.
ACTION: Shiva needs to share their educational material requirements and execute.
12. KCP : Jayasree provided educational material and No requirements as of now.
ACTION: Prashanth would find a local guy near KCP and establish a contact point to crosscheck their requirements and monitor them.
13. MATHOOR SCHOOL at TN : India Sudar would continue to provide a teacher for that school Rs. 2000 per month (Ms. Suganthi)
IS would provide another teacher to that school for 2 reasons. To employ a poor teacher and for the benefit of that school. The amount would be provided by Ravikumar.
ACTION : UDay to send check to MATHOOR School from June 2008 onwards.
India Sudar crosschecked that school adn taht needs more teachers. INDIA SUDAR Would identify and deploy teachers for that school.
ACTION : Uday to follow up and deploy teacher with the help of Balamanikandan
15. LINGAPUR, KOPPAL DISTRICT : India Sudar would continue the tuition centre the. India Sudar would support 10th Standard girl to continue her education. Initially, need to pay her bus pass.

ACTION : Ram would contact bhuvaneswari and share the details with us. Buspass would be provided by RECT_MCA_BATCH_ 98 group.
Please add to this mail, if i have missed any of the discussed item.



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