Sugumar.E is going to finish his course on july 30t. He has more than 80% in ITI-Welding course.

Dear all,
The student Sugumar.E is going to finish his course on july 30t. He has more than 80% in ITI-Welding course.

I am very happy to share the news about his placement. He got two offer letters ( one from MAC controls,coimbatore and another from Laxmi machine works,Coimbatore) thr’ campus recruitment.His pay is around 6000 for the first yr. Accomodation and lunch is free .

But still he has chances to get placed in some more companies like Ashok leyland,HMT etc.On behalf of him and his family i thank you very much.
with care,

On 11/19/07, V Udhaya Kumar <> wrote:
Dear friends,
This project was successfully implemented by our Partner Organization Dream India.
Our Sincere Thanks to Dream India & Members(Nataraj, Varun, Janakiraman).
Udhaya Kumar,V

—– Forwarded Message —-
From: “Raman, Natarajan (IT)” <>
To: Udhaya Kumar.V <>;
Cc:; Janakiraman Sr <>; janaki raman <>
Sent: Friday, October 26, 2007 7:25:36 PM
Subject: RE: [India Sudar] Fwd: Fwd: need education support for SUGUMAR.E

Dear Udhay,
Thanks for giving this opportunity. DreamIndia will execute this project and provide Rs.3000 required.
Could you please get in touch with Udhay/Shiva/ Ravi and work this out?  Looks like we need to send a DD. I will send the break up details of contribution ( internal to DI) in a separate email.


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  1. hi .. i finished ITI.. i want to know can i do any degree like BBA.. i finished 10th only… Give me your comments….

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