School fee for Poor children – KA

31st May 2007, Bangalore, KA.

On 31st May 2008 – myself, Udhay & Reshma Kurup visited a slum dwelling in Seshradipuram , Bangalore. Reshma has been working with Mr.Venkatesh, (who runs Suraksha trust .)

About Suraskha Trust: Their main work has been to teach the smaller kids). He is assisted by some elder girls, who are also motivated to do something for this place. Main purpose of the visit was to get first hand information about the place and to verify the requirements they had put to us before. The info was school fee for 8 students. Their detials are given below.

Venkatesh is planning more classes this academic year. His house which is currently being .Local support is very minimal. Sathyam foundation has given 4 computers & Dream-a-Dream has give one computer. Due to lack of staff, they are under utilised(or should I say not – kept idle).

Surprising to see very narrow lanes of house, which we would have least imagined is in the heart of the city. This place is close to KWAB. We met all the students with their mothers & got following details.
We request members to come forward to help these poor kids to “Continue their education”.
Details of Student :(All students are in Kannad Medium)
A common aspect with all :
Father – Daily labour – And drunkard! So no money @ home.
NoteBooks – To get the list(Reshma)
1. Anil Kumar – 10th Std, Gandhi Nagar school.
(his elder sister has reappered for 10th.)
Mother – Mrs. Suma – Sells flowers.
School Fee – 900/-
Tution – 200/month – Since 10th std, they are requesting for tution.
2. SriKala (6th std – Seshadripuram School)
 MOther – Mrs. Selvi – Domestic help.
 School fee – 1160 /-
3. Ramani (4th std – Seshadripuram School)
 MOther – Mrs. Selvi – Domestic help.
 School fee – 550 /-
4. Bhavani (5th std – seshadripuram school)
 Mother – Mrs.Manju – works at Roopam garment factory
 School fee – 1160/-
5. Balaji (3rd std – Seshadripuram school)
 Mother – Mrs. manju
 School fee – 550 /-
6. Anitha (10th std – Govt school, link road)
 Mother – mrs. Yashoda – Domestic Help
 Only note books required
7.Mamtha (4th std – Govt School)
 Mother – Mrs. Yashoda
 Only notebooks required.
Our contacts:
 Venkatesh – 9741012428
 Reshma Kurup.
Thanks to Reshma for helping us identifying the place. she has been actively helping them through the means she can, besides conducting Art of Living classes.
Shiva On behalf of IS KA team


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