KA survey report – Madhugiri Taluk, Tumkur district

24-May-2008 Click me to See ALL Photos:

Hi all,

Last Saturday (May 24th) India Sudar-KA team conducted survey of 3 Government schools in Madhugiri Taluk, Tumkur District.

Members visited: Udhay, Shiva, Prashanth, Sachin, Raghavendra, Mr C.V.Kumar and Mr Anand (Local contacts)

Route: Bangalore – Doddaballapur – Gowribidanur – Kodagadala – Puruvara – Kodigena halli – Adavi Nagenahalli & Thippapura (Around 135 kms)

Schools surveyed: 3

– Government Higher Primary School, Adavi Nagenahalli
– Government Lower Primary School, Muthrayanahalli
– Government Higher Primary School, Thippapura

Current Situation:
This region is extremely backward, with agricultural labour being the prima! ry occupation.  Adavi Nagenhalli school building is in a pathetic condition with leaking roof, broken tiles, no play area, less rooms.  Several requests have been placed to the education department and an additional building is planned for construction soon.

Tippapura, located at a distance of 4 km from Nagenahalli, is not even accessible by public transport.  We could barely manage to reach this place via a kuccha road created by the villagers.

A few committed teachers and local community members have been working earnestly to get the children to school and educate them.  But, the general consensus among them was that the parents utter disregard for their wards’ education (Probably they dont understand the importance of education).

Primary Needs:
We discussed with the teachers, local community and SDMC members in all three villages, the details of which are attached herewith.  We understood that the primary needs of the schools are:

1. Notebooks/stationery
2. Awareness programme for the parents to make them understand the value of education. 
3. English/Maths/Science learning programmes
4. Quiz programmes, Essay Writing contests

Talented children:
Mr Hanumantha Reddy, teacher of Govt. HPS, Adavi Nagenahalli had gathered few students and they displayed their singing, dancing and acting skills.  It was very nice to see the energy of the students performing “impromptu” in scorching heat.

Next Steps:
Based on the survey report IndiaSudar – Karnataka team would prioritize the requirements and come up with the first phase of education support to these schools along with the schools surveyed in Chikkaballapur district.  We earnestly request all members to continue your valuable support in this cause for promoting and elevating education in rural areas.

Thanks to Mr. C.V.Kumar, Mr Anand and their entire family, who connected us to the school staff and local community. It is worth noting here that this family has been extending various forms of support to the schools in the past few years – be it the desk/benches provided via LIC co-operative bank (Mr. CVK spearheaded this) or plates/misc items donated by Mr.AnanthaKrishna and Mr.Anand to the schools.  IS can easily leverage on this and extend its reach to enable and improve the educational status of underprivileged children in this segment.




  1. I am a Mechanical enineering working in Uae.I would like to Donate Some little amount monthly To your trust .Whom shall i contact .What kind of organisation you are all running..I would like to gather some of friends to do more to trust.
    Waiting for your reply.You can send details to my email id as soon as possible.
    With Regards,
    Venkatesh LAkashmanan.

  2. Madhugiri famas for second biggest mountain (rock)in the World,&this is a become one of the tourist place in the Karnataka.

  3. Hi this is Saritha from Madhugiri,I think i am very lucky becous i my birth place is Madhugiri,this is world level famas for only one rock everest,2)famas for Pomogranite&Tempals.Dandina Marmma Tempal is famas in Madhugiri,one more Venkateshvara swami tempal& Malleshwarasami tempals

  4. I am associated with a Foundation that is working towards Community Led Inclusive Growth in the district of Tumkur and are presently completing our pilot project in the Hoblis of Yediyur and Kadaba, with intensive inputs in one Gram Panchayat each. Our work covers sectord like education, enterprises, employment and entitlement besides health care, livelihood for farming/non-farming activities.
    We would be keen on collaborating with your organization in ensuring the working and effectiveness of SDMCs in the region.
    I appreciate the work done by your organization in Madhugiri taluk and would like to know if our Foundation can collaborate with you for our thrust in the two Hoblis mentioned?
    If yes, please do let me know so that I can make my next step forward. My mob no: 98801 39365 Email: parthasarathy.sridhar@gmail.com

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