Report – Visit to KCR Madhugiri Taluk – 18th May

Kupa chari Ropa, Madhugiri Taluk, Ka.

Dear Team
I would like to share the report of KCR visit near madhugiri taluk on 18th May.
The visit was a very enriching experience, it was all possible due to the overwhelming support of the india sudar , dream india 2020 , and other well wishers.

Date of Visit: 18th May 2008 , Sunday
Place of Visit: Kupa chari Ropa, Madhugiri Taluk
Members Visited:
1. Dr.MeenaJain
2. Shwetha
3. Upali
4. Jayasree
5. Kamal Khubani
Purpose of Visit:
1. To distribute the educational requirements and also discuss about their academic plan
2. To do secondary ground study to arrange health care camp.
3. To take the measurements for school uniform , so as to come back and deliver the stitched uniforms during the next visit.
1. To support the educational requirements of this village for the academic year 2007-2008.
2. To bring medical and hygine related awareness to this village and organise a medical camp and install a water purifier
3. To arrange livelihood and create employement to the residents of this village in the long term.

Activities on the day of visit:
1. Interacted with the students from class 1 to class 7th
2. Distributed the educational requirements that includes books , pen ,pencils, erasers,pencil box etc.
3. Interacted with the panchayat head Mr.Gowda and got to know on the socio economic status of this village( detailed report will be shared on this seperately)
4. Interacted with the village president and got to know on the health related issues and drinking water, present reservoirs and feasibility of installing a water purifier etc.
5. Discussed with the head master and requested to collect a data sheet that shall include the age , gender , occupation , marital stauts , education , annual income of the 370 residents from 75 houses in this village.
6. Interacted with the 1st graduation pursuing student Mr.Rangappa of this village and encouraged him to complete the course (BA history )successfully and also to show interest in basic computer related courses.
Tentative Date for the next visit:
7th or 8th June 2008 (Can revised depending on the availability  IS members and Balamurali).
Activities to be done:
1. Distibution of the following items needs to be done
School Bag
Geometry box
Exam Board
     2.   Collect the data gathered by the head master.
     3.   Colabarte with some missionary hospital and arrange for a medical camp. (Colara seems to be threat in the few surrounding places)
     4.   Once again verify with some experts regarding the feasibility of installation of water purifier.
Please find the details of purchase , distribution and students list shared in a xl sheet attached. The photos will be shared very shortly.
Our special thanks to DreamIndia2020 for their continous support to execute the projects !
I am sure with same kind of extensive support we can make a remarkable difference in this village !
Thanks and regards


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