Meeting with Dr.Kalam

Tamil Nadu.

Dear All
On May 1st, 2008 we India Vision 2020 group members & their partner organization(which also includes India Sudar) had the opportunity to attend meeting Of “Together We 99” organized by Siraku Foundation. The 3 day workshop was conducted for 66 social entrepreneurs from Apr29 to May 1,2008. On the final day , i e May 1st Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam graced the occasion.

Attendees : Jayatheerthan, Jayashree, Kartheeban, Muthuram,Natarajan Raman, Ponmudi, Prabhu, G Prabhu , RaviKumar, Sivanrayanan, Sathiyan, Sankar,Saravanan, Srinivasan(Moderator-India Vision 2020)

Partner Groups : Dream India2020, India Sudar, Team everst, Young Helping Minds , Suyam.

Siraku Foundation & “Together we 99” Founded by Mr.Dhanapal & few others, the idea was to encourage Social entrepreneurship. The idea is the brain child of Dr.Kalam.The idea is to bring together 66 social Volunteers and 33 Coporates(Mentors) to encourage social cause. For a period of 2 years the 66 social entrepreneur will be supported with a Stipend of 5000/month. The mentors will guide them through 2 years. In 2 years the idea is to create a set of leaders. This India Vision group also is part of this initiative & will help in ways it can through Partner Organisations.
Our Visit Experience:
Introduction to Dr.Kalam We were fortunate enough to get our India Vision 2020 group introduced to Dr.Kalam. The idea here was to familiarize the India Vision & partner groups(including indiasudar – their work. Our Sincere thanks to Mr.Dhanapal for making this happen.(Dhanpal is also director for Dr.kalam’s documentry “Little Dreams”)
Inspiring Speech In the morning session we also had a very charged speech from Shri.N.Mahalingam, chairman Sakthi Group of companies. Mafoi’s Chairman Mr.Pandiarajan moderated the presentation session of entrepreneur projects.  In the afternoon session we were mesmerized with our ex-presidents unique styled inspiring thoughts.
We pledged the 10 point oath given by him. The thoughts were so beautifully & that to in down to earth manner. The main aim of this speech was to make us aware of our won capabilities & our need to realize it. Stress was in respecting the time. The atmosphere was just filled with so much optimism.
Interaction with Mr.Suresh Kamat(Mg. Director, Laser Soft InfoSystems Ltd)
Mr.Suresh Kamath was very down to earth in his interaction with our Group. His enthusiasm and simplicity marveled us. He is one of the leading Banking software product developers in India.
In the Laser Soft, out of 700 employees, nearly 100 of them are “Differently” abled professionals. Couple of years back, he got the Award from President of India. He has been running this for 22 years. Incidentally May 1, 2008 is 22nd founding day of the company.  Mr Kamath Stressed us the need for creating jobs and encouraged us to take up entrepreneur to create more jobs. He also stressed that Indian software professionals needed to focus on ‘product development’ than providing only ‘services’ Main goal of his business Has been good ethics, fair pricing, innovation and much value need to the banking industry.
  To a question we asked, “Isn’t the automation taking ways jobs”? , he gave the one of the very logical answers we never heard. He said that when seen from broader perspective, banking service is the blood stream of essential services. Now if the Banking system has to be efficient, automation is critical & besides that enables to do banking trasactions faster, which actually creates environment for jobs !!
Over all it’s been a very memorable experience for all of us who attended. We are inspired to do more !
Sincere thanks to Mr.Srinivasan, Our Moderator(IV2020) for enabling us attend this function and to Mr.Dhanapal who readily accepted us !


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