An appeal to save the last ray of hopes of a village

Dear all,
In the peripherals of Bangalore there is nandhi hills, sivasamudhram, savandurga and lot many places to visit and rejoice. However not very far is KUPA CHARI ROPA which is a small hamlet on top of the hill beside madhugiri. A visit to this place may not be as rejoicing and exciting but surely this experience will make us sleepless for many nights!
At 2 hours journey from Bangalore we can reach this rural village. There is no way we can reach the top of the hill in the car (unless someone is ready to risk a drive in that narrow path). A 6 km walk from the bottom of the hill we will reach this place. There is 75 houses and around 200 people.

The list of what is not there is much bigger and shocking! There is no water, no sanitation, no primary health care center, no occupation, no education, no sufficient electricity, and no means of transport. Yes just a few kms away from the IT capital is this place where children and women are dying drinking the high fluoride content water. Even for this killing water the women have to walk 3 Km bare foot. The skin disease and other viral infections are very common. And there is no medical support of any kind given to these villagers. A rare visit is made by some NGOs which does not suffice the high requirements.
Walking anyway is not new to them. The villagers have approached the government for a bus. But no action is taken so far. So they walk down the hill several times bare foot for all their daily needs.
The livelihood and occupation of this village is in miserable condition. This place is surrounded by rocky hills and there is no scope for growing any great money lending crop. They grow peanuts and ragi occasionally depending on the rainfall and this is also mostly sold to the middle man for negligible amount. 

This village also like most of the other villages in India has never seen a toilet, the girl children have to control their nature calls in the night for the fear of evils that roam in the night!
The state of education is extremely pathetic. There is a small single classroom which accommodates 70 students from class 1 to 8. Three teachers in all to handle classes to them. We were happy to see the students in uniform even on Saturday, we were glad thinking that there special classes. However the happiness did not last for a long time when we came to know they were in uniforms because they did not have an alternative dress to wear. There is not a single graduate from this village so far.
The only ray of hope to build this village is this 70 children who go to school. They have to study ,build their carrier and hence build this hamlet. Unfortunately this hope also seems diminishing because of no basic support to meet their educational requirements. We cannot remain as mere spectators and witness the downfall of this community.
Our immediate plan is to install a water purifier and meet the educational requirements of the school going children. Our appeal to all of you donate generously towards this cause.
The donations can be made in
Going further we have to take up the health care, education, livelihood as three main projects and build this village. The interested group who is willing to take up any development activity can contact me to get more details.
The cost to install a water purifier is estimated for Rs.40000 and the educational requirements may come upto Rs.25,000. The requirements that we have got from the school head master is attached for reference.
We came to know about this village through Dr. Meena Jain who is a dedicated and committed social entrepreneur. A child psychologist by profession she is a grass root worker who has build lives for more than 22 years now. She has worked for with teresas. This says it all. I representing india sudar visited this village along with Dr.Meena Jain on 5th April 2008.
Lets make our fellow Indians living here feel a glimpse of independence which we have been thoroughly enjoying. Lets make this a model village and do our part towards nation building. If we have to envision Dr.Kalam’s dream for India 2020 we have to reach the roots and take the ownership for its development.
With Warm Regards


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