Kaadesh Home Visit-4th May 2008

Bangalore, KA

I went to the Kaadesh Happy Home Yesterday.It was a good to know news that all the children who wrote 10th Boards managed to clear.Just a few of them could not pass in Kanadda(which should be acceptable…..)
It was a good experience.

The only thing that I feel we need to do for them will be to get jobs for the Boys who are above 18Yrs and have decent communication Skills.

It will be really wonderful if we can get these boys placed somewhere so that they don’t get indulged into some bad practises.They have a little Work Experience like one of them has worked with Pizza Hut and one is undergoing a call center Training. Another requirement was of a Doctor.It will be good if we can organise a Medical Check up for them.
Please let me know if something can be arranged else we can think of contacting some Hospital.

Rasika Jairath

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