Visited to Gov Model Tamil Pri School, Murphy Town, Ulsoor, Banglaore

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Bangalore, KA.

Dear Friends,

Today we have visited to Gov Model Tamil Pri School, Murphy Town, Ulsoor, Banglaore-8 and discussed with head master Helen Mary for school education requirement. WE came to know about this through our member prashant.L.A father.

Visited members: Santhosh L.A, Siva Narayanan, Udhaya Kumar.V, Santhosh.L.A father, Gopinath.S.

About School: This school was started on 1924, currently most of the slum, beggar students studying in this government school. This school having 1st to 7th classes and 6 teachers, Currently 150 students studying in this school.

This school head master spending more time to pull students from slum, they are visiting to slum and pulling students for this school.

School Requirement as follows:

1. School needs one teacher to provide English class for 6th and 7th standard students.

2. Lunch for 30 dropout and failed students for 2 months(Apr/May). They said, they can arrange lunch for Rs.10 ( 10 Rs * 30 Students = 300 Rs Per day). If anybody interested to pay this, Please let me know.

3. Government providing uniform cloth only, but student’s parents don’t have money to stitch this uniform. Cost will be 100Rs * 150 Student = Rs.15,000

4. Education materials for 6th and 7th students.

5. Sports item, school bags, shoes.

6. 150 plates and tumblers
Udhaya Kumar.V
Mobile: +91-98867-33607


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