Meeting with “Conscious Society” Srinivasan.


Dear All,

Last Saturday we (Myself and Athi) had healthy chat with Mr.Srinivasn

• About Srinivasn
Srinivans is a BSNL employee he is involving many Social service activities. He is very much interested
in creating awareness about education. His primary target is who is in poverty line and below poverty
line. He is already doing support through their organisation “Conscious Society” .

• About Conscious Society
This is a small non-registered organisation. Srinivasan is conducting awareness program related to
education and social service activities through this organsation with small group of volunteers.

• Support from IS Srirnivasan Expecting support from us (india sudar) to create awareness with help of IS members. He wants
some materials related awareness and PPT documents for the program. He has identified some of the govement schools to start the awarnes program by June .

Thanks and Regards,
Senthil Kumar.P & ATHI
IS – PY Team


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