Gandhiji Rehabilitation Centre-Site Visit Report.

Chennai, TN


We (myself and Athi) had visited Gandhiji Rehabilitation centre last Saturday (26th Apr 2007).

Short background:
This orphanage had been started in the early 1990’s with the name “Appa Illam”, after a couple of years the home was registered with the name Gandhiji Rehabilitation centre and it is working till now.

There are around 27 kids in this home. The basic and educational necessities of the kids are taken care by the home under the able leadership of Mr.Vaanarasan. All the kids are going to school and the studying level of the kids range from U.K.G to Nursing degree. All the kids are under the careness of Mr. Vaanarasan and his wife, who has dedicated her life towards this noble cause. Mr.Vaanarasan is running a tutorial school and the earnings from that is the only source to run this home.

The worst part is they do not have a permanent place for their home and they are in pretty bad shape in this.


1. Have to pay nursing degree fees for one of the kid around Rs.8000/- immediately by the month end, defaulting which the kid has to write the exam only next year. This is currently the immediate necessity. He said he will get the exact fee structure from the institute and will send it across. We will share with the grp once we receive the info.

2. They also said they would like to have a typewriter, as they came to know from the outer world that a typewriter would help them. He doesn’t know the exact price of the typewrited. He said it may come around 4K. The seconds may come around 2.5K.

3. They would also like to have computer education for their kids which would help them in future and also a dedicated computer to run their office.

Regards & Thanks
Prem & Athi.


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