Kaadesh happy home Visit report – 20th April 2008

20-Apr-08, Bangalore, KA. Click me to see ALL PHOTOS

Hi All: 
On Sunday i.e. 20th April 2008 I (Mitali Jaiswal), Udhay & Rasika visited the Kaadesh happy Home. We Planned to teach Computer basics to the kids. There were nine kids at that time and was so much fun to see them taking interest in the Basics of Computer. In our previous visit we realised this that lot of Kids specially the one who have completed 12th are very keen on computer knowledge. Also as we are trying to setup the computer center in kaadesh we thought it will be beneficial if we teach computer basics to the kids.

We distributed handouts and explained them the basic architecture, this will also continue in the next session where we will teach them about internet. After the learning exercise we had a Quiz contest on the same basics, and it was very pleasing to see them all of them participated enthusiastically and performed very very well. there was also a student who belonged to tamil medium , with Udhay’s help we were able to teach him as well. We then distributed prizes to the Quiz contest winners. And showed them the Movie Chak de !!!
They loved it and we loved to see them happy.
Warm Regards

Mitali Jaiswal



  1. Hi Mitali,


    You will not remember me, I am Sunder.A.F who was a payroll administrator in Tesco India until Dec 07 where I remember & admired you a lot. All these days I was just remembering you & felt life a pain without you & I missed you by Gods grace I am able to see you again. I just typed your name in Google to see if I am lucky & what a surprise I was not only able to see your profile but also your beautiful face that I still remember when I was in Tesco. Jesus Christ you are so devoted to the community it is just amazing that I admired a women all these days who was not only beautiful but also with so much of passion in her for the society

    Keep up your good work dear, you are just amazing & I am missing you so much 😦 wish I can see you :-)) believe me dear after I quit Tesco in Dec 07 when ever I sneeze it is just your name that I pronouce instead of Excuse me 🙂

    When I was there you were Miss but now I am not sure whether you are now Miss or Mrs 🙂 Take care & please keep doing good work.. if my God Jesus Christ & Mother Mary does mircale then I shall happen to see you.

  2. Hi Mitali,


    I am sorry if I am personal but you were always a person whom I admired at that is the reason I am personal to you.

    I am trying to avoid it but belive me I just cant avoid it, please convey my regards to all your family members in Punjab, take care of your health as you are a frequent traveller to onsite, when I was there in Tesco you were in UK & came back & then you also went to US in Oct 07 before I quit. I cant believe that you still love Green so much, I regularly used to see you in Green chudidhars & tops & still I am able to see you in Green top in the above photos. you know my horescope color is Green too :-)) & I love Green.

    I remember your birthday falling in June but dont know the exact date but will find out from my collegue in Tesco & wish you accordingly.

    Take care dear :-))

    With warm regards,

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