Visited to Gov Model Tamil Pri School, Murphy Town, Ulsoor, Banglaore

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Bangalore, KA.

Dear Friends,

Today we have visited to Gov Model Tamil Pri School, Murphy Town, Ulsoor, Banglaore-8 and discussed with head master Helen Mary for school education requirement. WE came to know about this through our member prashant.L.A father.

Visited members: Santhosh L.A, Siva Narayanan, Udhaya Kumar.V, Santhosh.L.A father, Gopinath.S.

About School: This school was started on 1924, currently most of the slum, beggar students studying in this government school. This school having 1st to 7th classes and 6 teachers, Currently 150 students studying in this school.

This school head master spending more time to pull students from slum, they are visiting to slum and pulling students for this school.

School Requirement as follows:

1. School needs one teacher to provide English class for 6th and 7th standard students.

2. Lunch for 30 dropout and failed students for 2 months(Apr/May). They said, they can arrange lunch for Rs.10 ( 10 Rs * 30 Students = 300 Rs Per day). If anybody interested to pay this, Please let me know.

3. Government providing uniform cloth only, but student’s parents don’t have money to stitch this uniform. Cost will be 100Rs * 150 Student = Rs.15,000

4. Education materials for 6th and 7th students.

5. Sports item, school bags, shoes.

6. 150 plates and tumblers
Udhaya Kumar.V
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

Meeting with “Conscious Society” Srinivasan.


Dear All,

Last Saturday we (Myself and Athi) had healthy chat with Mr.Srinivasn

• About Srinivasn
Srinivans is a BSNL employee he is involving many Social service activities. He is very much interested
in creating awareness about education. His primary target is who is in poverty line and below poverty
line. He is already doing support through their organisation “Conscious Society” .

• About Conscious Society
This is a small non-registered organisation. Srinivasan is conducting awareness program related to
education and social service activities through this organsation with small group of volunteers.

• Support from IS Srirnivasan Expecting support from us (india sudar) to create awareness with help of IS members. He wants
some materials related awareness and PPT documents for the program. He has identified some of the govement schools to start the awarnes program by June .

Thanks and Regards,
Senthil Kumar.P & ATHI
IS – PY Team

Gandhiji Rehabilitation Centre-Site Visit Report.

Chennai, TN


We (myself and Athi) had visited Gandhiji Rehabilitation centre last Saturday (26th Apr 2007).

Short background:
This orphanage had been started in the early 1990’s with the name “Appa Illam”, after a couple of years the home was registered with the name Gandhiji Rehabilitation centre and it is working till now.

There are around 27 kids in this home. The basic and educational necessities of the kids are taken care by the home under the able leadership of Mr.Vaanarasan. All the kids are going to school and the studying level of the kids range from U.K.G to Nursing degree. All the kids are under the careness of Mr. Vaanarasan and his wife, who has dedicated her life towards this noble cause. Mr.Vaanarasan is running a tutorial school and the earnings from that is the only source to run this home.

The worst part is they do not have a permanent place for their home and they are in pretty bad shape in this.


1. Have to pay nursing degree fees for one of the kid around Rs.8000/- immediately by the month end, defaulting which the kid has to write the exam only next year. This is currently the immediate necessity. He said he will get the exact fee structure from the institute and will send it across. We will share with the grp once we receive the info.

2. They also said they would like to have a typewriter, as they came to know from the outer world that a typewriter would help them. He doesn’t know the exact price of the typewrited. He said it may come around 4K. The seconds may come around 2.5K.

3. They would also like to have computer education for their kids which would help them in future and also a dedicated computer to run their office.

Regards & Thanks
Prem & Athi.

Visit to Sri Arunodayam (A Home for Mentally Challenged Destitute & Spastic Children)


Dear All,
I had visited the “Sri Arunodayam Charitable Trust” (A Home for Mentally Challenged Destitute & Spastic Children) on 21st April 2008 and discussed with Mr. Iyyappa & Ms. Chitra (Both are the founders of this home) and at present they don’t have any educational needs but they need the following equipment to provide self employment training to the childrens.

1) For the children above 15 years they are planning to give training in making Paper Cup which will be used for several ! purposes (Ice Cream/Juice/Coffee,etc.,) and also they identified a special machine which is designed especially for the mentally challenged destitute & spastic children will cost nearly Rs.70,000/-(Rupees Seventy Thousand only)

2) For the children above 15 years they are planning to give training in making Candles, for this purchasing Die to produce candle will cost roughly around Rs.10,000/-
We are expecting your valuable comments/suggestions to proceed further.
About Sri Arunodayam Charitable Trust:
Sri Arunodayam is the brai! n child of S. Iyyappan (who was the founder of this home) along with his sister Chitra. There are nearly 75 children are in the home they are either mentally retarded or spastic and abandoned by their family. A 24 hour helpline along with the support of the Police network direct such children from different parts of the country to find refuge in the loving hands of Sri Arunodayam. Sri Arunodayam provides them food, clothing, shelter and medical facilities with the warmth of a home. These children are engaged in varied activities depending upon their abilities and imparted education, which gradually enables them to outgrow their limitations. This helps to improve the quality of life to a certain extent.

Contact Address:
Sri Arunodayam Charitable Trust,
Plot No 35, Sivananda Nagar, (Opp Senthil Nagar Bus Stop), Kolathur, Chennai 600 099. Phone:91-44-26511450 / 26510778
Thanks & Regards,

India Sudar[IS] Partner with Ramasahayam Nithin Foundation [RNF]


Dear Friends,

Happy to introduce our Partner organization Ramasahayam Nithin Foundation [RNF] to work together under India Sudar Open Charity Platform to achieve our common vision.

I beleve you can remember our Wanrangal, AP  visit ( to understand education requirement. Already Dr.R.Ashok Reddy, MD built multipurpose primary Health Care hospital in Thorrur to provide free  Medical camps and minor surgery camps. This same facility was extended to nearby villages. Recently he hired a Nurse who is regularly visiting to six villages to provide prenatal care.

Our sincere thanks to Mr.Dr.R.Ashok Reddy, MD, who made this partnership.

Organization Name: Ramasahayam Nithin Foundation

About: Foundation is mainly working to provide Primary Health care and Primary
Education in Thorrur, Warangal, AP.

Contact Person:
Dr.R.Ashok Reddy,MD, President, (Cell)512-507-3277,
Dr.R.Kishore, Member, (Cell)944-015-0115

Ramasahayam Nithin Foundation
R.Ashok Reddy,MD, President
4220 John’s light Dr
Austin,Texas 78727,USA

Ramsahayam Nithin Foundation
R.Ashok Reddy,MD, President
Madpalli Village, Thorrur Mandal
warangal District, AP India.

We are going to setup our learning centers in Thorrur(near villages) in support of Dr.R.Ashok Reddy, MD, Ramasahayam Nithin Foundation. Mr.Prabhu will be one of the work co-ordinator for this projects.

Udhaya Kumar.V
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

Kaadesh happy home Visit report – 20th April 2008

20-Apr-08, Bangalore, KA. Click me to see ALL PHOTOS

Hi All: 
On Sunday i.e. 20th April 2008 I (Mitali Jaiswal), Udhay & Rasika visited the Kaadesh happy Home. We Planned to teach Computer basics to the kids. There were nine kids at that time and was so much fun to see them taking interest in the Basics of Computer. In our previous visit we realised this that lot of Kids specially the one who have completed 12th are very keen on computer knowledge. Also as we are trying to setup the computer center in kaadesh we thought it will be beneficial if we teach computer basics to the kids.

We distributed handouts and explained them the basic architecture, this will also continue in the next session where we will teach them about internet. After the learning exercise we had a Quiz contest on the same basics, and it was very pleasing to see them all of them participated enthusiastically and performed very very well. there was also a student who belonged to tamil medium , with Udhay’s help we were able to teach him as well. We then distributed prizes to the Quiz contest winners. And showed them the Movie Chak de !!!
They loved it and we loved to see them happy.
Warm Regards

Mitali Jaiswal

India Sudar – 2008 Organization Changes Update

India Sudar Trust.

Dear Friends,

We did excellent service in year 2007-08. Now we have completed 2008-09 project planning & now we are in the phase to start our projects in different states. So based on our Trust and Leads discussion, we did some of the changes in our trust & introduced new teams to achieve our vision. Please see the following changes.

1. To decentralize our work and remove dependency, we decided to provide cheque signing authorization to our trustees Athitha Nadarajan.S, Ravikumar.K, Sargunan.T and Suresh.R.

2. Mr.Sivanarayanan.P added as India Sudar Trustee based on nomination & discussion. He is having power to perform all the IS Trustee activities now.

3. Mr.Hari.T moved out from India Sudar Trustee role because of his personal decision from 06-Apr-2008. But he will continue his India Sudar activity.

4. We are discussing to add 1 or 2 more trustees in regional wise. But nothing is decided this time. So I will let you know.

5. No changes in existing state wise teams (IS AP Team, IS KA Team, IS KL Team, IS PY Team, IS TN) & responsibility.

6. We are discussing/working to build team for selected North India state to start our activity. Nothing finalized. Preferable states are OR, UP, MP, RJ & WB. As a member you can help us to build this.

7. We have created four offsite/foreign India Sudar Teams(IS USA Team, IS UK Team, IS Singapore Team, IS Australia Team) to raise fund to implement our projects in India. If you want participate this activity, Please contact lead/me.

8. We have create IS IT Team to build our India Sudar Web Portal with functionality of online member registration, online team building, project work flow, task list management, mom, accounts, role base activity, member login, etc. This team already started the activity. If you want participate in this activity, please contact IS IT Team Lead.

9. I have attached following thing for you.
Lets work together to achieve our vision & Lets start our 2008-09 activity now. Thanks for your TIME.

Udhaya Kumar.V
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

[India Sudar] Visit to Kadeesh Home – Bangalore

Bangalore, KA.

Dear Friends

Myself, Rasika(HP) & Mithali(Tesco) visited the Kadeesh Children home(bangalore) on 13th Apr. As you all know the home supports underpreviliged children especially from North Eastern State.

Rasika & Mithali wanted to get involved with activities here at Kadeesh. As a first step we interacted with the kids.

Then we conducted a drawing competetion & gave away prizes. It’s really amazing to see how these kids immediately respond with pure crativity. It was a good event all together.

Thanks to Rasika & Mithali for oraganising the event.

Victor, the founder of Kadeesh home has been doing a great job & we will continue to support them in possible ways.

As of now  from IS we will be doing 2 things :

– Notebook/textbook distribution in June.
– Setup India Sudar Computer Centre for Kadeesh. Work is underway.

Also there are some students going to +1 & we will continue to help them in choosing their right subjects. If required we can look at giving extra coaching, ofcourse that is at a later stage.

shiva, IS KA Team.

Meeting with Mr.Dinakar.M from Consciousness Charitable Trust

Chennai, TN.

Dear Friends,

Today I had meeting with Mr.Dinakar.M from Consciousness Charitable Trust, Chennai. I got this organization conduct information through “Ennangalin Sangamam” meeting in Chennai.

About Consciousness Charitable Trust:  This is 4 months old registered trust, yes off course already they have worked with some other charitable organization.

Currently they have started 5 Tuition Centers(Learning centers) in Sunnambedu Village, etc near Marakkanam(in Old Mahabalipuram Road, Chennai)

They are planning to start Organic farming for 13 villages. Currently they got some training regarding this.

We are planning to visit to these villages to plan our education support, If required.

Udhaya Kumar.V
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

Visit report – CHILD, Chennai [7-Apr-2008]

Chennai, TN.

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Dear Friends,

We (myself and Udhay) have visited CHILD home, Korattur, Chennai on 7-Apr-2008.

About the Home:

CHILD, a registered public charitable trust, started in May 2005.

Objective: Cater to take care of basic needs of destitute children (orphans and children with AIDS affected parents) like shelter, food, medical assistance and education.

In this home, there are 11 children who are all personally taken care.

For more details, you can visit the URL:

Contact Details: Mr. Senthil Kumar, Home: 91-44-65418213, Mobile: 91-98416-56103

Photos: Some of the images are captured during our visit. Please visit the link to see the images:

1) Requested to arrange the counseller for giving motivation for the deprived children.
2) Tuition fees for the teacher who takes the class for the children stayed in this home.

Commitments from India Sudar:
India Sudar will help to pay tuition fees after the report has been sent by CHILD.

Trustee, India Sudar

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